The all-new Skylum Luminar AI was introduced on the 3rd of Sep with essential features, mechanism and based on this; we are reviewing Luminar AI today.

We have tested all-new Luminar AI for a month and concluded its advantages, drawbacks and much more in between.

luminar ai review

The best thing about this newly released version is Artificial Intelligence. Earlier, in Luminar 4, we have seen most of the features come with AI technology, and now the complete software is based on AI.

This means you get effortless photo editing.

Preorder time is over, and Luminar AI is available in different bundle plans.

What’s new in Luminar AI?

Luminar AI is the world’s first automated photo editing software, and yes, it is fully automatic. (Might be there will be PRO features that gives you access to customize changes manually).

We have already tested some of the most challenging AI tasks from Luminar 4, and definitely, the results were excellent now; after the year of the launch of Luminar AI, we can guess how effective it would be.

What tools you get in Luminar AI?

Since it is fully working with AI, you must still know what Luminar AI offers you.

review luminar ai

Some of the previous tools such as AI Sky Enhancer, AI Structure, AI Skin Enhance are already retained in the new version, and so many more are added to make any type of shot effortless.

For outdoor photography

Talking about outdoor photography, we are considering landscape photography. So let us check out what you get.

  • Atmosphere AI: It adds realistic atmosphere effects now with 3-dimensional depth. This means from every aspect, the Atmosphere matches your picture with the combination of mist, haze, drizzle, steam.
  • Structure AI: Intelligently detects every structure on the picture and edit it accordingly. It easily differentiates people, sky, water, and objects.
  • Sky AI: Fith few click, the sky gets completely changed according to the mood. It has a different sky looks.
  • Color Harmony: For perfect finishing, it adjusts the colour refinements to make it completely realistic.
  • Super Contrast: Detailing is must in outdoor photography, and this super contrast feature adds details to precision with different parameters.

For indoor photography

When it comes to indoor photography, we talk about portrait photography. Luminar AI has so many advanced features in terms of portrait photography. If you have Luminar 4, you know about that.

Some tools are added in Luminar AI; let us check some of them

  • Body AI: This makes your body lighter or heavier depends on requirements. If you are skinny, you can add body size and if you are too fat, you can slim it (but only in pictures mot in real).
  • Face AI: Most of the effects are taken from the previous version like skin defect removal, lip saturation, eyebrow improvement, face slim, removing dark circles, teeth whitening, and much more.
  • Iris AI: Create expressive and breathtaking eyes, with a natural spark that brings a face to life.
  • Skin AI: Instantly remove blemishes while preserving pores, texture and hair.
  • Accent AI: Get natural lighting and life-like colour for every portrait with a single “magic” slider.

What Else in Luminar AI?

This review was initially published when only the assumptions were made, and now the all-new Luminar AI is finally here.

It is almost impossible to define a product on one single page. Whatever Skylum claims about it working, I must say, it is more than that. We recommend you test it with a free trial.

If you like then go with it.

There are different bundle packs, don’t forget to grab the latest discount on all plans.

FAQs for Luminar AI

⭐️ Is Luminar AI worth?

Luminar is not new in photo editing software. It has a renowned name in this field, and we say Luminar AI is worth it. This is the world’s first entirely AI photo editing software.

⭐️ Can I upgrade to Luminar AI from Luminar 4?

Yes, if you have Luminar 4, you only get the latest version at $69. Upgrade now for the best discount.

⭐️ How much I can save on Luminar AI?

For the new users, the further license discount is $20, and for the existing customer, the value is $30.

⭐️ Is there any free trial for Luminar AI?

Yes, Luminar AI comes with a free trial, and you can access all features.

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