Recently the most awaited feature that many users were expecting has launched. Google launched the Confidential mode option to send all the confidential information with the best encryption.

The best thing is it is free for all Gmail users. You can easily access this option by enabling Confidential Mode in your Gmail account.

How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail

What is Confidential Mode & Why must we use this option?

The confidential mode is the security feature. By enabling a Confidential manner, users send sensitive information for legitimate purposes, such as banking details and other secret information, which limits the validity of the email in the sender’s inbox.

The passcode will send to the recipient to open the email you have sent.

To make this clear, let us check an example to understand it more clearly. Suppose you have a deal in purchasing a car and are sent essential documents with different details.

Once the deal is completed, there is no longer a need to have your document in others’ accounts. That’s what Gmail confidential mode exactly does.

You can set an expiration date, and the email will automatically be deleted after selecting the date. Sounds Good? Let us check how it works.

How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail

STEP 1: Open your Gmail account and enter your login details. You need not want to sign up for a new account for this feature.

STEP 2: Click on COMPOSE button to write an email in confidential mode.

STEP 3: From the different options displayed below (see below screenshot), click on the Confidential mode icon to enable it.

confidential mode gmail account

STEP 4: The pop-up screen will display; set the Expiration time, after which the email will no longer be in the senders’ inbox. You can selan ect option from 1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 3-months, and 5-years.

set expiration gmail

STEP 5: Next option is REQUIRE PASSCODE (generated by Google). If the recipient uses Gmail, the code will send through SMS; otherwise, it will be sent by email to the recipient.

STEP 6: Save these options, and you will see the short description of the validity you have set. Click on the SEND button to send your confidential information.

how to use confidential mode in gmail

I hope you find no difficulty in following these steps.

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This tutorial is about How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail. Works well while sending your confidential pieces of information. 

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