10 Best Hard Drive Wipe Software in 2023

You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for the best Hard Drive wipe software (free and paid). There is so much software available online, and choosing one that suits you becomes tough. For this reason, we are here to provide you with complete and comprehensive detail of complex drive cleaning software.

Best Hard Drive Wipe Software

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It is always recommended to go for paid software for the privacy and security of your data, as much-advanced software is available that recovers wiped data. But if you have used some top-notch hard drive cleaning software, it becomes almost impossible to recover any traces.

How to erase a hard drive on a sluggish computer? It also addresses how to delete information from a machine that has died.

Why use complex drive cleaning software?

Most people are now switching to cloud storage, and the demand for hard drives is reducing daily; those days are gone when stored everything on hard drives. So people are now removing all their personal information and privacy data from the hard drive and keeping them in more secure places. Cleaning software is a must to remove everything from the hard drive.

Or there might be a reason to sell your old hardDDrive, and you are looking to remove everything permanently from it. For this reason, you need to have a hard drive wipe software.

Most people think that deleting files and folders and removing passwords and other information is enough, but the reality is different; you can reconstruct everything you have deleted.

10 Best Hard Drive Wipe Software

1. MacPaw CleanMyDrive


MacPaw is one of the top recommendations for Mac products. It is well known for CleanMyMac and CleanMyPC. You can use them to speed up your computer. And on the other side, it also offers CleanMyDrive to wipe out everything from your Mac. It has a fantastic platform that shows everything you have on your MacBook.

No matter how tiny the file is, it wipes out everything and leaves no traces. Let’s check some of its features.

  • Clean Junk files: CleanMyDrive intelligently removes every junk that is hard to locate for your drive.
  • Copy your Drive: Suppose you are looking to transfer your important data to another hard drive. Drag and drop the files to copy instantly.
  • Multiple language support: CleanMyDrive works with different languages, so you need not worry about this.
  • Compatible with all hard drives: CleanMyDrive works with SSD, external hard drives, SD cards, and USB flash drives.


CleanMyDrive is free and available in the Mac App Store; install it and start using it.

2. CCleaner Drive Wiper


CCleaner is another top-rated software recommended to wipe out hard drive data. CCleaner is widely used for removing junk, hidden, temporary, and duplicate files to remove unnecessary data from your computer. It also offers Drive Wiper to remove everything from your hard drive.

CCleaner Drive Wiper uses advanced algorithms to delete everything permanently. Once you download CCleaner, go to the tools tab; choose the type of wipe you require: Free Space Only or Entire Drive; it will warn you before proceeding.

You can clean a specific partition of the entire drive per your need. Complete wiping of the drive takes some time, and you must be on hold for a while.

Pricing and plans from CCleaner

CCleaner Drive Wiper is a part of the CCleaner application, and you can get it free. It comes in paid and free versions, but the Pro is the best choice for unlocking its feature. Our readers get a special discount on CCleaner; check out the latest pricing and discount offer here.

3. Eraser


Eraser is an advanced security tool designed for Windows to remove sensitive data from your hard drive. It overwrites it several times with carefully selected patterns to ensure complete data removal. It also supports Windows file systems, including FAT32 and NTFS. Along with your PC’s hard drive, it also works with other drives that work with Windows PC.

It offers a feature that lets users schedule disk wiping per their timings. Users can set up a data destruction task to repeat itself.


Eraser is a free and open-source software for hard drive data cleaners. Download it for free from the official website. Eraser updates the software from time to time.

4. KillDisk


KillDisk is a paid software with tons of features and just erasing the hard drive. So far, we concluded that KillDisk is one of the fastest cleaning software, and the best thing is its ability to work in erasing disks parallel. It can start programming from the bootable disk or the USB to erase the disk. KillDisk works for Windows, and some of its version works for LINUX Operating System.

KillDisk shows the current status of disk health, which is suitable for Disk Examination for bad sectors & Examine Grading.

KillDisk Features

  • Supports 32-bit PC architecture
  • Erasing disks in parallel
  • Business usage
  • Automatic Mode allows to discover & erase hot-swappable disks
  • Disk Wipe sanitation of unused clusters on live volumes for most file systems

Pricing and Plans

KillDisk has different plans, such as Active@ KillDisk, Industrial Software, and Desktop / System. You can check out the latest pricing. You can also try the demo version for free to test KillDisk.

5. Disk Wipe

disk wipe

Disk Wipe is a free and portable Windows application for permanent data removal. It also uses advanced algorithms to destroy every data trace, making recovery almost impossible. The best thing is that it does not contain adware or malware. Let us check out some of its features here.

Disk Wipe Features

  • Delete data permanently from the volume disk
  • No installation is required to delete data
  • Works with NTFS, Fat, and Fat32 (all major File Systems)
  • Lightweight, add free application
  • Works with external Hard Drive


As already discussed, Disk Wipe is free to use, and you can download it from the official website.



DBAN is a widely used open-source data wiping software for personal use. You get the benefits of two with using DBAN. Firstly, you can delete every bit of information; secondly, it removes viruses/spyware from Microsoft Windows installations. DBAN claims that it does not provide any certificate of data removal from a drive; for this, you have requested Blancco Drive Eraser Trial.


There are two plans, first DBAN and secondly Blancco. DBAN is entirely free to use and recommended for personal use. On the other side, Blancco is recommended for business purposes, and you can use its trial version.

7. PCDiskEraser


PCDiskEraser is another free application that wipes out hard drives permanently in the form of a partition or completely. It is fast in process, easy to use, and one of the best tools in its category. Do not worry if you have erased your data through PCDiskEraser. It permanently deletes the information by overwriting all the data on your hard drive.

PCDiskEraser Feature

  • Runs Offline
  • Supports File System NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXT3, EXT2, Linux swap, Reiser FS, and so on.
  • Easy to use and processes quickly
  • Wipe in a partition and complete the drive


As already discussed, PCDiskEraser is free to use, and you can download the latest version from the official website.

8. Super File Shredder

Super File Shredder

Super File Shredder keeps its place under the top 10 best hard drive wipe software. Its advanced security tool for Windows removes all the data by overwriting it many times. All you need is to install this fantastic application, remove all your sensitive data, and stay with peace of mind.


Super File Shredder is entirely free to use, and you can download it from here.

9. Windows Built-in hard drive wiper

Most of us are not known about the in-built option for a hard drive wipe tool. Windows offers this feature to erase complex drive data. You do not require to download any external application once you use the security tool from Windows 10.

Follow some simple steps to erase the Hard Drive completely

  • Open Settings> Update & Security > Recovery.
  • Under Reset this PC, go to the Get Started button.
  • From the following options, tap on Remove everything.
remove everything option

It removes your complex drive data, and your computer works as if it is new.

10. Disk Utility for macOS

Disk Utility is an option for macOS to remove data altogether from hard drives. You can also check the storage consumption and delete them in the partition. Follow some simple steps here.

  • Go to Spotlight search and type Disk Utility.
  • Select your drive and tap on Erase button.

This completely erases your Drive on MacBook.


These are the list of Best Hard Drive Wipe Software. I hope you find the information here helpful and the right choice per your need. For the latest tech tutorials and software deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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