If you are no longer interested in entering your username & password in the login screen every time, you can turn off password on Windows 10. As password keeps your computer safe from strangers and keeps your files and folders on safer hand. But still if you think that there are no much useful content then bypass the password login screen at startup.

turn off password on windows 10

As there is also an option of Guest User that you can make while login your screen. This is most commonly used when the PC is having more users other than Admin. Using Guest User allows you password-free access at the same time admin user ask for a password. You can try this also if you are having trouble with other users. This makes your stuff protected along with access to other users.

How to Disable Login Password on Windows 10 PC

  • On the search bar of your Windows 10 home screen, type netplwiz and then Enter key.
  • The User Accounts pop-up box appears, under the Users tab, tap on the user name which you want to disable login password.
turn off password windows
  • Uncheck User must enter a user name and password to use this option. Enter your current password to confirm. If you forgot, reset your current password.
  • Click Apply and OK to successfully save these settings.

Now, whenever you turn ON the PC, on the login screen you need not required to enter a password. Just tap the Enter button to log in to the desktop screen.

Now there is another option to directly bypass the login screen and this doesn’t even show the login screen. For this, you have to remove the login password from your PC.

How to Remove login password from Windows PC permanently

  • Open Settings window. For this type “settings” on search bar next to Start icon.
  • Navigate to Accounts> Sign-in options.
  • On the right side, tap on Change button under Password option.
sign in options
  • You may ask to type your current password in order to authorize genuine access to make security changes.
  • On the next screen, click NEXT without entering any password.
  • Hit the Finish button.
finish password

With these steps, you can easily remove password from login screen permanently. I hope you find this information about How to Turn Off Password on Windows 10 useful.

All of these, it is always suggested to stay protected and having a password is one of the best and secure way. Keeping all your password as same is also not recommended. We recommend you to try the Stick Password app, which is one of the best password manager application that saves your password automatically and also suggest a strong password. This works even with your smartphones. Check best deals on Sticky Password.

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