10 Best Writing Apps for iPhone 2023

You’ll need the right resources, whether trying to write an email, a personal blog, or a book. As a result, the question arises, what are the most exemplary writing applications for everything from simple composition to maximum output?

In this world, there is no shortage of applications or software for any industry, and today in this article, we are looking for some of the best apps for writers.

So, that’s what I’m going to do with this post: try to answer that question. To help you select which of our recommended writing apps of 2023 you just must have, we’ve separated them into three groups: writing apps, revision apps, and focus apps.

For those who want to get right to the point and figure out which writing program is best for them, here are some stats:

It doesn’t matter what you are writing; with the best writing software, you can make exciting stories and poems and write a complete book.

Best Writing Apps for iPhone

Writing a book is never easy, and if you have already worked in this field, no one understands better than you. But with top-rated applications, you can efficiently work with new creative ideas, better writing skills, and more conceptual writing.

The ultimate goal of the writer is to impress the reader with the stories and to create interest and similarity for the reader; they must be curious about what happens next. If your story is boring, no one will read it!

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10 Best Apps For Writers

1. The Brainstormer


The Brainstormer is one of the top-rated applications for a writer. It is a paid app with a very reasonable price so that every writer easily afford it.

With the latest release in different updated versions, many new features have been included, such as the spinning feature for a great combination of plot/conflict, theme/setting, and subject/location.

This is an excellent way to create a fantastic prompt for writing, sketching, or any creative activity.

The Brainstormer Features

  • This is the Classic Brainstormer list, which is time-tested and writer-proven.
  • Random spin option by sticking your device
  • Fine-tuning your spins by locking a particular wheel.
  • The fully editable spinning wheel that matches your fiction
  • Supports Apple Watch for ideas while moving.

The Brainstormer is currently available for iPhone and iPad, and you can use it on any browser using a WiFi connection. The one-time cost is just $1.99, so it’s not too expensive. Give it a try!

2. Scrivener


Scrivener is an advanced piece of software regarding the best apps for writers. It works with multiple platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and smartphones. If you are looking for professional software, then Scrivener is one of the top recommendations.

With a single powerful app, everything from research to rearranging, Scrivener takes care of it. There are many exciting features that Scrivener offers; let us check out some of them.

  • Templates & Icons: Add custom icons and templates depending on the project you are working on.
  • Track progress: With Scrivener, you can track daily progress about how many tasks are done and how much you improved compared to the previous session.
  • No rewrite anymore: Snapshot is a great feature to capture the screen before making any changes. You can compare with the latest editable version and customize changes easily.
  • Auto-save and Backups: Whatever you create, write on the Scrivener platform, and everything gets autosaved, so you need to hit the save button every time. And similarly, it also creates a backup to all your work.
  • Write from anywhere: Ideas can come anytime, and the best thing is that Scrivener is available for iOS, macOS, and Windows, so you can sync using Dropbox or transfer with iTunes.

Scrivener is a professional software and is paid for. It comes with a 30-days free trial period and a bundle pack.

The iOS version is also available. It must be noted that the license purchased is valid for the same device, not for every supported device.

For example, if you purchase a license for macOS, you separately need to buy for iOS if you also want to work from the iPhone.

3. Ulysses


Ulysses is another top recommendation for writers as it is compatible with iOS and MacBook. It gives you a simple and intuitive workspace you can customize according to your taste.

It has a fantastic workspace so that you can work without any distractions and text markup to design your content for stories.

Moreover, you can synchronize everything to third-party software such as Dropbox to easily collaborate.

Ulysses Features

Ulysses is full of features; here, we list some of the most used and exceptional features available.

  • Modern Interface: Working on a clean interface boosts productivity, and similarly, Ulysses provides you with a friendly, clean interface.
  • Theme editor: Customize the editing workspace with a different theme familiar to your work.
  • Project organizers: Give your writing particular groups and subgroups so that you can differentiate them later.
  • Add attachments: Visualization is more impactful than just reading; Ulysses allows you to add images, PDFs, notes, keywords, and more.
  • Set Writing Limits: We love reaching goals, and for this, you have to set writing limits for what you have done and what more to do so that you are ahead of defined deadlines.
  • Synchronization: Get full synchronization to iCloud and access your written material from anywhere.
  • Export & Sharing: You can directly export your writing to Medium or WordPress and convert it into different formats.

Ulysses comes with a free trial version, and with one single subscription, you can use it on iPhone, iPad, and macOS. Ulysses comes with an annual and monthly plan when looking for its pricing. An annual subscription is a better option if your work is longer than 6-7 months.

4. Google Docs

google docs iphone

Google Docs is my favorite because it’s free of charge for up to 15 GB, and if you are a writer, then 15 GB is more than enough. It comes with different features and unique tools if you are writing something. Although Google Docs is not specific to a writing platform, you can use it for writing purposes.

Google Docs is used to create templates, brochures, resumes, letters, reports, and more. There are tons of templates if you require writing stories.

Google Docs Features

  • Voice Typing: The majority of people find writing tedious, and for them, voice typing is a good idea.
  • Revision history: Check all your previous work done by navigating to File > See revision history.
  • Offline mode: Most users think Google Docs work with an internet connection, but it’s not true. You can use it and work in offline mode too.
  • Suggestion mode: If you are writing in a group, then suggestion mode lets others change the text’s highlight.

Up to 15 GB of Google Docs is free, but if you exceed this, you have to upgrade the storage or create a new Google account.

5. Werdsmith


Werdsmith is another popular choice for many iOS users interested in writing. Thousands of writers use Werdsmith to work on their novels, screenplays, stories, and articles.

