How to Burn ISO to USB for Free

ISO files refer to a pack of information and data wrapped in a single file. It is issued by the International Organization for Standardization and that’s why the extension of this file Is recognized by “.iso” extension.

Burn ISO to USB

ISO files cannot be used like any normal media files which you can simply open to using it.

ISO files need to be burnt properly to a USB flash drive or compact disc in order to extract the files contained inside it and then, you may use those applications however you want.  

Now, burning any ISO image file into USB is not similar to copy multimedia files from PC to USB. It doesn’t work that way. You need a USB burner program in order to burn the ISO file properly into a USB flash drive and then use it.

ISO files are generally burned into USB for creating bootable Windows operating system disks if you are doing the same or even if you are only extracting the files from the ISO file then follow the below methods.

How to Burn ISO to USB for Free

ISO Burner #1: Free ISO Burner

Everyone loves free tools and what could be better than a free ISO burner. Surprisingly, free ISO burner not only helps to burn ISO image files into a flash drive and CD/DVD but it also helps to create bootable discs if you are burning an operating system image file.

It is a plug and plays software, so all you have to do is go to the official website of free ISO burner and download the executable file. Next, open the file to see its main user interface.

Like we mentioned, you don’t have to install anything, just download and launch the program.

On the user interface, click on the “open” button located under the ISO file section. This where you select the ISO file that needs to be burned into your USB stick.

Rest settings you can leave as it is if you have no idea. Now, click on “Burn” and see the real-time progress of burning the ISO file.

iso burner free

This program is certainly outdated and never been refreshed after its first creation. Many users have reported bugs and issues but no updates were introduced.

But anyways, if you are lucky then it should work without any problem.

ISO Burner #2: Active ISO Burner

Since we are discussing free tools only then we cannot leave behind Active ISO Burner. It is yet another free ISO burner that can easily extract and burn any ISO files into flash drives as well as compact discs.

The creator of this program is Soft Technologies who are responsible for creating a countless open source program.

Again, Active ISO Burner is also a plug and play tools, means just download the software and run it without installing at all.

So, first, from the official website, download the Active ISO burner file and launch it. Next, insert the USB stick and the flash drive should appear on the target of the main user interface of the program.

Next, click on the three-dotted button located under the “Source” field and find the ISO file from the computer local driver. You can leave the rest of the settings untouched as that might not interest you anyway.

Now, you are ready to burn the ISO image, simply click on the “BURN” button once and let the program burn all the files from the ISO image into the USB flash drive.

active iso burner

It will consume a few minutes but once it is done, you can open the flash drive to see all the files are extracted from the ISO image file.

Note: If you are burning an ISO image file that contains a certain software then remember, it won’t automatically install the particular software. You will have to manually install the program that you have burned from the ISO image into a USB drive.

Similarly, if you have burned an operating system into your USB stick then you will have to install the operating system into your computer in order to take its full benefits.

These methods shared in this article will only burn and extract the files from the ISO image file into your portable devices. You may then use the files from the USB stick according to your desires.

On the other hand, if you guys want to recommend any other free ISO burners which are better than shared in this article then definitely we will add it to this guide.

You may mention the requests in the comments below and hopefully, you guys found this article useful enough to accomplish your halted ISO burning tasks.

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