Best File Sharing Software For Business Platform

Looking for best file sharing software for business? Here is a guide that provides you with a comprehensive detail of top 10 file sharing platform you can use.

Best File Sharing Software For Business

When looking specific for business purpose, we have a concern of privacy as well as the security of files, data we are sharing with business partners, team members, or clients. Also, we have to add some restrictions while sharing files with others, and lot more thing. This article keeps the privacy option at the top priority so that nothing leaks within you and your teammates.

Before further going to check the file sharing software, let us know what exactly the file sharing is and what features one must expect if looking for business purpose.

What is File Sharing software and what it offers?

File sharing is basically defined as transferring your file from one platform to another no matter how apart they are. With the use of internet technology, we can transfer any file in no time. It works similar to email service where we can instantly sent the emails and small attachments. But when we go for business purposes the file sizes are larger and there the file sharing software plays a role.

Before choosing any file-sharing software, we must check what sharing protocol it is using, and what are the security standards it works on. Secondly, the amount of free access it provides and the cost of extra upgrading storage. We are going to cover here everything.

For what Business size you are looking for?

Software comes in every business range weather you are a team of two or thousand. Depends on your requirement we have listed some of the top file sharing platform. Most of the file sharing software are in-built with cloud storage and from there you can directly share the files to other users and clients. For business, you can also collaborate with other users within or outside the organizations.

Almost all file transfer software provides you upgrading the storage but you may keep in mind about the users it allows to work with.

What is your budget to spend on business plan?

Budget is necessary for every individual to the organization. It is always recommended to pay per usage of the service. Thanks to many file sharing software that provides you customize option to pay for what you use. The more storage you require the more you have to pay.

Also, if you are looking for better security of the file transfer the for better encryption you have to pay more. Visit the site to see the complete features.

10 Best File Sharing Software for Business

1.Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is a widely used file-sharing software platform across the globe. It offers you cloud access through which you can send large files in minutes. If you are looking for business then you have to switch to the business version where you can select additional storage as per your requirements. Along with just sharing your files, you can store them on cloud storage so that your file is always in safe hands.

With migration tools and services you can easily transfer your files from your current file storage to Google Drive. When we look for security, Google stands on the top. The data you are transferring is thorough secured protocol so that your sensitive info remains personal.

2. Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive is great storage and sharing medium from Microsoft. For business advantages, you can directly use the Microsoft Office suite and directly update to OneDrive. This limited the use of storage or PC or Mac and gives you the safest platform to secure your files. You can easily share any size of files.

Microsoft OneDrive offers you to access documents offline and automatically update them while it becomes online. You can easily share and collaborate the files with others using a secure channel and along with this with Microsoft Graphs you can easily scan all the documents you have on cloud storage.

3. OneHub


When looking for customers review, many users are completely satisfied with OneHub. The basic reason is its development specific for Business purpose. Over 1 million business platform is using OneHub from all kind of industries.

Looking at its features, it is definitely one of the top recommendations for business users. It provides you quick cloud uploading, secure FTP gateway for mass uploads, customizes the workspace, best in security, collaboration with teammates, and file sharing secure links, maintaining control over the expiration date and access level, and adding a password if needed.

4. Dropbox


Dropbox is a well-known name when comes our for storage and transferring files and data. It is a widely used platform for business to enterprise level. The reason being its highest security protocols and the advanced features it offers other than just sharing files.

It follows 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption, integration with Office 365, 120 days of file recovery, Admin console and audit log, Device approvals, Domain Insights, and unlimited space as you require for a business.

5. Box


With thousands of customers success stories, Box stands out another option for best file sharing platforms. Box offers you unlimited storage with its business plan and considered as one of the reasonable services under this category. This comes with data loss protection, unlimited users, advanced admin controls, Password policy enforcement, and much more.

For Business, Box comes with 4 plans Starter, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise plan.

6. ADrive


If you are looking for the cheaper alternative of above file sharing platform then ADrive is one of the cheapest yet secure ways to store and share all your file. You can easily online share your files with other users and at a single time, it allows you to transfer up to 16GB of file instantly.

Along with this it also has recovery mode, online collaboration, apps for smartphone, editing documents online before you share, and lot more. In the customer testimonials, we have seen many satisfied users.

7. Egnyte


Egnyte provides you with tons of features that you are looking for. It allows you to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, gives you online storage, mobile access, desktop sync, FTP access and lot more.

When looking specifically for business use it provides you Public, Password-protected and Private Links, Sub-folder-level Permissions, File comments, migration tools, 256-bit AES encryption, and advanced authentication.

8. Carbonite


Carbonite basically offers you storage access with AES 128 or 256-bit encryptions but along with this, you can also share your files.

9. Jungle Disk

jungle disk

Jungle disk is cybersecurity suite that provides you with the cloud storage access to keep your data safe and secure. It meets all the security standard such as security requirements of HIPAASOC2SOC3, and PCI with Military-grade AES-256 encryption and provides you with unlimited free data transfer.

If you go for complete suite then it includes complete backup, secure password management, VPN, Firewall and content filtering.

10. eFileCabinet


Go with eFileCabinet if you require some extra tools along with storing and sharing files. This is basically a file management tool that comes with advanced sharing features. This reduces your paperwork and manages all the work online. It optimizes your files with an automated system and provides you with an intuitive workspace.

With this, you can collaborate and share files with others with a secure link and expiration date.

Final Words

Here we have discussed 10 best file sharing software for business purpose. Many of them offer limited free storage access but you need to upgrade the storage.

On our recommendation, you definitely go for Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. If you have already used it then, OneHub would be the better option. If you are willing to spend a little more the Dropbox is the top choice.

I hope you find this guide useful and chosen the best software in order to increase business productivity. For more suggestions and latest deals, follow us on FacebookTwitter.