Facebook reportedly working to launch a TV camera for video streaming. It consists of a set-top box and gives tough competition to other tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, and others.

It is also assumed that The new Facebook TV camera works with apps. It has noted that this TV said to be codenamed “Ripley” and launched during spring 2019.

facebook tv camera

The approx price at the launch will be nearly $199. This offers you both live streaming and video chat sitting at your home in front of your TV.

If you are fed up of holding your smartphone during video chatting then Facebook TV camera is definitely worth.

This device works Amazon’s Alexa assistant for voice control. Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook brings a lot more features to expand their market looking to its competitors. 

Cheddar claims that This TV Camera from facebook nicknamed as “Ripley” uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and follow people as they move.

So this is great for the home users who keep their phones, webcams to place near to there faces.

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