Every VPN services claim their VPN service as the best of all. One such biggest claim is VPN speed.

Many VPN in our results shows good speed, some VPN shows average speed and some shows below average. We have categorized all the VPN according to their speed after our own result.

Moreover, we have tested many VPN around the different location to make a picture more clear. Here in this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to get your VPN speed test and best VPN in this categories.

vpn speed test

Testing VPN speed is totally different from checking your internet speed.

Basically speed of VPN depends on the location of VPN it originally comes from. Reaching to the users the links of connection required and they might slow down the speed of your browsing.

But choosing VPN wisely among all others may have good speed.

VPN Speed Test

Most VPN test claiming review websites shows different speed. Like if you are checking the speed of ExpressVPN, you might see various websites to know actual speed.

Our testing method is different!

We summed up an average of the speed at different time depending on peak time usage and other such things. We also test each VPN in 4 widely used VPN locations such as USA, Australia, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

Average speeds with a VPN

 ExpressVPNNordVPNPureVPNCyberGhost Pro
Avg. Download Speed10.76 mbps5.94 mbps7.10 mbps2.51 mbps
Avg. Upload Speed9.00 mbps3.49 mbps4.82 mbps2.11 mbps
Avg. Ping239.4 ms499.5 ms322.5 ms289.5 ms

You may note that this is average speed based on all 4 location and you can see that ExpressVPN stands out on the top. Now let us take all above VPN individually.

1. ExpressVPN

As you can see on the above result that in almost every test such as Downloading speed, Uploading speed and Ping test ExpressVPN is best. You may note that the Ping test must be good if least.

If you have ExpressVPN, it provides a feature to test the speed. One best thing is that ExpressVPN provides 30-days money back guarantee policy.

So you can cancel its subscription without any additional charges, If speed is not up to your expectation then leave ExpressVPN in 30-days.

Visit ExpressVPN

Let us see how you can test ExpressVPN speed from its application.

  • Open ExpressVPN on your device. Do not turn ON the connection.
test expressvpn speed
  • Tap on the top left corner (menu icon) and select Run Test.
  • Now click on Run test button, what for a while till the process gets completed.
expressvpn speed result

Points to be noted:

  • SPEED INDEX: Higher is better
  • LATENCY: Lower is better
  • DOWNLOAD SPEED: The higher is better

By the above test, you can easily test speed according to different locations. Choose the location according to speed if you want good speed connection.

The above speed varies according to the time or users connectivity.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN stands second in our list. NordVPN offers 77% discount and costs just $2.75/month. This all comes with 30-days money back guarantee. We have tested NordVPN in the different location.

Check the test below.

Visit NordVPN Website

NordVPN USA Test

nordvpn usa speed

NordVPN Australia Speed Test

nordvpn australia speed

NordVPN United Kingdom Speed Test

nordvpn london speed

NordVPN app does not provide speed test feature as we have seen for ExpressVPN. So we have tested it manually from all four locations. When you are doing a speed test the result may vary according to time and number of users.

Similarly, we have checked the speed of PureVPN and CyberGhost VPN, the result you can see in above speed test table.

In our recommendation, ExpressVPN remains the best choice and you can try it with 30-days refund policy. You will definitely love the speed as well as the services offered by ExpressVPN.

NordVPN is the best alternate of this that is cheaper than ExpressVPN and having almost every features.

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  1. I use Nord and I thing the speed is pretty good, it might drop slightly when connected to a very far away location, but in general it’s fine. Other than that the price is more than satisfying.

  2. Thanks for sharing this stuff. I have tested my vpn provider and they are performing good. Although your article is too informational and it really helps me to understand different stuff of a VPN. I also contacted purevpn support to understand few things.


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