Best Free Office Suite for Windows 10

Having lots of office work to do on your PC? Need to organize office work? Well, the solution is the Office Suite. Office suite makes the work easier to increase productivity. When comes for Windows 10 PC. It already has many applications bundles such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other such applications. Here we are going to list the best free office suite for Windows 10.

best free office suite for windows 10

What is Office Suite?

You are welcome to skip if you already know it. Office Suite is basically a group of different applications that makes our day-to-day task easier. Whether your work is related to graphs, charts, sheets, calculations, content writing, all you get from the Office Suite. There are many Office Suites and it becomes trouble for which we should go?

What to consider before choosing Office Suite?

The first and foremost thing is to know for what reason you require the applications. For example, if you have more calculation work then you must choose Excel-related application, or if you are having chart, graphs related work then you must check is that office suite provides you with this feature or not. We are making some points on it so that you can easily choose the right one for you.

Top 10 Free Office Suite for Windows

1.Microsoft Office

ms office

Microsoft is our primary recommendation for Office Suite. As it is officially provided by Microsoft and easily compatible with all Windows 10 version. It provides you with almost every utility tool that improve your productivity. It offers you Microsoft, Word, PowerPoint, OneCloud, OneNote, SharePoint, and many other applications. From your work to saving on cloud storage all you get it from Microsoft Office.

OneDrive is cloud storage that offers you free 5GB of free storage to save all your data in secure hands.

2. WPS Office

wps office

WPS Office is available on both free and paid version depends on your requirement. When you download a collective application on your PC, it take a major space of your PC’s storage and degrades the efficiency. WPS Office is a lightweight and modern way to work with. If you already having documents on Microsoft Office then you can integrate with it to make some extra tooling. It offers you thousands of pre-built templates, WPS Cloud service, Picture to text converter, backup solution, PDF tool and lot more.

The best part is WPS Office gives you free 20 GB of cloud storage to save your data and access it from anywhere.

3. LibreOffice


LibreOffice set a benchmark for many of its competitors. The reason being its advanced tools that make daily office work easier. With simple navigation, you can create pie-chart, graphs, bar-graph, and other diagrams that you are looking for.

LibreOffice has a Writer that gives you access to edit all kind of documents with supporting multiple languages. It has a Spreadsheet program named Calc that provides you to manage all your spreadsheet. Moreover, you can also collaborate with others to work altogether.

It has a powerful graph designing feature no matter which industry you are related to and design intuitive flowcharts.

4. G-Suite

g suite

G-Suite offers you powerful tools to work with. You can write, create templates, add graphs, edit text all with G-Suite. And along with this it also offers your 15GB free Google Drive Storage and the best thing is that you can access all of them online without downloading. This makes your PC faster and save huge space. It offers your Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Spreadsheet, Docs, Google Drive, and many other that compiled together to make a complete office utility tool.

From making a presentation to sending it to the teammates all of the things can be done from the same place. You can collaborate with other users if you have some common task to do.

G-Suite is Google products and comes with highsecurity features. All your information data is protected by Google security.



OnlyOffice is particularly designed for Enterprise edition but it can also be used for Individual use which is absolutely free. Similar to G-Suite, OnlyOffice also provides an option of Online Office suite where you can create a complex document, edit the documents, add pictures, graphs, different shapes, and lot more. It’s built-in chat offer you real-time conversation with your team members.

OnlyOffice gives you access to collaborate with others in order to make your productivity with right minded people. You can digitally sign document too. You can also collaborate all your email at a single place to access each and every notification.

6. Polaris Office

polaris office

As per the report, More than 90 million customers are using Polaris Office. You can define the popularity of Polaris Office with this huge number. The reason is the services it offers. It has ultimate compatibility to work with every format you previously used for your documents such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ODF and TXT.

Polaris Office is basically a single application that provides you with the feature of all individual applications. For example, you don’t require to install an individual application such as MS PowerPoint, Word, etc. All of them compose in a single Polaris Office Suite.

The free version has some limited feature but definitely worth for personal usage. It provides you with cloud storage, PDF editing, multi-user at real-time, Artificial intelligence for better creativity.

7. Zoho Office Suite

zoho office suite

Zoho Office suite is a complete package for Individual use. You can access Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheets, Zoho Show, and Zoho Notebook. Its Writer application provides you with a well-designed word processor platform where you can smartly work and add different automation as required in your document. Zoho Sheets is a spreadsheet that uses Artificial Intelligence to summaries and organize data collaboratively.

If your work is more related to Presentation, then Zoho Show is a perfect solution. You can create amazing presentations by adding smooth animations to make them more creative.

8. FreeOffice


FreeOffice is from a SoftMaker company that offers you free Office Suite for optimizing your work. All your basic requirements such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation covered with FreeOffice that has an intuitive interface to work with. It is somewhere similar to Microsoft applications.

FreeOffice provides you TextMaker to work with text, tables, and pictures. PlanMaker is best suited to make calculations, worksheets and charts work with no effort. Presentations provide you to add different designs, shapes, pictures to your Presentation to make it best. You can add different motion slides too.

9. SSuite Office

ssuite office

SSuite Office comes with Online Office tool and also with applications to download which is absolutely free of cost. The online Office Suite provides you Basic math spreadsheet, Text editing, Blue Velvet Word processor. The interface look old but the features are amazing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for software then there is Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Communication tools, Security tools, Financial tools.

10. Apache OpenOffice


OpenOffice is free and Open Productivity Suite that offers all basic feature that one required for office purpose. It is serving its services for 20 Years and works on all levels of business such as from home users to government. Unlike other is a single piece of software that perform all functions from the same space. You no longer require to switch to different software for different tasks.

It supports almost every language to makes the user experience better.

Our Opinion

This is the list of best free Office Suite for Windows 10. They all offer a free version but for extra features and space, you can upgrade to a paid license. Still, confused in choosing the right one for yourself? Go with G-Suite and Microsoft Office. If you are already using these Office Suite then go with the sequence we have listed.

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