PDF stands for Portable Document Format and Adobe Acrobat Pro is a well-known name holding all the basic to advanced editing.

No doubt Adobe Acrobat Pro is the best in its categories but other software available for this category is giving tough competition to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Here we have listed some of the best Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative that stands out best in our results.

adobe acrobat pro alternative

Nowadays many PDF eliminates a lot of paperwork whether it is signing a document or securing a document online. With the latest advancement, all these things become possible.

With a good PDF, you can easily edit, add images, text, create a sign, protect with a password, and many other things.

In this tutorial, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative

#1 Nitro Productivity Suite

Nitro Productivity Suite is one of the best PDF editing software which is recommended by professionals. The reason being top in our list is its advancement in features plus ease of usage.

In the latest version of Nitro Productivity Suite, it comes with Nitro Pro 12 with free Nitro Cloud Service.

In addition to this, you can also addon Nitro Premium Access that includes Nitro VIP Access and free updates.

Let us quickly check some of the best features offered by Nitro Productivity Suite.

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Nitro Productivity Suite

  • Document Security: Everyone needs security and similar is the case with your documents. Nitro PDF offers AES-256 Grade security that is one of the finest security till now. Documentation security is necessary because so many free software is available that may access your confidential data. With this software, you can protect your PDF file with a password lock.
  • Cloud Storage: Nitro PDF offers you free cloud storage with Nitro Productivity Suite. This means you can work from anywhere without carrying documents with you. This smart service reduces the documents to be carried during travelling.
  • Signature: Now with the help of Nitro Pro, users can easily add a digital signature which is verified. Nitro esign uses a unique digital certificate that is completely legal and reduces workflow. The QuickSign feature offers you to sign your document in seconds.
  • Customer Support: Nitro Pro stands out with their customer anytime they need. Their first priority is their customer services. We have checked many customer reviews and none of the complaints against their customer support.
  • Pricing: Pricing is the biggest factor while choosing a software but the features offered by that software are equally important. Adobe Acrobat is expensive and Nitro Pro is comparatively cheaper. You have flexible plans according to your requirement. The single license costs you $159. With this price range, you can not get the services as Nitro Pro offers. The only limitation is in the next step.
  • Compatibility: The Nitro Productivity Suite is made for Windows currently and not available for other operating systems. We can not say that this is its limitation but it is focussed toward Windows PC to provide you a better service.

#2 Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is our next best choice. This software is quite similar to the above. PhantomPDF is easy to use and quick to access features.

The user interface is amazing and customers love working on Foxit PhantomPDF. This offers many high-grade security features. The reason for keeping this in the second place is it uses third-party features such as signing a document with DocuSign whereas Nitro Pro offers all their services by themselves without involving any third party. Interesting?

Let us see some of the features offered by Foxit PhantomPDF.

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Foxit PhantomPDF Features

  • ConnectedPDF Powered: This is an amazing feature that turns everyone towards Foxit PhantomPDF. This feature allows users to have access to their document on cloud storage even they have sent to their customer or clients. To make this more clear suppose you have sent documents to your various clients and you can grant and revoke document access, check who has opened your documents and much more things.
  • Protection & Security: Like Nitro PDF, PhantomPDF offers you great security in terms of protecting your document. DocuSign offers you verified digital signature to your documents. You can add your own handwritten signature anywhere on your document.
  • Cloud Service Access: PhantomPDF Online is a cloud-based PDF editor which allows users to control their document online without keeping the same device everywhere. This service is quite useful during travelling. Suppose you are travelling and you can access your documents online from anywhere. This reduces the workload.
  • Compatibility: Foxit PhantomPDF works on all major platforms. It works well for Windows and iOS devices. This is the thing which makes this PDF editor one step ahead of the above.
  • Pricing: PhantomPDF comes with three plans Business, Standard, and Mac. All of them have different prices. The best thing is you can have flexible plans according to your requirement. Business license costs you a one-time purchase of $159 or $8.99/ month. Standard license costs you $129 one-time purchase or $7.99/month and Mac license comes with $59.99 and $3.99/ month.