It has a fantastic workspace to write content. If you are primarily looking for an iPhone or iPad, you definitely must give it a try, and, trust me, you will love this app as, even if you are not a writing lover, all your writing skills will revive.

Werdsmith Features

  • Limitless writing: Don’t let anything slow you down in writing. Everything is just at your fingertips. It syncs between your iPhone and iPad to work more productively wherever you are.
  • Share your work: We love showing our work. Werdsmith provides you with a tool to share your writing with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Customize Writing Studio: Make changes to what you love. You can personalize the interface with different themes and formats. You can also use different fonts and headings to suit your writing.
  • Safe with your work: Never lose your hard work as Werdsmith backs all your work in cloud storage and protects it with Face ID or Fingerprints.

Werdsmith is free of charge, and if you want to become a member, you have to pay monthly for US$4.99, twice yearly for $29.99, or yearly for $49.99.

6. Grammarly


Even if you are perfect in writing, there are still some errors; for writers, Grammarly is a must. Even for this blog post, Grammarly helped me modify errors and suggested other alternatives to different words.

So overall, it is beneficial if you are a writer, no matter which platform you use.

Grammarly is an extension to the browser which supports almost every browser and detects the error immediately, and you can correct them with a suggestion. Grammarly is only recommended to improve writing skills to eliminate errors; otherwise, there is no such feature for story writing or others.

Grammarly Features

  • Critical Grammar and Spelling checks
  • Readability performance level
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Plagiarism detector across 16 billion web pages

Some of the above Grammarly features are available for free. Still, if you are looking for all advanced features, you have to jump for the premium version, which is paid and comes with different periodic subscriptions.

7. Evernote


Evernote is another leading software or application used by millions of writers in different categories. The reason for its popularity is the availability of advanced features.

You can easily organize your content effortlessly. It is also compatible with your iOS devices and PC so that you can not miss anything anywhere.

It is a single place for notes, ideas, lists, and reminders. You can add notes, attachments, or recorded memos and organize them, so they are always available to you.

Evernote Features

  • Search Handwriting: You can quickly scan handwritten notes and search for handwriting. This is very helpful if you had previously written content in a notebook and it looked the same on the screen.
  • Multiple languages: Not everyone writes or speaks English. Thanks to Evernote, it can identify 28 typewritten and 11 handwritten languages.
  • Pre-Built Templates: With so many templates available in Evernote, users can easily create great content.
  • Synchronization: One of the great ways to stay productive across all platforms. It syncs all your content with all the devices so you never miss what you have done.
  • Integration: With Evernote, you can connect your favorite app to enhance your productivity further.

Evernote comes in a paid version, and you can also use it for free with limited features. Basic, Premium, and Business are the three plans.

8. Ginger software

ginger software

Ginger software is an English grammar and writing app similar to Grammarly. It is an extension supported by your browser to improve grammatical mistakes and your writing skills. It has been noticed that for beginners, these types of extensions are beneficial.

The best thing about Ginger software is its availability for iOS, Windows, and Mac. Let us have an overview of its features.

Ginger Software Features

  • Word prediction: It automatically predicts what comes next, which saves time. This is similar to the Google Gmail word prediction.
  • Language translation: It supports more than 40 different languages. Now no more separate searches on Google Translator.
  • Personal trainer: There is no better way to learn from your own mistakes. Improve your English with the text you have already written and examined.
  • Dictionary: Confused with word meanings? Use the in-built dictionary instantly.
  • Text Reader: Sometimes listening matters, and Ginger software lets itself read the text.

Ginger software comes in free as well as paid plans. Depending on your subscriptions, you can save extra on the bi-annual plan.

9. Bear.app

bear app

Bear.app is another beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It allows you to write anything while moving, as it is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It has incredible editing tools such as Line separator, heading notes, bold, italic, strikethrough, and HTML code.

The workspace’s view mode and theme are the most exciting for a writer. Bear.app gives you beautiful themes and typography so that users can select between dark, night, and normal modes.

There are tons of features that Bear.app offers you! Let us have a look at some of them.

Bear.app Features

  • Add to-dos: Quickly add to-do notes to stay ahead of your deadline.
  • Smart data recognition: It helps you recognize links and color texts more efficiently.
  • Cross-note links: This helps you to link different contexts to give a reference.
  • Exporting options: Multiple export options help you to get the written content in different formats.
  • iCloud synchronization

Bear.app is a paid app with a different pricing model. It comes with a weekly and monthly subscription at meager rates.

10. MindNode


One more beautifully designed writing app for beginners and professionals. It has a great list of features that one needs while writing anything. It is available in the App Store and Mac App Store to stay productive on your MacBook and iPhone/ iPad and never miss any video while traveling.

Let us check some of the features offered by MindNode

MindNode Features

  • Dark Mode: Ideas can come anytime; use dark mode to eliminate strain at night.
  • External screen support: Sometimes, it is better to visualize the content on a different screen. Use the iOS device to preview the content in a different mode.
  • Customize panel: Make your favorite tools where you feel they are easy to use.
  • Easy sharing: Directly share the created content in different formats such as docs, CSV, and PDFs.
  • iCloud synchronization: Keep your writing safe and secure with iCloud and access it from anywhere.

MindNode comes in different plans. You have to purchase it separately for Mac and iOS devices. You can try it for free with its 14-day free trial.

Final Recommendation

I hope you find this recommendation about the top 10 best apps for writers helpful. The final choice is yours. There are many free and paid applications for iOS and Android devices. Go with sequence-wise, and we recommend you install Grammarly (free version) to make your sentences correct, along with using other applications.

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