What is Nitro Pro? Full Features, Pricing and Comparison

Well, you might have heard the name of Nitro Pro or Nitro Productivity Suite many a time but you are not clear what exactly this is and why to use this. After reading this we promise that all your doubts get clear regarding Nitro Pro, it features, and comparison to other related software.

what is nitro pro

Nitro Pro is a powerful productivity software that deals with mainly PDF editing. This is not just for editing the only PDF but also have different advanced features that make your paperwork easier. This we all cover in feature section in below page.

What is Nitro Pro? – Complete 2020 Guide

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Something about Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro was started back in 2005 as an Australian based company and continuously growing and the company claims to have more than 600K customers worldwide. This is the fastest-growing Productivity software due to its advanced features for all level of customers. This suits best for Personal license as well as for Enterprise plan.

Nitro Pro Alternatives & Competitors

As there must be healthy competition to succeed and similar is the case with Nitro Pro. Earlier to the Nitro Pro’s popularity there was only one name when it comes to PDF software which is Adobe Acrobat. No doubt is still considered as one of the best PDF tools but things get changes with time.

Nitro Pro makes work really easier with its nice User Interface. There are many other PDF software that is possibly claiming to be best. But as we have used many of the PDF tools with all there features. We found Nitro Pro is the best among all. The only limitation we found is compatibility. Nitro Pro is only compatible with Windows PC. Still curious to see the alternatives to Nitro Pro? Here is the list.

1. Wondershare PDFelement: PDFelement is another PDF tool that offers great features. It is available for both Mac and Windows PC. PDFelement is also popular due to its low pricing options.

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2. PDF Expert: Another choice that you may look like a perfect alternative to Nitro Pro is PDF Expert. It has a nice User Interface. Compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

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3. Foxit PhantomPDF: No doubt Foxit PhantomPDF is the top choice of many PDF editors but because of the same price range, users mostly prefer to go for Nitro Pro. As PhantomPDF comes with Yearly license and Nito comes with a lifetime license.

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Spending a few more would definitely return you in great. So if you are Windows user then we recommend you to go for Nitro Pro without any second thought as it is best PDF software.

Nitro Pro Pricing

When comes out for pricing, Nitro Pro is a bit expensive when we compare to its alternatives. But looking to its features and services it offers it is definitely worth buying it. Nitro Pro comes with the different price range according to the number of licenses you require.


  • For single license: $127.2
  • For 2-11 license: $119.25
  • For 11+ license: $111.3

Nitro Pro offers great discounts and promotional offers. Check this discounted page for special deals.

Nitro Pro Features

This is the main thing you might be waiting for. Nitro Pro offers many advanced options to work with the PDF or other file formats. Here we are going to list some of the top features that make your work easier.

1.Editing PDF

This is nothing new as all PDF Editors are meant for this only. Still, we are showing this as it is a basic tool in all PDF editor. It is professional software but so easy to navigate each and every tool. All the editing features are available on the above tabs and from there you can easily access.

nitro pro edit pdf
  • Edit text and images: All the texts or images are easily editable. You can delete text, add text, change font size, colour option, highlight text. And similar to the images, you can change the image position by simple drag option, remove the image, resize it.
  • Combining & Split option: Looking for combining multiple PDF files or splitting them? With Nitro Pro, you can easily do this task. This makes the work so quickly and easier. Moreover, you can rearrange the files according to your reference.
  • Annotate: Give the specific marks to the PDF or attach the sticky notes on the margin to recognise the PDF pages in future with Annotate tool.
  • Format Conversion: Among varieties of formats, you can convert your file from/to PDF. The widely used formats are TXT, WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, HTML, and JPG.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This feature enables you to locate the words/ phrases from the entire PDF otherwise you have to manually lookout for them. This is so quick operation and done within milliseconds.
  • CAD-Compatibility: Most of the PDF editors are not compatible with CAD designing but Nitro Pro is 100% compatible and along with this you can export the designs from Revit, AutoCAD, and Microstation.

2. Security and E-Sign

Nitro Pro uses AES-256 encryption which is the highest security encryption level to encrypt your files. You can secure your PDF file with a secure password which is almost impossible to crack. You can either go for the QuickSign option or verified the signature from Nitro.

nitro pro sign
  • QuickSign: Mostly recommended to your daily task and you can easily add the signature either handwritten or recommended design from Nitro Pro to anywhere on your document.
  • Verified Digital Signatures: Nitro Pro allows you to add own verified digital signature for highly sensitive documents. Nitro Pro identifies the signer’s identity using their unique digital certificate.

These are some of the common things that you can get on some top PDF editors but some features make NItro different from others. Let us have a quick look over them.

3. Nitro Cloud

Nitro Pro offers its own cloud base service to keep all your documents in a safe and secure cloud platform. This is kind of work from anywhere productivity feature and you are not required to carry the documents always with yourself. It uses SSL Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and advanced security compliance certifications, including SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, and more.

nitro cloud

Nitro Cloud makes the electronic Sign option really efficient as you can use digitally verified signature unlimited time.

4. Nitro Admin

With Nitro Admin you have all the Admin power of your IT team with special Admin Panel. This lets you check all the productivity done on the number of licenses you have purchased and save a lot of time. You can have the following features with Nitro Pro.

  • Identity-based Access: Suppose you have 20 Nitro Pro license and you have something important to share with a limited number of license. With the identity-based, you can assign limited grant to the specific contacts.
  • Track your team: You can have full control of all your license as Admin. You can check the productivity of each and every license you have assigned to your team and on the basis of which you can improve the productivity by tracking all the details.
  • Connect immediately: Suppose you are having a new worker or IT professional, you can set up all the data your team currently holding in one go via CSV uploading, this may be individual or in bulk does not matter for Nitro Pro.

5. Nitro Analytics

Nitro Analytics is only available for enterprise customers and has next-level tracking to your IT team. It shows you a complete insight into your team performance and you can better analyse to improve your workflow as well as productivity.

nitro pro
  • Optimise Business Objective: Along with your, Nitro Customer Success team focuses on your business niche and according to that it shows analytics that accelerates your productivity and optimises all the process involving in the documentation.
  • Eliminate paper-based work: The insight shows the insufficient users work and provide you with insight where exactly it is lacking and you can eliminate your print-out work.
  • Work Smart: With Nitro Analytics, the Nitro Team provides you with the insights to provide insufficiency and smartly improves that shortcomings.

If you are having a large scale industry or working as an individual, Nitro Pro is the best solution for all your productivity problems.


Still, have any questions regarding Nitro Pro? We have experts in Productivity tools. Comment us below and our team reply you back asap.

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