8 Best Email Marketing Software in 2023

Are you looking for a complete solution to send bulk emails to increase sales and build customer loyalty or brand awareness? Sending bulk emails manually every time is waste of your valuable hours that you can use to do something else more productive. Email marketing software comes as a solution at this point and lead to an increase in customer loyalty, increase in the target audience, and eventually an increase in sales.

Best Email Marketing Software

There are a ton of email marketing software available in the market these days with growing competition. So which one should you choose? In this article, we have listed below the 8 best email marketing software. We have categorized them according to there features and drawbacks. You can go through them and check which one suits your needs and test it. We have also listed both free and paid software so that you can also go for the trial version to make sure you want to proceed to buy that software.

8 Best Email Marketing Software (Free and Paid)

Here is the list of the 10 best email marketing software, both free and paid.

1. Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing software


Constant Contact, Inc. is one of the most popular online marketing companies founded in 1995. It has made it to the top of the list of the best email marketing software as it offers excellent features for the price. It is termed to be an excellent service for micro-businesses.


Constant Contact offers three plans to its clients. All of three plans are offered free for the first month.

  • Lite. This plan is limited to 1000 emails per month.
  • Email. The second plan is the Email plan which offers unlimited emails and file storage also.
  • Email Plus. The third is the Email Plus plan, which offers unlimited emails, file storage, and robust features which help to grow the business quickly.

Click here to check out the latest rate for these plans.


Increase in Sales. Email Marketing Automation is the main feature of Constant Contact. It automatically does more than half of the tiring work. This feature makes it quick and easy to automatically send emails to targeted customers or resend emails to this who haven’t opened them. The automatic system makes it easy to increase sales by engaging customers and bulging relationships with them through engagement.

Edit and Customise Emails easily. The Editor helps to create templates by choosing from options available in the gallery. The more attractive the email template is, the more likely it will get clicked. The editor has a lot of options available that make it very easy.

Email tracking. Another great feature that is offered by this email marketing software is email tracking and reporting tools. Using these features, clients can check the results of sending emails by looking at how many have opened, clicked the emails, and forwarded them to others. This helps to keep track of the results the client is getting by using the service.


Cost. The main drawback we found so far is the price range of the service. The one plan with all the features and unlimited emails is priced high. However, we agree that it is one of the best services in this field but other competitors are also coming which offer a good price for the features.

2. GetResponse



The second on our list of email marketing platforms is GetResponse. This company is run by a multinational team of technical experts. GetResponse brands itself as the world’s most accessible email marketing platform. It is available in 27 languages and has 3,50,000 customers in 183 countries.


GetResponse offers four main price plans. These plans can be billed monthly, 12 months with 18% off and 24 months with 30 % off. The Basic, Plus and Professional plan have a free trial period of 30 days. Check out here for the best deal and latest price plans. Let us have a look at the four price plans.

  • Basic. You can choose a list size from 1000 to 100,000 with the first three plans. The price will depend on the list size you choose. This plan includes all the essential features such as email marketing, autoresponders, ads, templates, etc.
  • Plus. Next comes the Plus plan which has everything included in the basic plan and other features to sell products, generate leads, and increase profit.
  • Professional. The professional plan is one step ahead of the plus plan which offers automation builders, webinars, and more that help to optimize the results.
  • Enterprise. The Enterprise plan offers features for generating a good profit and is designed according to the company’s needs and targets.


Email Broadcasts. With this software, users can send newsletters about offers and updates to a big audience in one click.

Autoresponders. This feature helps to stay in touch with the customers by sending follow-up emails. This is a great feature offered by this software which helps to set autoresponders according to their needs.

Time Travel Delivery tools. With this tool or feature, the users can set time to deliver bulk emails to their clients and the right time can lead to an increase in sales directly.

Analytics and Reporting. This helps by finding which customers didn’t respond to the email and sending them another one sometime later. This feature helps to check each subscriber and information related to how they have engaged in the emails. Analytics and reporting play a vital role in knowing the customers and settings specific goals according to that.


