There are so many antiviruses available in the marketplace, and it is always hard to find the best and lowest price.

If you’re looking for a feature-packed antivirus, Panda Security, or Panda Dome, is a good choice. In addition to the exorbitant price, the terrible user experience makes it difficult to justify the purchase.

Over 95% of my malware files were found by Panda’s antivirus scanner, which is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. Malware such as viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, and more.

With the help of Panda Dome,

In some ways, Panda Dome’s feature set works against it. In addition to the standard real-time virus monitor and malware cleanup capabilities, Panda Security has introduced a newly-added virtual private network (VPN).

Key Features of the Panda Dome include:

  • Detection and eradication of malware
  • Monitoring in real-time
  • Taking care of devices
  • Personal Firewalls for Wi-Fi Security
  • Safe Browsing Application Control
  • Virtual Keyboard Fast Support Button USB Protection Process Monitor Rescue Kit

Here we will discuss Panda security, where it is good, and what factors make it wrong. Based on my experience of using Panda Security, I will share its pros and cons that will help you decide whether to buy this product or not.

Check out the Panda security review in detail.

panda security review

Why do we need security?

As we all know, with increasing digitalization all around the world taking place, but at the same time, cyber crimes are also increasing.

So we must be proactive against all these cyber crimes by keeping our PCs up-to-date and using antivirus and VPN services.

People and organizations’ most common threats are phishing scams, online threats, and more. So it becomes crucial to have a good antivirus program.

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Why do I like Panda security?

There are some critical factors for which I recommend Panda security, such as its substantial protection against online threats, which is the primary concern for everyone.

Some features such as firewalls, safe browsers, email security, and parental controls make Panda security among the top antivirus available on the market.

One more thing, it is available for all devices such as Android, Mac, and Windows.

Panda Security Reviews

Here we will see all the essential features of Panda security individually.

Parental control is best available in some antivirus software companies, and Panda Security is among them; this feature enables you to track your children and what they are browsing on the internet and easily restrict unwanted websites.

panda safe browsing
  • Pricing

Panda Security is quite decent in terms of pricing. The essential protection starts at $35.99, comparatively less than all other security software.

But if you want more security features, the prices are based on the additional features.

  • Identity protection

With the inbuilt features of identity protection in Panda security, you will remain safe every time against online fraud. Panda Security protects your identity during online transactions, online login credentials, and more.

So, in terms of online identity protection, Panda security remains a good option with its decent price value. I recommend you go for it.

This feature of PC Tuneup is impressive and improves PC performance a lot. This feature allows you to run programs faster than ever.

panda pc tuneup
  • Anti-spam filters

The anti-spam feature lets you keep your inbox free of junk emails, improving your PC performance.

  • Firewall Protection

As this feature works efficiently and is available for Panda Ultrabook Protection, you can easily prevent access to the networks you don’t find safe.

Whenever you enter an unknown network, the pop-up warning will display and ask for your permission to enter this network or not. This is one of the best features I like for Panda security.

panda firewall
  • Backup files

Whatever you find essential in your system, you can easily backup all your important files, pictures, and documents.

The backup feature is available for the Panda Ultrabook, which costs slightly more than the basic version.

But this feature is unique, and only some of the best antivirus companies have this feature, so Panda Security is a good option if you want this feature.

panda cloud drive

This is the unique feature of Panda security, as with Panda Ultrabook Protection, you can access your PC by connecting it from anywhere around the world. This feature makes Panda Security one of the best antivirus programs.

One more feature in this is a guest invitation. As a result, if you are facing any problems with your PC, this featured guest can access your computer remotely without using your PC.

I recommend you Panda security for this unique feature.

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  • Customer service

Based on my experience, I must say customer service is good. I could not locate something, so I moved to customer care. Luckily, I got a response within 10 minutes.

It was a great experience, and they solved my issue with proper guidance. It may take longer to wait, but it was pretty good and entirely satisfactory in my case.

  • Blocking unknown agents

With the unique feature of TruPrevent technology, you can easily block unknown agents such as spyware, malware protection, and phishing threats.

In terms of blocking unknown agents and securing you against phishing agents, Panda security is a good option.

These are some of the main features of Panda security. I hope this makes you decide whether to go for Panda security or not.

Final comments

I must say Panda security is a good option and works well. I recommend you for all the above features; you have to buy Panda premium protection, which makes your PC completely protected against all online threats.

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