How to Free Up Storage on iPhone Without Losing Data

It is always frustrating to see Less Storage space left on your iPhone when you open your Camera or playing a video. Simultaneously free up your storage without losing your favorite pictures, videos look impossible.

But here we are going to discuss some of the best ways to free up storage on iPhone.

how to Free Up Storage on iPhone

Did you know?

Even cleaning up all your data from your iPhone still many users still see some memory is consumed.

This consumed memory might be the cache memory, junk memory, or other hidden memory.

How not to lose data while cleaning up your iPhone

If you are looking for this then the best way is using cloud service. Cloud service basically syncs all your data on your iPhone and store in the cloud.

There are many different Cloud Services available offering free services up to some GBs and then you have to pay.

Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud are some of the best cloud services offering free storage.

Manually removing all your data may or may not clear all your space so for that we need a good application.

Here we are going to discuss this issue also. Here we are going discuss two ways to free up space on iPhone.

  • Manual method
  • Using Utility Software

Manual Method

1: Clear Safari History: Continuously browsing internet on your device keeps history stored and other cache memory increased.

This consumed a lot of space that you must free up immediately. Let us check how to clear all cookies and website data.

By this action, you must aware that your history also cleared from all iCloud devices.

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Go to Bookmarks icon on the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose History and tap on Clear> All time.
clear iphone safari history

With this, you can easily clear cookies and website data.

2: Uninstall unused apps

Always uninstall unused apps as they consume a lot of space and for those apps, you are using try to stop automatic downloads. To stop automatic downloads follow some simple steps.

  • Navigate to Settings> iTunes & App Store.
  • Only keep Update option ON, turn off all other Automatic Download options.
turn off automatic download

3: Automatic set SMS limitations

Nowadays SMS are not much in use due to the popularity of social messengers application.

Try to delete your SMS by setting up auto-deletion. Many SMS in our daily life is not important and they consume unnecessary storage capacity.

Let us check how to limit this.

  • Go to Settings> Messages.
  • Under Message History, go to Keep Messages.
  • Choose 30 Days period after that your messages automatically deleted.
iphone keep message

There are many other options that you can control by your own. You can try to turn off HDR, clear app cache and much more.

Utility Applications

Here we are going to discuss two different application that frees up your storage from iPhone.

1: Cloud Services: As already discussed Cloud service is one of the best ways to keep your data safe as well as free up your space on your iPhone.

iCloud is already available to your iPhone. Log in with your Apple ID and automatically save all your data to cloud memory.

iCloud offers free 5GB storage and to extend this you have to pay little. Follow some simple steps to use the auto-backup service.

  • Connect your iPhone with active WiFi connection
  • Go to Settings> Your name> iCloud.
  • Turn ON iCloud and tap on Backup Now option.
icloud connect

For automatic backup make sure your iPhone is charging and Wifi is connected. And after all these turn device’s screen locked.

2: Optimization app: iMyPhone is our top recommendation to speed up your iPhone by clearing all your unnecessary storage.

There are many features that this amazing software offers. Let us check a few of them.

  • Junk and temporary file cleaner
  • Great compression of your pictures to free up space
  • Backup your photos to your PC
  • Quickly remove caches/cookies/crash logs

There are many other features that iMyPhone offers. You can try this for free and if you like then switch to a paid version.

Final Comments

I hope the above recommendations helps you out in clearing your data storage from your iPhone.

For the best result, use iMyPhone application to smartly free up all your data storage from your iPhone.

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