Google recently announced the Motorbike mode in its

Google maps for Kenya users. It must be noted that Google maps are already enabled with Motorbike mode in different countries and are running successfully.

Looking to this Google started working to launch this time for Kenya.

motorbike mode in google maps

Kenya is the first country in the Africa region to have Motorbike mode. The main reason to choose Kenya is the overcrowded roads and provides them turn by turn voice navigation, avoiding traffic routes, show the current road situation and much more.

Definitely, this will help local as well as tourist to navigate all the areas to explore more in less time. Back in the year 2017, Google first announced motorbike mode in its Google maps in India and now successfully running in many other Asian countries.

motorcycle mode gmap

This new feature came to expand the hands of Google in African countries. Recently Amazon and Alibaba trying to explore the markets to the African countries.

On April 2018, Google launched Google Go to bypass slow internet speed. The first time the launch of Offline YouTube video mode starts from here.

In the latest research, it has been found that due to the lack of signboards, road mapping people face lots of problems as many accidents took places recently.

Taxi drivers unable to locate the exact location so Google Maps play the important role in their life.

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