LaTeX is a robust typesetting technology, and Tex files are the program’s primary source documents. The many possible contents of such papers are words, tables, complex mathematical equations, pictures, and more. Scientific journals and books often utilize the typesetting program LaTex.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a file format used for storing documents such as text, graphics, data, etc. This file format is compatible with any OS. It’s a free and open standard for reducing the file size of documents and vector drawings. You may see it online if you have the PDF viewer plug-in for your browser.

It separates the display of the document from the actual substance of the document. It separates the document’s content from the presentation, so users can focus on the content without attending to the visual appearance.

In addition, LaTeX makes it easy to tackle complex parts of typesetting like inserting mathematical equations, creating bibliographies, and inputting figures. But when it comes to sharing the documents, using the TeX format seems a good option.

It’s not always the case that the receiver you send a TeX file to will use the LaTeX typesetting system and be able to open .tex files. In other words, you need to be sure the file you exchange with others is in a universal format.

The most popular file type globally is PDF format. Today, I will reveal a handy tool that you can use to convert LaTeX to PDF online for free without much hassle. It comes with a self-explanatory name: “LaTeXtoPDF”.

How to Convert LaTeX to PDF Online Free

Overview of LaTeXtoPDF

LaTeXtoPDF is a web-based tool that offers an entirely free service for you to compile LaTeX to PDF.

Unlike some other online solutions, there is no hidden charge that forces you to pay for lifting restrictions on usage.

Due to the support for batch processing, LaTeXtoPDF allows you to upload up to 5 files and convert them to PDFs in one go. This saves you precious time and much effort.

Another feature worth mentioning is that you will not be asked to sign up for an account or submit your email address.

The simplified operation speeds up the conversion process as much as possible.

You probably worry about the privacy of your files when using an online service. Taking this into consideration, LaTeXtoPDF will permanently delete all your uploaded files from the server within 15 minutes.

Overall, LaTeXtoPDF is an excellent choice to convert TEX files to PDF due to its ease of use and safety.

Below are detailed steps to use this browser-based LaTeX to PDF converter. Let’s take a look.

Simple steps to Convert LaTeX to PDF Online Free

Step 1.

Step 2.

  • You will see a box on the web page saying, “Drop files here or click to upload.”
Latex to Pdf
  • You can drag and drop selected PDFs from your local drive into the box. Or you can press the box to choose PDFs and open them via the file browser. As was just said, you are permitted to upload a maximum of five TEX files simultaneously.
  • If you find some unwanted items in the file queue, you can remove them by hitting the corresponding “Remove file” button.

Step 3

  • When ready, click on the “Upload and Convert” button. This action will trigger the process of uploading TEX files and converting them to PDFs.
  • The conversion will finish in just a few seconds. When it is done, you will be provided with a download link. Hit the download link to download a ZIP file containing exported PDFs through the browser. You will find the layout and data of the original files well preserved in the output PDFs.


As you can see, LaTeXtoPDF is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can expect a fast conversion with excellent output quality using this LateX to PDF online converter.

If you need to convert many TEX files to PDF, do not hesitate to try LaTEXtoPDF. I bet my paycheck that it will improve your work efficiency and lessen the workload.

Tell me what you think about it by leaving comments in the section below. Perhaps you know some excellent solutions to get the job done that I am unaware of. If so, please share it with me.

One thing to mention is that, aside from turning TEX to PDF, there are other utilities for the conversion between PDF and other formats shown on the site.

They include PDF merger, PDF splitter, PDF converter, PDF compressor, PDF rotator, PDF protector, and so on. Explore them and give them a try if you need to manipulate PDF documents.

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