How to Delete Profile Picture in Outlook

A component of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, is a personal information management (PIM) system developed and distributed by Microsoft. Despite its name, Outlook is more than just an email client; it has a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taker, diary keeper, and web browser.

Once you’ve customized your profile photo, returning to the default avatar might be tricky.

For various reasons, including security concerns or anything else, you may want to delete your Outlook account profile image for various reasons.

Following this article, you will rapidly learn how to delete the outlook profile image in a few simple steps with pictures.

how to delete profile picture in outlook

Who can see my Outlook photo?

Everything is based on the recipient’s email service provider.

  • When sending an email from Outlook, someone who uses Gmail or Yahoo Mail may not be able to see your profile picture since they are using these services.
  • If the person receiving your message also has a Microsoft account, they may be able to view your picture.


How to Remove Profile Picture from your Outlook Account

STEP 1: Go to the Outlook website and enter your User Name and password.

Outlook Signin

STEP 2: On the upper right side of the display, tap on your existing profile image (see the below screenshot).

STEP 3: From the list that appears, choose My Profile.

Outlook My Profile

STEP 4: Now, press on the Change image and go to the next page. When it appears, press the remove button.

Outlook Remove Photo

Refresh the page, and you’ll find that you’ve successfully deleted your set profile image, which will now be displayed as a standard by Outlook.

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