So, you’ve got this file on your computer, and it ends with “.djvu.” You’re scratching your head, thinking, “What is this, and why can’t I open it easily?”

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

how to convert djvu file to pdf

Why move stuff from DJVU to PDF?

Because it’s easier! You can show your backpack to anyone, anywhere, and they’ll know how to unzip it and see what’s inside. That’s not always the case with the special suitcase.

PDFs maintain a consistent look across platforms and offer better editing options, making sharing and collaboration a breeze.

How to Convert DJVU File into PDF?

1. Online Tools

Think of this as a magic wardrobe. You put the suitcase (DJVU) in, and a backpack comes (PDF). Just make sure this magic wardrobe (website) is safe. We have listed some of the best websites to go with:



Like the warm embrace of an old friend, DjVu2PDF greets you with familiarity and simplicity. A dedicated haven for your DJVU files, it promises to transform them with the love and care of a seasoned craftsman, delivering you a perfectly converted PDF.



This website is the Swiss Army knife of digital conversions. A chameleon that adapts to your needs, Zamzar is like a guardian angel who hears your digital cries and assures you, “No matter the format, I’ve got your back.”


online convert

Imagine a tailor measuring every inch of your suit to fit you impeccably. That’s Online-Convert for you, taking your DJVU, understanding its intricate details, and letting you customize the final PDF look. It doesn’t just convert; it crafts.



In a world that sometimes feels too complicated, AnyConv is that reassuring touch on the shoulder. A gentle reminder that things can be simple, efficient, and reliable, it invites you with an open-arm drag-and-drop gesture and lovingly changes your DJVU into a PDF.

2. Computer Applications

Computer Applications are like personal helpers who professionally repack your suitcase into a backpack right on your computer. It would be best if you told them to start, and they’ll do the rest. There are many productivity applications for format conversion; let us check some of them here:

These tools are great for those who wish to work without an internet connection or who handle sensitive information they’d prefer not to upload to the web.

DjVuLibre DjView

  • Overview: This open-source software serves not only as a viewer but also as a converter.
  • Key Feature: It allows users to directly export DjVu files into the PDF format, ensuring high-quality conversions with customizable settings.


  • Overview: A dedicated converter application that’s user-friendly and efficient.
  • Key Feature: It offers batch conversion, which means you can convert several DjVu files to PDFs simultaneously, saving time and effort.

When choosing a computer application, consider factors like the frequency of your conversions, the need for additional features, and, of course, the trustworthiness of the software provider.

Unload applications from official sites or trusted platforms to protect your computer from threats.

3. Smartphone Apps

Certainly! If you’re on the go and need to convert DJVU files to PDF using your mobile device, several Android and iOS apps can make this task seamless. Here are some of the best ones:

DjVu Reader & Converter

DjVu Reader
  • Platform: iOS
  • Overview: This app combines a DjVu reader and a converter. With its simple interface, you can easily read and convert DjVu files.
  • Key Feature: Offers cloud storage integrations, allowing you to pull files from services like Dropbox or Google Drive directly.

DjVu To PDF Converter

DjVU to PDF converter
  • Platform: Android
  • Overview: Designed specifically for the task, this app offers a straightforward way to convert your DjVu files.
  • Key Feature: Supports batch conversion, allowing multiple files to be processed simultaneously.

EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader

  • Platform: Android
  • Overview: While primarily a reader, EBookDroid also provides conversion functions. It supports various file formats, making it versatile.
  • Key Feature: Apart from DjVu and PDF, it supports formats like XPS, EPUB, RTF, and many more.


We have provided the complete list of whether you are using online tools or downloading applications on your computer or smartphone.

It is entirely your choice and a matter of security if you are unwilling to upload files online.

The above-listed websites and applications are entirely safe, and most are free.

I hope you find this helpful information. You can follow us on social media on Facebook and Twitter.


⭐️ Why would someone use DJVU instead of PDF in the first place?

DJVU offers superior compression, especially for high-resolution scanned images.

⭐️ Is it safe to use online DJVU to PDF converters?

While many online converters are safe, ensure the site’s credibility to avoid malware or unwanted ads.

⭐️ Will I lose image quality when converting from DJVU to PDF?

With the right tools, the loss in quality is minimal often unnoticeable.

⭐️ Are there any costs associated with converting DJVU to PDF?

While many tools are free, some premium software may come with a fee.

⭐️ Can I convert multiple DJVU files to PDF at once?

Yes, many online and desktop tools offer batch conversion options.

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