Complicated User Interface. Many users have complained about its complicated and cluttered interface, making it difficult for beginners. Although offering many features at a good price overshadows this con of the GetResponse email marketing software.

3. ActiveCampaign



Based in Chicago, Illinois ActiveCampaign is another great email marketing software. This email marketing platform is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses.


ActiveCampaign offers a free trial with limited features for its clients to look at its interface and how it works. Other than this, they have four price plans. Just like GetResponse, you will have to choose the number of contacts you want to send emails to under 100,000, and that will determine the price thereof. Click here to choose the number of contacts and check the price plan.

  • Lite. This is the cheapest plan and offers basic features such as email marketing, newsletters, support, etc.
  • Plus. The Plus Plan offers all the features in the Lite plan and CRM/Sale automation, custom branding, SMS marketing, etc.
  • Professional. The third comes the Professional Plan, which offers more advanced features such as site messaging, attribution, predictive send, and much more.
  • Enterprise. This plan is for businesses and offers features that are specifically designed to target specific audiences. This plan offers Custom Domain, Dedicated Account Rep, Custom reporting, free Social Data, and more.


Email Marketing. This is the main feature of ActiveCampaign. Users can send broadcast emails to a large audience with this feature to spread offers and news. Triggered emails can also be sent to customers who list to the subscription list or visit the website.

Site Tracking and Sign-up forms. Users can easily track which customers clicked on the emails and performed other actions like responding to automatic emails. It is also easy to create and customize sign up forms to collects information.

CRM. Sales Automation CRM is a very important feature in tracking the sales process and leads.


Suitable for Small Business. We dint find any annoying drawback of this software. It is great software with a user-friendly interface. But it would be great if they expand features to reach big businesses as well. Otherwise, overall it is a very good email marketing software.

4. Mailchimp



Mailchimp is a software that offers email marketing services. It is also an American marketing automation platform specializing in technology and platforms for marketing departments and organizations.


Like other email marketing software, Mailchimp also has four basic plans, but the good news is that these four plans also include one that is free. Click here to check the latest price for the plans. Let’s take a look at its plans.

  • Free. The free plan is great for those who want to try how this service works and has the basic features for new small businesses.
  • Essentials. The next plan is Essentials. It is a paid plan and is excellent for users who want extra features and support such as email templates, custom branding, and other features.
  • Standard. Next comes the Standard plan. It has everything that is offered in the Free and Essential plan. This plan offers insights, retargeting ads, custom templates that are very important for growing businesses to reach new audiences.
  • Premium. Then we have the premium plan. It has advanced segmentation, phone support, and multivariate testing for those users who want all the great features to customize and get a step further from others.


Templates and Designs. Mailchimp offers a fantastic drag-and-drop design builder which makes creating templates very easy and quickly. This software offers a wide range of options to choose from in case of templates, and you can easily recreate challenging designs by only dragging and dropping them.

Integration Friendly. Mailchimp is a very integration-friendly software that easily integrates or allows other apps to integrate without any issue so that all the processes are automatic and fast simultaneously.

Good Analytics. This software offers excellent detailed insights about the emails that got clicked and which user subscribed and not opened an email or which users unsubscribed after opening meals and so on. These detailed analytics helps the company to plan what they should include or change about the emails or templates to get a higher engagement rate.


Difficult setup. Mailchimp’s setup is different from others. It has different lists, and groups amid segments that confuse users at first. And the learning process is also slow as it takes time to figure out what is where and which term is used for what. This setup is said to be suitable for beginners but for professionals, it’s not that good standard.

5. ConvertKit



ConverKit is one of the new and competing software companies run by 48 team members across 39 cities. As compared to Mailchimp that we have already discussed earlier, this software comes to be much easier to use.


