How to Screenshot on Windows 10?

Looking for a screenshot on Windows PC? Here is a quick tutorial to capture your screen with a simple command and also by one of the best software.

How to Screenshot on Windows 10

With the latest release of Windows 10, there is an issue for prtscn (print screen) command so you have to go for alternate ways to capture the screenshot. Here we are going to provide four different ways that work perfectly on Windows 10.

How to Screenshot on Windows?

Method 1. Quick Screenshot using Keyboard command

This is the quickest and easiest way of all. Here you need to press Windows logo key + PrtScn. This automatically saves the full screenshot on the screenshot folder on your PC. You can check the captured screenshot by going to Files> Screenshot (on the left pane).

By default, the name of the captured image is like Sreenshot (1).png. You can rename it with the right click on the screenshot folder and tap on Rename option.


If you want to take a screenshot of the specific region then you have to use different command Windows + Shift + S. The whole screen appears to be gray in colour, you can drag the cursor up to the part you need to capture. The screenshot automatically copied to your clipboard. You can paste the screenshot to any application with just Ctrl + V.

Method 2. Taking Screenshot on Windows Using Snipping Tools

Snipping tool is bit more flexible when comes for taking a screenshot. Snipping tool provides one step ahead to the screenshot you capture. Along with just capturing a screenshot, you can annotate text, highlight text, select free-form, rectangular area, and much more.

If you are using Windows 7, 8 or earlier then there are some limitations such as using snipping tool you can not capture the mouse movement like like pop-up menus and tooltips. For this you have to follow the above steps.

With the update of Snipping tool on Windows 10, the new feature is added as Delay option. With Delay option, you can capture mouse movements like pop-up menus and tooltips. Let us check how it works.

  • Open Snipping tool app on your Windows PC.
  • Tap on delay option and from the drop-down list choose the time (in seconds) you wish to delay for a screenshot.
snipping tool delay
  • Now on the New tab option, choose the snipping way to capture your screen. You can select among Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Free-form Snip.
snip mode
  • Once you have choosen from above snip options, it will not immediately capture the screen but hold for the time (in seconds) you have chosen. In between this you can open pop-up window or other tool you need to capture.

Snipping tool is one of the recommended ways to get the screenshot with a more flexible way.

Method 3. Using Xbox Screenshot feature

As this feature is made for capturing the video games for Xbox or recording the Xbox games. But this is not limited up to Xbox application. You can use this in-built for any of the stuff you are working. This even records your entire screen.

Once you capture the screenshot using Xbox, it automatically saves in PNG format in C:\Users\[your username]\Videos\Captures. Follow some simple steps below.

  • Open Xbox app on your PC.
  • Open the Settings tab, and under this tap on Game DVR option.
xbox screenshot
  • Turn ON, Take screenshots using Game DVR option.

You can see the different Keyboard Shortcut to capture screen. Press Win + G and tap on Yes, this is a game if prompted while capturing screen. After this tap on the Camera icon to start capturing screen.

Method 4. Use Snagit for Powerful Capturing

If you are not concerned with spending a few bucks then Snagit from TechSmith is one of the best Screen Capturing & Recording software. If you have your regular work with multimedia works such as screen capturing, screen recording then you must go for TechSmith Snagit without any second thought. Let us check what it offers exceptionally.

snagit screen recorder
  • Highlight specific region: Convert your standard screenshot into simplified graphics. You can focus others on a specific region that needs to be noted.
  • Favourite Tools: Keep all your favourite tool on the front screen. You no longer need to navigate into all features as keeping mostly used tools such as stamps, arrows, shapes at the same place makes work easier and saves your time.
  • Image combination: Combine different screenshot images and combine into one according to the appearance you like.
  • Extract Text: It is impossible to copy a text from picture, but if you have chosen Snagit you can extract text from a captured screenshot and paste it anywhere you want.
  • Edit Text: From the captured screenshot you can edit the text, change the fonts, colours, and much more. You no longer required to create a similar copy if you have Snagit.
  • Animated GIF: Create your short clip into GIF and use it anywhere.
  • Capture in a flow: Suppose you need to take a screenshot while scrolling web pages, you can easily capture all on a single screenshot.
  • Special Effects: Snagit is full of tools and you can add special effects on the captured screen. You can place borders, shadows on margins and other such effects.
  • Blur Content: Having sensitive info you don’t want to share? Simply blur the content on your screenshot.

There are many other amazing tools that Snagit offers. If you are working as professional or business purposes then this is most recommended for you. Otherwise, for simple capturing you can follow any of the above three steps which are in-built on Windows PC.

I hope you like this tutorial about How to Screenshot on Windows 10? and found no difficulty in following above steps. Still having any trouble? Comment below and we are ready to help!

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