How to Convert Numbers File to Excel on Mac

If you have Number file and want to convert to Excel sheet then this tutorial is the best guide for this. As Numbers on Mac may not properly be seen on Windows PC. Sometimes there is layout problem. Excel spreadsheet is easy to edit and works with all computers.

Convert Numbers File to Excel

Excel sheets are basically in the format of .xls or .xlsx which is compatible for Microsoft Excel and other similar applications. Follow some simple steps to convert Numbers to Excel on Mac.

How to Convert Numbers File to Excel on Mac

Before you proceed make sure you have Numbers Application on your Mac. If not download this from here. Otherwise, you have to go for a third-party tool.

1.Launch the Numbers app on your Mac and open the sheet you want to convert to Excel format.

2. On the menu bar at the top, choose File> Export To> Excel.

numbers to excel

3. On the next window, Export Your Spreadsheet option appear. Choose your required format from the drop-down list under Excel format.

export your spreadsheet

4. Change the name next to Save As option and the destination path where you wish to save converted file data.

save numbers to excel

Check out your destination path, you will see the converted file there.

Nowadays with the recent release of updated version of MS Excel, it is combatible with Numbers file which you use on Mac. But in older version still you face some problem while loading Numbers file on Windows PC.

Similarly, in the same manner you can also convert the Numbers file to different formats such as PDF, CSV, and many other formats.

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