Best Typing Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Nowadays, everyone uses social media, and there is a massive change in the development of humans.

Also, with chatting, there is a vast improvement in typing, whether on a mobile phone or laptop.

But still, if you are looking for a great platform to learn to type professionally, here, we will provide a list of the best typing software.

best typing software

There is so much software for typing, and choosing the best for yourself is always confusing.

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How we review and rank the best typing software

Reviewing every piece of software takes a lot of time and our team has put great effort into providing you with the best detail according to your need. We have read the users’ reviews and comparisons about the platform they use to teach typing to their users and how effectively multi-sensory learning features such as video, audio, text, and educational graphics work.

We recommend you check the sequence-wise list of top typing software for kids and professional use. Some of them are paid, and some are free. We recommend you go for a paid version if you genuinely want professional typing software.

Paid vs. Free Software

As already discussed, there are many freeware software for typing, but it is rightly said nothing comes for free. If you are looking for professional features, you have to turn towards a paid version. But if you are new and looking for a free version, you have to settle for less. Also, some premium software offers you a free trial period, so you can try them before purchasing them.

5 Best Typing Software in 2023

1. Typesy Typing Software


Typesy is on the top of our list when we look for the best typing software. It is well defined for all level of typing users’ need. You can learn super-fast typing with correction as Typesy offers various advanced features. It provides you with a modern typing system that provides easy learning.

Typesy Features

  • Learning strategies
  • Typing lessons
  • Method of teaching
  • Goals tracking
  • Synchronization across platforms
  • Supported platforms

Plans from Typesy typing software

Typesy software comes for everyone, no matter what purpose you are looking for. It comes for Education, Homeschool, and Individual plans. All the pricing is as per the subscriptions you are looking for.

2. KAZ Typing Tutor


KAZ is another widely used typing software that is used by more than millions of users worldwide. It is one of the oldest running platforms, and the team are highly experienced.

KAZ claims its users offer to learn in just 90 minutes. We have checked many users’ reviews, and most of them are satisfied with their results. KAZ uses Accelerated Learning Teaching that guarantees your typing skills.

KAZ Features

  • Accelerated Learning Teaching
  • Multiple typing courses
  • Touch typing
  • Multiple platform compatibility (including phone)

Plans and pricing from KAZ

KAZ comes in different plans. The popular plans are the Home edition, Education edition, Business edition, Typing test, and much more. The pricing is according to the subscription you choose.

3. KeyBlaze


The most accessible typing tutor software available today for anyone to quickly learn speed typing, 10-key, and touch typing. If you are looking for budget typing software, KeyBlaze is one of the best options. It offers you a fantastic platform to work with. As per user reviews, many are satisfied with the features they offers. Let us have a quick overview of some of its advanced features.

KeyBlaze Features

  • Multiple-level skill test
  • Set speed goal
  • Review statistics
  • Net and gross words per minute
  • Quick and easy operation
  • The highlight for finger placement

Plans and pricing from KeyBlaze

You can choose from the multiple subscriptions for KeyBlaze. You can opt for commercial and home licenses. For more savings, users can also go for bundle plans.

4. Typing Tournament

Typing Tournament

Another beautiful advanced typing software is Typing Tournament. It comes for all ages between age 6 to adult. The best thing is, that it automatically detects your current level and begins tutorials from the next level so the users do not waste their time.

Typing Tournament Features

  • Multiple Progressions Model
  • Progress reporting
  • Full Google Classroom integration
  • Teacher accounts
  • Animations show correct finger positions
  • Rewards on completion of the task

Typing Tournament plans and pricing

Typing Tournament offers you a free trial period so you can test before spending money. It gives you a 14-day free trial for the School license and a 3-days trial for the Home license.

The pricing is as per the users’ licenses. You can either choose the monthly subscription or one year plan.

5. Ratatype


Ratatype is our personal favorite and the reason is it offers typing tests online so you can check your current performance. You can check your live speed and accuracy.

But if you go for the premium version, RataType gives you many advanced features which you love. It provides you with a friendly, intuitive, and excellent design platform.

Ratatype Features

  • Perfection in finger motion
  • Typing speed according to progress
  • Support from a natural person
  • Free to use
  • Performance metrics

Ratatype plans

Ratatype is free to use and comes for personal, group, and teacher plans. Sign up now and start using Ratatype.

Final Recommendation

If you are looking for best-in-class typing software, then definitely paid software is recommended, and in this, Typesy is the best choice.

I hope you find this information about the Best Typing Software useful and have chosen the best for you! For more software recommendations and deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.