Well, so many people are turning their profession online, and in fact, this is one of the best approaches to keep yourself busy even if you are at home.

So if you are looking to learn Photoshop online, then here are some of the best ways which help you. Some of them are paid, and some are free. Let us discuss all options.

how to learn photoshop

When we talk about photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is top on the list for every photo editor. Undoubtedly, it is the best but require professional knowledge for using it.

Alternatively, you can also use Skylum Luminar, which comes with Artificial Intelligence and makes it much easier to understand every feature.

Free Ways to learn Photoshop

Using Photoshop User Manual

What is better than learning from the creators of Photoshop. Yes, Adobe offers hundreds of free tutorials on Photoshop, from launching Photoshop to applying professional effects.

You can find all the relevant tutorials on the official website and create whatever you imagine. All tutorials are sorted by different features so that everything becomes easy.

Moreover, you can also check some of the beautiful creations using Photoshop by some top artists on the same how-to gallery.

Using YouTube Videos

YouTube always remains the best free resource for everything, and we have seen so many famous photographers has created content about learning Photoshop. Our recommendation is a video from Alec Markarian.

You can also look for personal effects by manually searching on YouTube. There is plenty of high-quality content available on YouTube.

Well, these are the freeways you can access on the internet anytime. The only negative side of this is you can not contact one-on-one with the creators if you get stuck somewhere, so the paid workshops are there, which gives you full support.

Paid ways to learn Photoshop

There are so many online platforms to learn with, but definitely, all media are not worth it. We have listed some of the best-recommended platforms which give the best results.

Udemy Courses

Udemy is among the best online platform offering different courses in almost every stream, and similar is the case when we talk about Photoshop. Currently, it has more than 1000+ online courses for Photoshop only.

You can filter the courses according to the reviews, ratings, and newly added. Hundreds of lectures are provided in each class that give you A-Z information.

Skillshare Courses

Skillshare is way too specific for providing courses on illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. So definitely, the content available here is one of the best.

Tip: Some courses on Skillshare are also available on Udemy from the same creator; you can check the pricing, and wherever you think the price is low, get it.

There are more than 2500 videos available for Adobe Photoshop only. You can filter out the result list to be more specific. Here you also see the number of participants in the individual courses.

Before making the actual purchase, you can read genuine student reviews to understand the course better and not skip the free trial from Skillshare.

Lynda (from LinkedIn)

Lynda.com is now a LinkedIn Learning platform which different courses. For Photoshop, you get a wide range of Photoshop tutorials and learn image editing, retouching, and colour correcting for all skill levels.

You can set the filters to different subjects and skill levels. There are about 430+ courses available for Photoshop.

Courses available on Lynda.com are affordable, and you can also start with the free trial available.


PhotoshopCAFE has been offering high-quality Photoshop training for the last 20 years. It provides online eBooks courses for beginners to expert level. This is my personal favourite if I choose to select among the above list.

The courses available here are a bit expensive but worth it for a person looking for the best masterpiece.

There are multiple courses on different photography, such as portrait photography, landscape photography, drone photography, and many other Photoshop features.

The quality of the content available is first class, and everything becomes easy with their tutorials. The only cons are no free trial to test their products.

Our Recommendation

You have to pay to get better stuff. So we recommend you go with the paid plans if you are looking for serious editing.

As many professional photographers offer courses, you can also choose among the paid services the recommendation in the list above.

PhotoshopCAFE will be a better option if you are seriously looking for mastering Photoshop. Otherwise, a lot of free information is available on the official Photoshop website and YouTube.

I hope you find this tutorial about How to Learn Photoshop in 2024? Useful and got the right course for yourself.

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