The price of the ConvertKit plans differs according to the number of subscribers you have. The features and services are all the same the only difference is the number of subscribers you have. Check out the detailed pricing here. All the plans listed below can be milled monthly as well as annually.

  • 0-1K Subscribers. This subscription is for subscribers up to 1000. They can send unlimited emails for up to 1000 subscribers using this subscription. This is also applicable to other plans only the number of subscribers increases.
  • 1K-3k Subscribers. This plan is excellent for growing businesses. Later they can upgrade to the next plan when they exceed the number of subscribers they already choose the plan for.
  • 3K-5K Subscribers. This plan is for 3000 to 5000 subscribers. All these plans also have a free trial to get an idea of the features and how it works.
  • Over 5K Subscribers. This plan does not have a specific price as it depends solely on the exact number of subscribers, and then they quote the price according to that.


Forms and Landing Pages. With the help of ConverKit users can create and customize impressive sign-up forms. Sign-up forms are also a great way to create subscribers and email lists. This software also offers 18 customizable templates that help users to create great landing pages.

Design Emails. Another helpful feature of this software is the email designer. With the formatting function in the email designer, creating simple yet knowledgeable emails that convert into clicks is easy. You can also change the background colour, font, and alignment by dragging the tools.

Email Marketing Automations. Automatic emails help to grow customers and build trust. As soon as the company receives a subscriber, the email marketing automation tools help send timely emails to the client so that they stay in contact and respond and give business in return.


Limited A/B Testing. Although CoverKit is performing great as a newbie as compared to the older and much-established email marketing companies, it also has some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is that it has limited A/B testing features.

6. MailerLite



MailerLite is a powerful yet simple email marketing solution developed in 2010. The team of MailerLite consists of 60 people who work from 16 countries across the globe. The main office of MailerLite is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Mailerlite is one of the most affordable email marketing software available that offer good services too. The best part of MailerLite is that it offers a free plan too. This free plan is limited to 1000 Subscribes and up to 12000 emails per month. This is a good deal when you get it for free. Although free plan surely does have some limitations that the premium plans offer. You can also check its free trial period of 14 days, in which you can test it premium features for a limited time. So let’s take a look at them too. You can check the price here for the Premium Plans.

  • 1-1000 Subscribers. This is a free plan limited to 10,000 Emails per month.
  • 1-1000 Subscribers. This paid plan offers unlimited emails for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • 1001-2500 Subscribers. This plan also offers unlimited emails of up to 2500 subscribers with all the features. This is great for small businesses.
  • 2501-5000 Subscribers. Another plan is up to 5000 subscribers which works great for more growing businesses.
  • 5001-10000 Subscribers. Then last comes the plan for up to 10000 subscribers. All over MailerLite is a good solution for budget-friendly users with decent features.


Grow Business. A good landing page is essential for generating more leads. MailerLite helps to customize then landing page with features such as page builder and pre-built templates. Another feature is the pop-up subscribe forms and the embedded forms which also leads to more subscribers. Users can also easily import the subscriber’s email lists and add or delete subscribers according to preference. This feature also helps to solve the issue of duplicate emails as Mailer lite deletes them.

Automation. Building long term and strong relationships with customers depend a lot on how much effort you take to send updates to them or new offers or even a welcome message when they sign up. This is made easy by the email automation system, which automatically sends emails according to how you have customized the settings and set time for the same.

Personalization. These automatic emails can be made personal by adding names or other things such as birthdays using the personalization feature of MaiterLite.

Segmentation. Adding to its segmentation is another great feature that divides the subscribes based on geography, age, interests, etc. This helps the company to deliver more relevant emails to them.


Limited Advanced Features. MailerLite lacks some of the advanced features and tools available in other email marketing tools, especially in the premium versions. Other drawbacks are its grouping and segmentation tools which are confusing for beginners.

7. AWeber



AWeber is another great email marketing platform for small and businesses as well as entrepreneurs. This company was founded in 1998 by Tom Kulzer. Compared to other email marketing software this one is reasonably priced and works well for more than 25K subscribers too. AWeber is praised for its well-designed integrations, which help it to work efficiently with other software too.


