How to Turn Off Read Receipts on iPhone

iMessage is a convenient way to send and receive the message across all Apple devices and so read receipt. Read receipts show the tiny seen next to the message you have sent is read by the receiver. This assures sender that his/her message has been seen by the recipient.

disable Read Receipts on iPhone

Well, the advantage of the read receipts may be a disadvantage for others. Suppose you have some urgent work at your office and you are not willing to go to the party with your friends. Here disabling read receipt on iPhone plays a role. If your friends sending you a message, they won’t receive the seen even if you have read messages. Looks great! Let us check how it works.

How to Disable Read Receipts on iPhone

Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap on Message from the settings list.

iphone messages

Now look for Send Read Receipts. Make sure it is turned off (toggle the button to left).

disable send read receipts

Once done with these steps, the sender will not get any notifications regarding the message is seen or not. You must note that the sender still receive the Delivered notification that means he/she know the message if received on your phone although either it is read or not will be not shown.

As iMessage is completely free medium to send and receive a message. There may be chances that you are receiving lots of messages. In that case, you can also turn off iMessage temporarily and turn on anytime. For this, you have to go to Settings> Messages. Here next to iMessage toggle the button to Off.

turn off imessage

Now you will only receive the cellular message. You can easily enable and disable anytime as per your preferences.

I hope you find this quick tutorial about how to turn off read receipts on iPhone useful and successfully disabled it. For the latest tech tutorials, online deals, follow us on FacebookTwitter.

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