#3 PDF Architect

The latest version is PDF Architect 6 that comes with many additional features that can help you in both editing and securing your document.

The reason being keeping it on our 3rd in ranking in Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative is it’s cheaper in cost when compared to other PDF editors. This PDF editor provides you with different features according to the price range you have selected.

If you have to do basic editing then you can also try its free version that provides you to Rotate, move and delete pages, Merge PDFs, 300+ file formats conversions.

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PDF Architect features

In our feature list, we are listing the features provided by the Professional license.

  • Secure & Sign: PDF Architect offers you AES-256 grade encryption in protecting your documents. You can add the password protection to lock your document. This feature is available on both above PDF editors, nothing new.
  • Format Conversion: Till date, PDF Architect provides you 300+ file formats conversions which means you can convert to almost any format. The conversion process is really fast. PDF Architect is a light-weight PDF editor that works in amazing speed.
  • Pro + OCR: This provides you optical character reader which means you can use your PDF like Word document. OCR recognizes the text in your PDF. Earlier looking for the text in PDF was very difficult and consume lots of time. OCR makes this possible and eliminated manual searching.
  • Compatibility: PDF Architect is currently working for Windows only. So if you are looking for Mac then you have to try for a different alternative.
  • Pricing: If you are looking for a cheap alternative and you have no demand for Cloud storage, VIP Access, and other such things then this is the best option for you. This is really affordable as you can get it at just $49 for a standard version. These plans are for 1-year validity. Professional version costs $69 and Pro + OCR version is available at $89 for 1-year.

#4 iSkysoft PDF Editor

Another cheaper alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro is iSkysoft PDF Editor.

This PDF editor is good for users who have basic working with their PDF documents. Many advanced security features are missing that are available in top PDF editors.

But still, you can do editing, markup, sign, PDF Form, and other such basic things. Let us quickly review some features offered by iSkysoft PDF Editor.

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iSkysoft PDF Editor Features

  • Edit PDFWork on your PDF as working on your Word document. You can easily edit, create, add images, rotate, and remove images. The working on PDF using iSkysoft PDF Editor is quite easy. All these editings are easy to navigate and you are not going to face any difficulty with working.
  • PDF Conversion: Many conversion formats are available to convert your documents.
  • Secure PDF: You can secure your PDF with watermarks and sign on your documents. You must take note that this PDF editor is not advanced is signing as we have discussed in above PDF Editor.
  • Combine & Split: You can combine & split all your documents. With this feature, you can extract the documents from PDF combination.
  • OCR: OCR makes the things easy to scan your document and find the text you wish to search.
  • Compatibility: Available for both Windows and Mac. If you are looking for the cheaper alternative for your Mac the definitely iSkysoft PDF Editor is a good choice.

#5 Power PDF

Power PDF is another well-known name in the PDF editing category. This provides you with Enterprise level PDF editing. Power PDF offers you industry-standard PDF compatibility with ease of usage.

You can purchase the license from individual to enterprise level. There are many top companies that are using Power PDF. All the present version offers a free trial period.

So you can try before you actually purchase.

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Power PDF Features

  • Document Signing: Power PDF gives you the digital sign to your PDF document using a third-party tool named as DocuSign.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Power PDF offers you cloud connectivity to popular services such as Box, Evernote, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Scan & OCR: You can easily scan and use OCR feature to search the text on your PDF document.
  • Compatible devices: Power PDF works for both Windows and Mac system and great User Interface on both the platforms.
  • Pricing: Power PDF comes with Standard and Advanced versions. The standard version is available at $129.99 and Advanced version costs you $179.99. If you are looking for volume license then Power PDF offers you Volume license discount on the Advanced version.

These are the top 5 best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro that you must try.

The best thing is almost all the above PDF editors offers a free trial period. So you can try them at no cost and if you love it working then go for the Pro version.

In our recommendation, Nitro Productivity Suite remains the best choice for Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative. The test is with a free trial period.

If the results are not quite satisfactory then switch to Foxit PhantomPDF. This also offers you a free trial period.

I hope you like these guides about Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative and found the best PDF editor according to your requirements.

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