Like all other social media apps and other messengers, Instagram also has an option to reset the Instagram password using the phone number.

This only works if you already have a phone number associated with your account and are verified.

Otherwise, you must reset your password with your username or email address if you have not linked your number.

To check how to link your Instagram account with your phone number, scroll to the bottom.

Reset Instagram Password Using Phone Number

Instagram is a widely used social media network; we may use it regularly, which is the reaswhyot the password, or you may have changed your device.

Well, a reason could be anything but the method is identical for all to reset your Instagram password. You have to follow some of the simple steps for this.

How to Reset Instagram Password Using Phone Number

Using Smartphone Instagram App

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile Phone.
  • The login page gets to appear on your screen. If you have forgotten the password and need to recover it, click on Forgot password.
instagram forgot password
  • Now the option displayed asking either to choose Username or Phone. Please tap on the Phone option (as you need to recover it by using a phone number).
phone recovery instagram
  • Select your Country code and add your Phone number. Now click on Send Login Link button.
  • You will receive the login link on the Messages Inbox of your Phone. Open it, and you will be redirected to the Instagram app. Enter your New password and verify it again.
reset instagram password

You are all done with your new password. Now let us see how it works for PC.

Using Computer

Although the steps are more straightforward in the case of PC, if you are getting any problems, follow some simple steps.

  • Open Instagram Website on your Internet browser.
  • Click on Forgot password on the sign-in page.
forgot password instagram
  • Enter your mobile number (including country code, e.g., +4477336XXXXX) to reset.
reset password instagram
  • The link you receive on the above number, open it, reset a new password, and verify it.

You can follow these steps anytime in the future if you face a similar problem. If you do not have an updated number on your Instagram account or want to add a phone number, then follow some simple steps.

How to add a phone number to your Instagram account?

  • Open your Instagram app on your Phone.
  • Go to the Profile option button and tap on the Edit Profile button.
edit instagram profile
  • Scroll down to the bottom and under Private Information, tap on Phone.
add phone instagram
  • Choose your Country code and enter your Phone number. Click the Next button to receive a confirmation code.
add instagram phone
  • Enter the confirmation code you have received and click Done to verify.

Your new phone number has been set, and you can use it anytime while recovering your password. I hope this works well!

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