Cloud Storage is always a secure way to secure your documents online. But when it comes to choosing the best one, then we get into trouble among many Cloud storage service providers. Many of them claim to be the best of all. But here we are going to provide you with a detailed, in-depth listing of the top best cloud storage from MacBook.

best cloud storage for mac

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is an online storage network where you can save all your documents, photos, videos, files, and every stuff. It stores your data in digital format, and you no longer require any physical storage devices.

Cloud Storage is considered one of the secure ways to store all your essential document compared with storing data on the hard drive, CD, pen drive, and other storage devices.

Most of us are already fed up with the low storage of Mac, but having the best cloud storage can manage the storage.

What are the things to be considered before choosing Cloud Storage?

You might consider some factors before considering any Cloud Storage services. The first and foremost thing is considering security, as you must see what proton of security the cloud storage follows and how it keeps your data secure. Secondly, you must check the pricing per GB of data you use if you are looking for paid services.

Advantages of Cloud Storage?

There are so many advantages of using Cloud Storage; let us have a quick look at some of them.

  • Safe and secure storage of documents
  • Pay only for the actual storage you have used
  • Easy to restore data to any device
  • Collaboration with other users online
  • Free Mac space

After briefly describing cloud storage, let us now check the best cloud storage service, providers.

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10 Best Cloud Storage Services for MacBook

1. iCloud


Apple has its cloud storage, and it is iCloud. Almost all iOS and macOS users access this on their device as it offers free 5GB of storage for your documents, files, photos, and videos. The reason for its high popularity is Apple’s security and fast and easy to access. It automatically syncs your device data to store on its cloud storage. This makes your Mac free from unnecessary consumption. But if you have set unlimited syncing of the data, you may get a shortage in Cloud storage as it only allows you to use 5 GB of free storage.

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 50GB: $0.99, 200GB: $2.99, and 2TB: $9.99

2. Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is highly popular among every user just because everyone has a Gmail address. Also, Google offers a Suite that offers comprehensive products such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and much more, with which the data automatically sync with your Google Drive. Another important thing is its security, Google Drive is considered top-notch secure cloud storage, and you must not worry about this.

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The other best thing is Google Drive offers you 15GB of free storage per email address, and you can access all G Suite with it.

Free Storage: 15GB

Pricing: 100GB: $19.99/ year, 200GB: $29.99/ year

3. Dropbox


We love it! Dropbox is easy, quick to use, and offers an industry-standard protocol for authorization. Dropbox has a strict Privacy Policy for its-third party users who allows syncing your data. Moreover, you can restore all your deleted stuff within a period of 30-days.

Dropbox allows you 2-step verification while you log in to your Dropbox account to ensure your device is on the right hand. This provides an extra layer of security to your cloud storage. Dropbox comes with Mac apps that make a convenient way to access all your storage.

Dropbox offers you an interface where you can look at the ongoing activities with your account and directly cut them off if you find some unusual things. You can also watch out the phishing and malware attacks and block them immediately.

Free Storage: 2GB

Pricing: Plus: $9.99/ month, Professional: $16.58/ month

4. pCloud


If you are looking for paid cloud storage, you must go for pCloud, which offers great security encryption. Its top features are

  • Client-side encryption
  • Zero-knowledge privacy
  • Multi-layer protection

It offers you advanced pCloud Crypto to secure your most sensitive data. It is impossible to break the protection layer. It is easy to use on Mac, and from the User Interface of pCloud, you can easily manage all your data. You can search, filter, and irrelevant trash data from cloud storage.

It is best used for Business purposes, and you can easily collaborate with your team to access particular files and other sensitive information.

You can directly share all the files with your family and friends with just a single link. And on the other end, they can easily view all the files through that link even if they don’t have a pCloud account.

Free Storage: 10GB

Pricing: 500GB: $175/ Lifetime, 2TB: $350/ Lifetime

5. Backblaze


Backblaze is another most trusted cloud storage that ex-Apple employees build. So who knows better than that? You can completely trust Backblaze about the security of your documents. Let us have a quick look at Backblaze features.

  • Superfast backup speed
  • External hard drive full backup
  • View/Restore your previous files
  • 2-Step authentication
  • SSL encrypted

Free Storage: not available

Pricing: $6/ month, $60/ year, $110/ 2-year

6. OneDrive


OneDrive is cloud storage from Microsoft. And it is by default available on all Windows PC. But you can use in on your Mac. All you need is just an account for Microsoft. If you don’t have one, then create a new one.

This also offers you great security features such as setting the expiry of the links shared with others, offline access to keep your productivity at the peak, and all your data is fully encrypted with SSL, so you need not worry about your data stored on OneDrive.

You can share and collaborate with your team member to share files and folders through the same platform. One Drive offers you 5 GB of free storage; after that, you must purchase a plan.

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 100GB: $1.99/ month

7. ownCloud


Directly looking to the ownCloud features, it allows you to securely share data with anyone, real-time data syncing, master key-based encryption, and a lot more. Security-wise it is good but only recommended for home users; for Business use, you must try other Cloud storage.

ownCloud also lets you integrate with other cloud storage such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and many others. This makes easy to transfer all your data from other storage services.

Free Storage: not available

Pricing: $14/ month

8. IDrive


IDrive is recommended for paid cloud storage service. When we dig deeper into its feature, we find that IDrive is a fantastic cloud storage service provider to work with. Let us have a look at its feature.

  • Unlimited multiple device backup
  • Real-time file syncing
  • Ransomware protection with point-in-time recovery
  • Disk Image backup
  • 256-bit AES encryption for sharing and storing
  • Easy recovery option for deleted files
  • Real-time reporting of all your data

And if you are looking for business purposes, then IDrive best suits you as it offers you a dedicated dashboard, server cloud backup, and multiple accounts for better collaboration with team members.

Now IDrive launches its Thin Client feature that provides you limited GUI and runs in the background. And with this, you can manage and back up your data through the web.

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 2TB: $52.12/ year

9. Zoolz


Zoolz is another premium cloud storage service that offers you a wide range of cloud storage depending upon the space you require. It has military-grade 256-AES encryption to secure your data with the best encryption available.

The reason that users go for Zoolz is its lifetime plan at a reasonable price. Even if you are looking for Enterprise level, Zoolz has great pricing options. Let us check some of the top-rated features, such as

  • Encrypt and decrypt files and folders for protected sharing
  • Set an expiration date for download
  • Locate every client and check their specific bandwidth usage
  • Back up an unlimited number of servers
  • Automatically restore files

Free Storage: 7GB

Pricing: 100GB: $2.99/ month, 500GB: $6.99/ month

10. Mega Cloud Storage

mega cloud storage

Mega Cloud Storage is End-to-End encryption with the keys controlled by users. It allows you to secure communication with the other members via chat and audio/video calls. Mega Cloud Storage is recommended for both personal and business use. Let us check what extra you can do with Mega Cloud Storage.

  • Secure sharing to contacts via link
  • Automatic synchronization of all your media and document
  • Backup your data instantly
  • secure communication with your team

Free Storage: up to 50GB

Pricing: 200GB: $4.99/ month , 1TB: $9.99/ month , 4TB: $19.99/ month , 8TB: $29.99/ month

Our Recommendation

This was the complete guide on the top 10 cloud storage for Mac. In our opinion, if you are looking for free cloud services, then using Google Drive is worth it as it offers 15 GB of free storage, and you can also upgrade if further storage requirements. On the other hand, IDrive and Zoolz are among our top recommendations if you are looking for business purposes. The final choice is yours.

We hope this article helped get the best out of the best. For the latest tech tutorial and online deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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