How to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Using cmd

There are so many ways to fix the corrupted Hard drive, one such is using the command prompt (cmd) which is free of cost and is an inbuilt feature on your Windows PC.

Here in this fixing process, you can not recover the Hard Drive data. cmd cleans every data.

So if you are not interested in the data recovering anymore then follow some simple steps.

How to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Using cmd?

Before following these steps make sure the corrupted hard drive is connected with your Windows PC.

How to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Using cmd

STEP 1: Open cmd (type cmd on search box) and Run this as an administrator.

STEP 2: Type diskpart and hit Enter key.

STEP 3: To see all the drives connected with your PC, type list disk and hit Enter key.

STEP 4: Now the list of different attached drives will be displayed. Type select disk X 

here X is your drive number on the list.

STEP 5: Type clean and press Enter key and your all data will be cleaned.

After successful cleaning up your device, you have to create a new partition on the drive. Type below command and hit Enter key.

create partition primary

STEP 6: After creating primary partition, format it with below command.

format fs=ntfs

If you want to enter a specific name to the partition then type below command instead of above.

format fs=ntfs quick label=MyDisk

STEP 7: The process may take time and after this step finishes assign a letter to the drive:
assign letter=G

STEP 8: Type exit command to exit the cmd. Check out your hard drive this time.

Many of us confused with cmd commands, for them Clean up tools are recommended. Let us quickly review best clean up utility software to fix the corrupted hard drive.

Fix the corrupted hard drive using CCleaner

Using Utility software helps you to speed up your PC along with fixing the corrupted hard drive.

If you choose the good software you can clean up duplicate files, remove cache memory, a quick startup of your system and much more.

CCleaner is the most popular to erase every data. This is simple to use and works on almost every internal and external drives. The best thing is you can try it out free of cost.

Visit CCleaner Website

I hope you like this tutorial about How to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Using cmd and successfully fixed this issue.

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