How to Hide Shared Posts on Facebook

It is straightforward to hide or delete the pages you have shared on your Facebook, but you are not following proper steps, then it may take a longer time to get the solution.

The shared posts will be listed on your timeline when others see this. You might not feel good letting your post be seen by strangers or people who are not on your friend list.

In this tutorial, you can easily hide the Facebook page you have shared on your Facebook timeline.

You can easily hide any Facebook page using Who should see this option? And you can customize the list to whom you wish to show.

how to hide shared posts on facebook


How to Hide a Post from Someone on Facebook

1. Open the Facebook Login page and Sign in with your login credentials.

2. Now tap on your name on the top left of your screen (See below screenshot).

my name

3. Now, your complete timeline will be displayed on those pages. Here you need to click the drop-down icon (see screenshot). Here the following list will be displayed

  • Public: This, allows everyone to see your shared post on your timeline.
  • Friends: This allows only your friends to see your posts on your timeline.
  • Friends except: By this, you can disallow your friends by selecting them individually whom you don’t want to see your timeline post.
  • Specific friends: This option allows only specific friends you want to see your timeline posts.
  • Only me: By this only you can see, no one else can see your timeline posts.
  • Custom: By this option, you can manage timeline viewers according to your choice.
who should see this

4. By selecting the Only me option, you can enable me to see your post.

I hope this tutorial fixes your problem, and you can select any option from the above list when posting or sharing pages on the timeline.

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I hope you like this tutorial to Hide Shared Posts on Facebook from your timeline. 

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