5 Best Team Chat Software

Communication is one of the best mean to share your ideas with the team member in order to boost the productivity of your management. And for this, we all need collaboration and chat software to work on all platform. This topic is all about best team chat software that you must-have for your company to work in a great environment.

Best Team Chat Software

Now with increasing competition in startup industries, the productivity software is in huge demand and for this reason, there is so many chat software available. But the question is always there. I this chat software worth? We pane a light on different chat software in order to make sure you chose best out of all.

Well, before going to pick any of the below chat software to make sure how many team member license you require, hows much storage you need for company, security and collaboration of data stored, and other such features.

Best Chat Software for Team

1. Slack


Slack is on the top of our list. The reason being its advanced tools other than just offering a chat option. This is a complete suite package if you have a startup company. You will definitely love its features and let us have a quick look over them.

  • Productivity tools: Slack is full of a productivity tool. It includes your chat history, file storage, integration with other applications, dedicated workspace.
  • Collaboration: Along with just team collaboration inside your company, you can also collaborate with outside individuals and organizations to work together.
  • Security: Security is the biggest concern nowadays and even small things are private when you are working parallel to your competitive companies. Slack offers you 2-Factor Authentication, OAuth with Google, SAML-based single sign-on (SSO).
  • Admin access: The admin can create custom user group as required for different tasks without sharing with everyone on the contact list.
  • Calling & Sharing: Along with chatting with your team, you can also make a voice call or video call to your team member and also share screen to understand the work in a better way.

Slack is also preferred by most of the Enterprise level companies and for them, it provides enterprise-grade security and compliance and supports up to 500,000 users.

Pricing options: Slack comes with three plans Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid.

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2. Rocket Chat

rocket chat

Rocket.chat is an amazing workspace to chat with a team. This provides the entire team greater transparency to work and you no longer require to send emails and add CC/BCC anymore. You can chat with all members at a commonplace and this will definitely boost your work. With Rocket Chat you can also share files and switch to video conferencing with the team member. Let us have a quick look at its features.

  • Audio & Video Conference: You can make a chat shift to audio and video conferencing to understand the work in a better way. This provides you clarity for the task you are operating.
  • Screen Sharing: Now share your screen on the same platform where you have live chat with your team. You can explain different problems or solution by sharing the screen at a commonplace.
  • Two-Factor authentication: Whenever you sign in the extra security layer comes with 2-FA. For security and privacy, this is a must.
  • File Uploading: Rocket.chat provides you to upload any format file into the Interface so that everyone can check them without separately attaching to individual team members.

There are many other features from productivity to security that Rocket Chat offers.

Rocket Chat comes with different plans as per the user’s requirement. It also offers you a Community plan which is absolutely free but has limited features. Pro and Enterprise plan are paid.

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3. Zoho Cliq

zoho cliq

Zoho Cliq is a simple way to collaborate and share attachments to your team with everything organized no matters you have a team of 2 or 500+ users. Its advanced User Interface makes the work easier as you can navigate to any tool from the same platform.

Zoho Cliq works amazing with all business platform such as Software, Marketing, Tech Support, Operations and other industries too. Now heading to its features let us check what it offers

  • Group Collaboration: Make every task simple with Group collaboration with your team member. It brings complete transparency to the work of an individual with the whole team.
  • Searchable Conversions: Suppose you are looking for some old shared files, chats which are important to deal with work, Zoho Cliq provides you to search directly within your chat history. This really saves your time.
  • Calendar Scheduling: You can schedule your task or meeting with your team and all your team members get alert for an upcoming meeting.
  • Voice & video call: Share your thoughts with the entire team with a group voice and video calls.
  • Security: Zoho Cliq encrypt all your movable data or the saved data so that nothing leaks out to make your privacy more secure. Admin has features what to allow and what not to with specific team members.

Zoho Cliq comes with two plans and one of the cheapest team chat software. Free and Unlimited plans.

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4. Twist


The Twist is one of the most trusted platforms to work with when you are really looking for pro-level chat and other related tools. This has amazing features that make productivity way better than you think.

  • Organized discussions: Keep your discussion organized so that whenever you require them you access them easily. Along with current threads you can track all your previous threads to compare the results.
  • All of everyone: From CEO to a new member of the team, all can get full access to all previous chats, history.
  • Replace emails and Group chats: Twist allows you to replace all previous emails and group chats at a common platform.
  • Collaborate with Guest: In order to bring the guest for collaboration, Twist offers this feature and allows only specific User Interface tools to work with.
  • Integration with other tools: Easily integrate with other tools to make your work easy going. Launch video calls, automate reports and get updates from apps like GitHub and Todoist.

Twist offers you a great flexible plan as per the Users you have on your team or company. With the Unlimited plan, you can access all the features with pay per user option.

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5. Chanty


Chanty is the new team chat software. It is still in its earlier stage. Chanty is simple AI-powered team chat platform that smartly performs all team-related tasks. Since it is new in the market and for this reason it offers a reasonable price offering great tools.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Chanty comes with AIpowered that offers users to find the relative replies to the team members automatically. It also provides users with the suggestions to respond with.
  • Workflows with threads: Create a thread for particular work and stay in touch today and tomorrow.
  • Collaborate real-time: Get in touch with your team member with Real-time feature. You can use calls and voice messages to stay connected.
  • Work with third-party apps: You can integrate with the third-party tools such as MailChimp, Google Drive, Stripe, Salesforce, Twitter and other many platforms.
  • Set Privilege: Set a privilege level that you wish to share with your team. The most sensitive tasks you can choose specific contacts to work with.

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Final Comments:

We hope you find every information on this article about best team chat software useful and selected the best for you. If you are looking for our recommendation then you must go for Slack but bit pricey. For alternate cheaper option go can go to Zoho Cliq which also offers your great features at a reasonable price.

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