How to Change File Extension in Windows 10/7/8

change file extension

You may need to convert a file to a different format, and this is when you’ll need to modify the file’s extension. A typical scenario is switching from test.png to test.jpg. Typically, the letters that come after the (full stop) in a file name indicate the file extension or format of the file. The “test” file shown above may be downloaded as either a.png or.jpg file.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the file extension to different formats such as .rtf,.txt, and much more. You can easily change the file extension in Windows 10/7/8 by following these simple steps. There are many possible ways to change, offline or online, but offline is much more straightforward.

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How to Shutdown Computer using cmd (command prompt)

shut down pc with cmd

Everyone shuts down their computers simply by clicking on the power button, but few people use a command prompt to shut down their computers.

The command prompt provides many more features and the shutting down option. Some of these are Restart, Log Off, Set a display message if exceeds the time limit, and more.

Here we will discuss some of these options and how to perform them using the command prompt.

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How to Know WiFi Password of Your Network Using cmd

know wifi password using cmd

Sometimes we forget our Wi-Fi password, and when we do, it’s a hassle to change it since all of the gadgets and systems in our homes use the same network.

We may avoid resetting the Wi-Fi password if we have already connected our Windows 10 computer to that network. Windows remembers the networks we’ve connected to and their passwords so that we don’t have to enter them again when we reconnect to the same network.

We may reset our lost Wi-Fi password using the Windows Command Prompt by inputting a few ‘netsh’ instructions.

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How To Sync Google Drive to PC

how to sync google drive to pc

Having a backup of your necessary data is always a good choice, but people don’t know the best places to backup your important data.

One of the best options I recommend is to use Google Drive to get unlimited storage and manage your account on all devices such as PC, iOS devices, and much more.

In this tutorial, you will see complete detail about syncing your data using Google Drive and Google Photos Automatically.

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How To Increase WiFi Speed Using cmd (Command Prompt)

how to increase wifi speed using cmd

In this tutorial, you can learn how to Increase WiFi Connection speed using cmd. Slow internet speed is annoying when you are busy doing some important stuff.

Here you will see proven steps to increase your WiFi speed. To access better internet on your system, you need better system capacity and good internet speed.

how to increase wifi speed using cmd

I recommend you to go for the best Cleaning Utility Software for your PC. This improves your PC performance intelligently.

MacPaw CleanMyPC is our top choice and offers a 70% discount to our readers.

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How to Increase Internet Speed Using CMD

how to increase internet speed using cmd in windows 10

Slow internet speed is frustrating, especially when you are doing urgent work and your internet displays a blank white screen.

Here in this article, you can quickly increase internet speed using cmd. Using cmd, I have seen many PC users double their internet speed, and other applications’ performance improved.

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4 Best Ways to Hide Folder in Windows PC

how to hide files on windows

It’s important to keep certain data private at times. This guide will teach you how to set up a Windows hidden folder.

how to hide files on windows

Even if you have a lot of personal information on your computer, it’s important to keep it hidden if you’re with someone else.

Here, you will learn how to conceal files and folders in two alternative ways: using File Explorer and Command Prompt.

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