Want to switch your current browser to Google Chrome? Here we show you some simple steps by which you can set Chrome as your default browser.

Google Chrome is one of the best and widely used browsers that supports different formats. From past couple of years, Chrome has gained the popularity whether it is in MacOS or Windows PC.

how to set chrome as my default browser

Here we are going to discuss setting up Chrome as your default browser on both Macbook and Windows PC.

Just before that let us check why Chrome must be your default browser?

Why You Must Have Google Chrome as your Browser?

  1. Large media of extensions and add-ons
  2. The wide range of desktop themes
  3. Easy, simple, and clean User Interface
  4. Superfast speed

I guess you better know how Google Chrome is that is the reason you are switching from your current browser. Now let us check how to make your Google Chrome browser as a default browser.

Make Chrome Default Browser

1: For Windows Users

For Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is the default browser and for Windows 7, Internet Explorer is the default. Edge browser is with the new interface but still, Chrome users are not satisfied.

NOTE: Make sure you have successfully installed Chrome on your PC

For Windows 10

  • Go to Start menu on your Windows PC
  • Click on Settings ⚙️
  • Here you see the default app option, open it by navigating to System> Default apps.
windows default apps
  • Under Web Browser option, you see your current default browser (probably Microsoft Edge).
  • Tap on Choose an app to select Google Chrome as your default browser.

For Windows 8 and Earlier

It is slightly different for Windows 8 and earlier to set Chrome as your default browser.

  • Go to the Start button and open Control Panel.
  • Navigate to Programs> Default Programs> Set your default programs.
set default browser
  • From the list choose Google Chrome and click Set this program as default and then OK.
chrome browser default

By these steps you can easily make Google Chrome as your default browser. You can also have some of the amazing extensions to your browsers from the library.

For more guide we recommend you to scroll bottom of this page where we have listed some must-have extensions and add-ons for Chrome that make you work easier.

2: For MacBook Users

Safari is the default browser for all iOS devices and the same in the case of MacBook. Safari is also one of the best browsers that many Mac users love.

Ofcourse, built by an Apple, Safari has a lot more than we imagine. It has clear, easy Interface, good speed makes the best choice. Still, users who are using Chrome from the past needs it as default.

Install Google Chrome from App Store if you don’t have already installed and then follow the steps shown below.

  • Open Google Chrome browser on your MacBook
  • Click More option (3 verticle dots) and click Settings.
  • Under Default browser section, tap on Make default.
chrome browser macbook

By following these simple steps the Chrome set as your default browser. You can set any browser as default as you required.

Must-have Extensions for your Chrome Browser

  • Data Saver: This really helps to improve data by properly managing data. This basically uses Google server to optimize page you frequently visit. It automatically compresses the page before it actually downloads. You can download it for free.
  • AdBlocker Ultimate: This is a free extension that provides you ads free web pages. There is no more annoying Facebook ads, improves browser performance, block malware and tracking. Having this plug in improves the page loading speed and improves the web pages. Download this for free.
  • HTTPS Everywhere: It automatically uses HTTPS security on many sites by automatically transferring from HTTP. This secures your private pieces of information you but on a particular website. For better security, you must have this extension. Download HTTPS Everywhere for free.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly extension really helps if you need to improve your writing skills. It automatically detects the errors on your writing and auto-correct it. This works on all writing platform such as Emails, content writing and much more. Download it free.
  • LastPass: LastPass is a free Password manager extension that securely saves your username, password, card details and it auto-fills all the detail. You need to remember only one master password to manage LastPass. LastPass is one of the safest ways to keep your information safe and secure online. Get LastPass free.

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