Today the number of online incidents has been raised so high that everyone is looking for protection against them. Online threats can attack you anytime, so every internet user must stay alert and proactive to protect their data. There are many Antivirus available in the market; one such is Sophos Home Premium. Here we will discuss every detail of Sophos Home Premium, whether to buy this or not.

review sophos home premium

Why is Good Antivirus a must for your Good Antivirus gives you all-around protection from the latest Ransomware, malicious software, and hacking attempts? PC?

You can not blindly trust any Antivirus; you have to check whether the features shown are worth it or just written on the website pages to increase sales. Real-time protection makes things easier. I also recommend using a good VPN service if you are working on public wifi and using credit card details with other connections. Sophos Home Premium brings some advanced features like this; let us check whether it stands out for what it says or not.

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What does Sophos Home Premium Includes?

Just going further, let us clear one thing Sophos Home Premium is not just Antivirus software; it is more than this. This includes real-time Antivirus, anti-malware, remote management, advanced web protection, excellent banking protection, and much more.

Review Sophos Home Premium: Pricing, Features & Performance

1. Business-Grade Security

Sophos Home Premium claims that they provide Business Grade security. A business-grade guarantee gives you secure access to Email, firewalls, safe web, endpoint, encryption, and private server. After operating this software your protection detail will be redirected to online stats and you will see the status of your device. Sophos itself also offers you the business edition, but if you are using it for home, then Sophos home premium is the best option.

sophos advanced features

2. Advanced protection against Ransomware

Sophos Home Premium offers you a unique feature to stop ransomware attacks. You can easily block Ransomware by enabling Stops Ransomware from encrypting your files. For this, just navigate to your online web protection page, go to protection> Ransomware, and turn ON Ransomware protection. This feature is not available in many other Anti-viruses.

sophos ransomware protection

3. PC optimization

Optimizing your PC is a great way to remove all your corrupted and damaged files that affect your PC performance. With a deep scanning feature, Sophos Home Premium also scans your PC to free space occupied by unnecessary files. This speeds up your PC and also protects your PC against internal file damage.

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4. Web Filtering

Sophos Home Premium offers you this if you are looking to filter the websites before giving internet access to your children. With Parental Web Filtering, you can enable this feature by navigating to Web Filter. Here you will see different options such as General Interest, Adult & Potentially Inappropriate, Social Networking & Computing. You can choose the Allow, Warn & Block categories you want. You can also add the website manually that you want to block.

sophos web filtering

5. Privacy Protection

Well, everyone needs online privacy protection. Sophos Home Premium provides you with one step ahead of security while browsing online. There are the latest scams, webcams, and microphones. Sophos Home Premium alerts you when any external agent tries to access your webcam or microphones. Also, with more internet, online shopping increases and cybercrimes too. So before any online payments, you must be aware of cybercrime, and you can secure your PC with Sophos Home Premium. I have tried it, and it stands out well. To enable this navigate to Privacy and enable Webcam Protection. And for safe online protection, navigate to protection> Web> Safe Online Banking.

sophos webcam protection

6. Block Malicious Websites

Sophos Home Premium provides you automatic block to malicious websites so that even if you are unaware of any evil agent still, your security is maintained.

7. Pricing

Sophos Home Premium is neither expansive nor cheap compared with other antivirus software. But if we see the overall feature and compare it with other security software, spending on Sophos Home Premium is worth it. As this is almost all in one package. To our readers, we offer a 20% discount on the purchase of Sophos Home Premium, which costs you just $40 instead of $50.

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Final Comments

These are some of the features of Sophos Home Premium. There are a lot more advanced settings. I found Sophos Home Premium as one of the best Online security software for your overall protection. You can have a trial period of 1 month. If you like its feature after a month, go for it without any other thought.

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I hope you find Sophos Home Premium Review helpful and decide whether to go for this or not. You can follow us for more reviews and security news on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to get a special discount of 20% on this.

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