Whenever you are looking to build a custom form that has input to various questions you would require a form builder. There are many Form Builders in market but everyone has its own pros & cons. If you are looking best online form builder then this guide will surely help you. You can easily check the price-wise best, rating wise, customer reviews, and ease of usage.

best online form builder

Something about Online Form Builder

Online Form Builder helps you to attach a form on the user’s website where different customers can fill the form according to the question set. There are different types of Forms that you require such as an online form for recruitment, for making doctor’s appointment, filling college form, or many other such things. All this is possible is through an online form builder. You can set as many details as you require with easy drag & drop option to the area which suits best on your form.

What to expect from a good Online Form Builder?

Before spending money on anything you must be aware of all alternatives to that software and we personally recommend you to go for the free trial version and if you are satisfied then only go for it. Basically, some of the things must be kept in mind before purchasing such as a form that you need. Suppose you have a firm and placing a summer camp registration on your website then you much check that the software you are purchasing offering this feature (although you can customize the question by your own) otherwise the format makes the experience less attractive and the second thing the pricing relates to its competitors.

But here you get all the information at one place without going to look out individual websites. Let just check the best form builder & form creator.

5 Best Online Form Builder



Wufoo is on our top list as it offers great features and easy to use for every beginner. Wufoo is the product from SurveyMonkey which is a well-known name in its categories. Let us check Wufoo’s features and templates it offers.

  • Easy customisation of online forms: Wufoo allows you to edit the form according to your requirements. There are many ready to go themes available that you can choose or you can create your own design too. With easy drag & drop option, you can set your own logo wherever it suits you best.
  • Payments & Data Collections: Wufoo allows you to collect data for the registration done on the online form and also allows a feature to access payments from different payment providers. This is the best if you are running an online store or looking for donations and also for all other types of online payments. All of this information is provided at a real time.
  • Safety of Data: Wufoo comes with 256-Bit SSL Encryption that ensures all the data entered is kept safe. Every form is enabled with SMART CAPTCHA which makes sure nothing comes from spam.
  • Automate Workflows: The data you received can be directly targeted as an automatic workflow with tons of business tools in collaboration with Wufoo. This makes your workflow easier as you can transfer form data directly to your CRM, marketing automation system, and more.

These were some of the features. Along with these features, Wufoo provides you pre-built templates covering almost every major area such as Forms, Registration, Surveys, Tracking, Online Orders, Lead Generations, and much more. There are in total 400+ templates.

Pricing: Wufoo comes in 4 plans.

  • Starter: $14.08/ month
  • Professional: $29.08/ month
  • Advanced: $74.08/ month
  • Ultimate: $183.25/ month

Visit Wufoo website

Pricing wise its bit expensive, but if you are looking for the best then spending few extra is worth.

2. FormStack:


Keeping the developer’s ease of usage in mind, we must also ensure the ease of filling from the client side also. Keeping this in mind, we found FormStack is another best form builder and a great alternative to Wufoo. It has amazing features and tons of templates to make your workflow easier. Let us check some of the features.

  • Data & Analytics: FormStack offers you a separate panel to check all the statistics and data filled from the other side. From the same dashboard you can access all the data and convert it into PDF and share with others. It comes with the field validation that marks wrong when the space is entered with the wrong answer.
  • Easy Import/Export option: Converting into different formats is really annoying and time taking process (or you may require a PDF editor) but FormStack allows you to convert the data and export in CSV, Word, PDF, and Excel format.
  • Electronic Signature: You can build a space on your online form to enter the electronic signature of the clients during the submission of the forms. This is a great tool when the forms are more related to contracts (during e-tendering) or employee onboarding.
  • Payment options: Payment box is becoming popular now a days and looking for this many top form builder providing the seprate columns for payments from all major payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Chargify, and many other.
  • Security: If your form builder is not regulated with high grade security then losing your potential clients is common as many of them not feel safe to enter their private/ sensitive informations. FormStack comes with encryption layes that ensure your banking details, personal data is on safe hands and is fully encrypted. To protect from spammers and bots it comes with Invisible RECAPTCHA.

When coming to Templates, it comes with 200+ templates in all major categories such as Education, Financial, Healthcare, Website, IT, Marketing, and much more.

Pricing: FormStack comes in 5 plans

  • Bronze plan: $19/ month (1 user / 5 forms)
  • Silver plan: $59/ month (1 user / 20 forms)
  • Gold plan: $99/ month (5 users / 100 forms)
  • Platinum plan: $249/ month (10 users / 1,000 forms)
  • Enterprise plan: Price according to requirements

Visit FormStack website

3. TypeForm

If you are looking for the creative design at the user end then TypeForm allows you different tools that make the form more attractive. You can easily customise block in a new look and add thumbnails to the detail you require. It has been noticed that form with attractive graphics attract more customer and when it comes to generating more leads to your online store then this is the best way to attract customers. Let us have a quick look to some of its features.

