What is PDF Expert? Specifications, Features & Pricing

If you are excited to know What is PDF Expert? then this tutorial is a complete guide for PDF Expert. If you are looking for productivity tools, editing your paperwork, review documents online then you might hear the name of PDF Expert.

what is pdf expert

Productivity tools make your online work easier. It has many advanced features that control all your online productivity. There are wide categories comes under productivity tool and PDF Expert is one of the categories.

What is PDF Expert?

PDF Expert in PDF editor and reader for Mac. Along with just editing a PDF it also offers many advanced features which we are covering here in detail. Unlike other PDF editors, PDF Expert has great User-Interface and easy to use. It also offers an App for iPhone and iPad for making work more simpler. Now let us have a quick look at its features.

Working with PDF Expert

While working with PDF Expert we find many productivity solutions that clear your every question regarding PDF Expert.

1.Annotate Text

annotate text

With PDF Expert you can highlight text, add short notes on the margin of your PDF to remember the content. Use text mark up tool to underline text in different colours, cross the text wherever required.

2. Form Filling

pdf expert form filling

You can easily add the text, number, check the boxes on your form easily with PDF Expert. This is the smarter way to fill the form without any complications. It works on all categories of form such as Invoices, Tax forms, Contracts, Sales form, and much more.

3. Sign Document

add sign pdf expert

Easily sign digital signature on your documents. Type your own signature to apply on your document or you can use the trackpad to make your handwritten sign. The best thing is it synchronised all the sign across your Mac and iOS device to make work easier.

4. Edit PDF

edit pdf expert

This is a basic role of all the PDF Editors but the thing is ease and complexity. All PDF editor offer these features but PDF Expert makes the experience better. It has advances User Interface that offers easy access to all the tools required for editing text.

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With PDF Expert you can resize text, remove text, add text, add links, add image, resize the image, replace image, and much more.

5. Reduce PDF file size

reduce size pdf expert

Downloading and uploading PDF is annoying if the size is at and also it consumes access memory. Whenever you add images, texts, graphs, logo, it is obvious that the PDF size gets increases. But you can compress your PDF heavily using PDF Expert.

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Suppose if the users have limited space on your cloud storage then this feature helps you a lot in keeping your files in limited space.

6. Create PDF

create pdf expert

Creating a new PDF is never be a simple thing. But if you have PDF Expert everything is quicker and faster. You can create a new PDF instantly similar as you create a Word file. This feature from PDF Expert offers you to create a new PDF from already existing PDFs. Select the PDF pages from different PDF files and create a new one by drag & drop option.

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7. Extract Pages

pdf expert extract

Manually extract only important pages from your PDF file. This makes you share only the necessary content you want to share. Moreover, there is a limitation in attachments for an email to send the email up to certain capacity (20 MB), having extracted pages make this easier.

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8. Merge PDF Files

pdf expert merge

Combine multiple PDF from different sources and give a detailed output in a few clicks. You can pick the different PDF files from different PDFs and make a larger PDF file.

9. Secure PDF

protect pdf expert

As PDF is widely used format nowadays and everyone keeps their data secure. PDF Expert offers you an extra layer to secure your PDF document by having a secure password.

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I hope after reviewing this article you are almost cleared about what is PDF Expert and what is exactly offers. Now another thing, if you have made your mind to purchase PDF Expert, we recommend you to check the latest discount price options. Extra discount for volume license.

Pricing Options

PDF Expert costs you $79.99, get a 15% promo discount (for our readers) on the purchase and costs you $67.99. Check for latest pricing here.

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