How to Start Windows on Mac

Is it really possible to start windows on Mac without any flaws? Can we run Windows applications on MacBook? Or How to switch from Mac to Windows on startup?

These are certain questions for many MacBook users (including me a year ago) that how can this be possible?

how to start windows on mac

I am addicted to many games that run only on Windows PC but after switching to Mac, it is showing errors. So what is the alternative?

There are two ways to run Windows on the MacBook. The first one is Mac Boot Camp and the other one is using Virtual software.

My recommendation: If you are looking for a shorter period, in-built feature Boot Camp is a good choice but for the long run, go with virtualizing software.

How to Run Windows on MacBook using Boot Camp

No matters either you are using MacBook Air or Pro, the steps are the same for both.

Note: Backup all your important data from your Mac on the safe place, in case you lost anything, it is possible to restore.

1. Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File)

The first step is to download Windows 10 Disc Image from the official website.

Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File)

Here you have to choose the Windows edition and then confirm it to download. Select your language if shown and click the Confirm button.

You are required to download 64-bit for Mac and click Save to download.

2. Launch Boot Camp Assistant on Mac

This is an in-built feature on your Mac, navigate to Finder> Applications> Utilities folder. Once you have opened it, it detects the downloaded ISO File.


3. BOOTCAMP Partition

Now the next step is to create a partition on your Mac drive to install Windows.

This is the place where your Windows gets installed and operates from there. When you are done with the above step, which is BOOTCAMP Assistant, your Mac automatically restarts.

When it turns ON, it asks you for the location where you want to install Windows on Mac? Choose BOOTCAMP partition and click Format.

Sometimes, it automatically downloads windows to the specified area, don’t worry this usually happen when you are not installing Windows using an external drive.

4. Time to Install Windows

You are all set to install Windows on your Mac

Happy? – Of Course!

Follow some simple steps to install Windows.

  • Open the same ISO File you have downloaded earlier, click Install button.
bootcamp assistant
  • Enter your login password to make changes on your Mac and click OK.
  • On the Windows setup screen, there are different options such as choosing Language, entering the product key (not compulsory to have) and other such follow-ups.
  • Choose either Windows Home or Pro edition as per your requirement. We recommend you to go with the Home edition.
  • Click Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP. Click Next and let Windows to be installed on Mac.

Once installation completed, Windows setup screen appears, choose to Customize option for smooth running and click Next without altering other options.

Add your Account and click Next to start using Windows on Mac. You can set the preferences later on as per your requirements.

5. Restart MacBook

To Start Windows on Mac, you need to restart your Macbook. By default it starts with macOS bi you required to press and hold the option key (which acts as alt key) on Mac keyboard.

Choose the drive to boot you wish to open. Here choose the drive where Windows is installed.

Note: Here command key acts as Win and option key act as alt key.

You are all set to use Windows OS on Mac. Enjoy it.

How to switch macOS to Windows OS using Virtual Software

Here our choice is Parallels Desktop. It is easy, fast and reliable option to run Windows on Mac. And also not to forget, this is the safest option.

It doesn’t affect the Mac performance and speed.

It does not require rebooting.

It works for Home and Business editions and suitable for all level of work. Currently, it comes with three editions.

  • Parallels Desktop (for Home & Student use)
  • Parallels Desktop Pro (for Developer, tester)
  • Parallels Desktop Business (for work settings)
parallels desktop

You can choose any plan as per your requirement and then follow some simple steps to continue with Parallels Desktop Virtual software.

Before starting you require to purchase Parallels Desktop, or you can try with their 14-days trial period for free.

Look for ParallelsDesktop.dmg file downloaded once you have installed Parallels. If unable to locate, press Command-Space bar and enter the file name.

Click the Install button from there.

Follow the on-screen instruction while installing Parallels Desktop. You have to confirm the download, accept the agreement, and policy to finish download.

Hold for some time until the installation completed.

Once the installation completed, it automatically redirects its page to download Windows, if you already have, click Skip, otherwise click Install Windows button.

When the installation gets completed, you require the Microsoft account to login, if you don’t have, create it.

No more steps!

how to run windows on mac

I think the second one is the far easier and quickest way to access Windows on Mac. If you still have questions, let us know. Our team helps you in every matter.

Final Comments

So far we have seen two best ways to start Windows on Mac, the first method is free and second is paid but easier, quick, and safe. You can also go with 14-days free trial. It’s better to test first before making a purchase.

There is much other virtual software for Mac but Parallels Desktop is better in every aspect. We have tested it and using it on our Mac.

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