  • Attractive theme design: As already discussed, TypeForm comes with an attractive design with smart working. You can just drag & drop different features to the form where it requires. There is no coding required to generate an online form.
  • Security: As TypeForm provides 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer on the platform and forms and it restores all the data entered on the daily bases and you can backup anytime. Although the above-listed form builder is enabled with 256-bit encryption this 128-bit variant is also safe as it is used by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which ensure us that the data is on the safe side.
  • Easy documents upload: TypeForm allows the upload capacity up to 4 GB per user (varies with different plans). It allows you to upload documents, pictures or other attachments.
  • Payment option: You must choose wisely as till date TypeForm allows you to get paid only from Stripe account. If you are more concerned with payments on your online form page or having an online store then this may not suit you and you must choose another one.
  • Automated Texts: To save your time and work, you can set automatic receiving message to the registered clients/ customers on the online form. You can send confirmation emails or self-generated automatic emails at a period of time.

Coming to the Templates option, you surely get inspired what TypeForm offers you. It is simple but attractive that comes in different categories such as Forms, Lead Generations, Quizzes, Polls, Invitations, Questionnaires, and much more.

Pricing: TypeForm comes in 3 plans (including one free plan)

  • Basic plan: free (100 responses / month)
  • PRO plan: $30/ month (Unlimited responses & Unlimited fields)

  • PRO+ plan: $59/ month (Unlimited responses & Unlimited fields)

Visit TypeForm Website

Discounts are valid if you take the annual plans.

4. JotForm

JotForm is a well-renowned name in online form builder that working great since 2006. JotForm is light-weight easy to manage online form builder that provides all basic tools required by the user end. Let us check some features from this.

  • HIPAA-compliant form: Easily create HIPAA-compliant form that save the working process and time. This feature is the basically perfect choice for the recruitment process, patients appointment, and other related industry. This feature is a convenience for both ends.
  • Security: JotForm comes with high-grade 128-bit SSL encryption and secures all the information entered on the forms.
  • Accept online payments: JotForm allows to get paid with all major financial service providers such as PayPal, BluePay, Stripe, Chargify, WorldPay and many other leading payment providers.
  • Digital Signature & File upload: Easy access to create a separate block for Digital signature of every user who register on your web form. You can upload attachments of different forms as per your requirements.
  • Automate Workflow: To save time and manpower this is a most required feature that makes your workflow easier. You can set automated emails on regular basis. You can export data to PDF and automatically send them to the respective customers/clients.
  • Integration to other networks: To increase the work performance many form builder integrates to other organisations and similarly JotForm offers. It currently integrated with Salesforce and Zapier.

JotForm offers you 300+ templates in almost every category. You can browse them according to the industry or by the form time and all are easy to customize by just drag & drop option.

Pricing: JotForm comes in 4 plans (including one free plan)

  • Starter plan (free for use)
  • Bronze plan: $15.83/ month (1000 monthly submissions)
  • Silver plan: $32.50/ month (10000 monthly submissions)
  • Gold plan: $82.50/ month (10000 monthly submissions)

Visit JotForm Website

Special discounts available for annual plans.

5. FormAssembly


FormAssembly is an expensive option related to all above online form builder, still, this is in our top list because of its advanced feature which may require for better productivity and might be you are looking for. Let us have a quick look at its features.

  • Data Security: Keeping the entered data secure is the top priority of any big firm. For that FormAssembly offers EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Compliant through TrustArc. Many leading IT firms partners with FormAssembly such as Amazon, Lenovo, VOLVO, Harvard University, and much more. It also uses TLS Encryption which is industry standard encryption.
  • Integration with Google Apps: FormAssemble provides an option to send data automatically to Google Spreadsheets and publish on Google sites.
  • Customize Email notifications: You can customize the emails and set as autoresponder whenever you schedule. This includes verification generated emails, regular emails, and other such things.
  • Email marketing: You can directly contact to different email marketing services such as MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier, Gotowebinar, Pardot & Capsule CRM.

There are many other features, you can check complete detail here. Now looking for the pricing, FormAssembly comes in three plans.

  • Professional plan: $89/ month
  • Premier plan: $224/ month
  • Enterprise Cloud plan: $599/ month

Visit Website

Plans are expensive, check all the features before going for this.

Final Comments:

All above online form builders are best in ratings and we personally recommend you to go for Wufoo by SurveyMonkey. JotForm is the cheaper and best alternative to this.

I hope the information here about best online form builder helps you in selecting the best out of all.

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