AWeber offers a 30-day free trial to the users. For the paid plans quarterly and annually billing options are available. This plan only differs by the number for subscribers you have. To check the prices for the plans click here. The plans are as follows.

  • 0-500 Subscribers. This plan is billed at $19 per month for users having subscribers up to 500 people.
  • 501-2500 Subscribers. The second plan is for subscribes up to 2500 and is billed $29/month.
  • 2501-5000 Subscribers. Then comes the plan for subscribers up to 5000, billed for $49/month.
  • 5001-10000 Subscribers. This plan is great for users having a big subscribers list of up to 10K and is priced at $69/month.
  • 10001-25000 Subscribers. The plan is for users up to 25K and is priced at $149/month.
  • 25K Subscribers. Users can get quote for subscribers for more than 25K.


HTML Templates. With AWeber, users can create nice professional email templates, and newsletters easily. It is easy to customize the templates according to your need and then pitch your offer to your client so that you get good results. AWeber offers 700 mobile-responsive templates keeping in mind that most users use mobile phones more to quickly answer emails.

Drag and Drop Editor. Drag and drop editor is the easiest method to create an email from scratch and is key to a good email marketing company. Users can also preview there work before seeing it to thousands of people, just to make it sure it is perfect.

RSS to Email. This option is great for bloggers who want to gain more audience by sending their blog posts as a newsletter to there email lists. You can schedule your blog posts to newsletters that you want to send to your email lists after every couple of days or whatever suits your requirements. AWeber does this work automatically and helps you reach a greater audience.


Limited templates for RSS-Email. RSS – email is a great feature, but AWeber lacks in the number of templates. Users cannot choose from the original expansive library but are listed to choose for the one set explicitly for this.

8. Sendinblue



Sendinblue offers services like marketing automation and email marketing. Armand Theberge and Kapil Sharma founded this company in 2012. This software is available in 6 languages.


Sendinblue offers a free version that enables users to send 300 emails/per day and the subscribers are not limited. Except for this free version, it offers 4 more paid plans. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Lite. 40000 emails per month with no daily sending limit.
  • Essential. 60000 emails per month. this plan also enables users to remove the Sendinblue logo and offers advanced statistics.
  • Premium. 1,20000 emails per month. This plan includes many extra features such as Facebook ads, landing pages, etc.
  • Enterprise. This plan is packed with all the features to run an extensive scale marketing for big enterprises.

Check here for updated price.


CRM. It is very easy with Sendinblue to manage customer relationships. Only uploading the contact information is required, and you are ready to manage the customer relationship, no installation is required. Users can also import essential notes from meetings with clients to it.

Marketing Automation. This software offers both basic and advanced automation. With this, the client automatically sets time and intervals for when they want clients to receive emails. That also includes the welcome email that clients get when they signup or regular emails with offers after some time intervals.

Transactional Email. Users can choose the type of transactional emails they want their clients to receive, such as order confirmation emails. It is very important that the customer receives it and it does not end in spam either.

Contact Segmentation. Segmentation plays a vital role in increasing the trust relationship with clients. The contact segmentations emails aim at creating personalized emails that look like they are formed just for that specific account.


Lack of Templates and Features. We strongly believe that Sendinblue is a great email marketing platform if you are more into commerce and plugins. It offers integration for various other software and plugins. But it also lacks features, such as templates and forms for surveys and polls.


We hope you found this helpful article on the best email marketing software for small businesses as well as enterprise-level businesses. We have listed all the best software available in the market and which are performing great as compared to others. You can check on your own which one suits your marketing needs and chose that one. Some of them also offer free trials and free versions so that you can try them and see if it suits your requirements and if you are comfortable with their interface.

You can write back to us in the comment section below if you have any queries and also give us feedback if you want us to include any other software to our list. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

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