When a channel meets a certain set of criteria, YouTube allows it to define a personalised URL.

With a little bit of effort, you can get yourself a personalised URL for your YouTube channel if you’ve been running it for a long.

For example, your current URL may be deleted and replaced with a new one, so long as you haven’t previously.

The URLs of YouTube channels may be changed at any time. However, this wasn’t always the case. It took YouTube a long time to allow channels to make changes to their URLs after they had done so.

In other cases, we don’t anticipate the long-term success of our internet business and stick with the company name we originally chose, just to change our minds thereafter. Here, we’ll discuss the YouTube channel’s name and URL. If you follow the correct protocol, changing the name and URL of your YouTube channel is a cinch.

This feature can only be used until your YouTube account has been authenticated. Otherwise, it’s a lengthy and sometimes difficult process.

change youtube channel name

When we launch a YouTube channel, we often choose a random name or a certain year as our username. In the example of techgeek77, for example, you may change the name of your channel without having to create a new one. This service is provided by YouTube. Because starting again with a new channel involves significant time and work, you risk losing all of your existing subscribers and viewers.

Who Is Qualified to Have a Custom YouTube URL?

As a result of the Google-YouTube merger, consumers now have more options for personalising their accounts.

The option to choose a personalised URL for your YouTube channel is one of the most underappreciated advantages they offered.

Customizing your YouTube URL will allow you to better express who you are and what you stand for.

In order to proceed, you must first ensure that you are able to alter your existing URL.

Before altering the URL of a freshly formed Google account, it must first gather followers and generate a new channel icon.

Change the Name and URL of Your YouTube Channel

How to change the YouTube Channel Name?

1: Log in to your YouTube account using the email address you’d want to use as your new Username.

2: Select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your logo in the upper right corner.


3: Then, under Your YouTube channel, go to “View or change your Google Account settings” and make the necessary changes.

NOTE: Renaming a YouTube channel also renames any related Gmail accounts.

view or change

4: You will redirected to About me page from Google. Enter the new name that you want and click OK.

enter the new name

Check the name of your channel on YouTube by refreshing the page. I’m hoping for a new name. You may alter the name of your YouTube channel without losing followers by doing it this manner.

Now let us check how to change the URL and make the custom URL.

How to change YouTube URL?

In order to make your channel seem more polished, YouTube now enables you to choose a custom URL, such as youtube.com/yourcustomname. To utilise a custom URL, just follow these easy instructions.

NOTE: You can not set the URL immediately but you can claim the custom URL and the YouTube team review it, after that you might get the URL you have requested. To claim custom URL you must fullfill following requirements:

  • At least 100 Subscribers
  • Channel must be minimum 30 days old
  • Channel having a logo
  • Have uploaded channel art

Steps to follow if you satisfy the following conditions, otherwise accomplish them first and then proceed.

1: The first thing to do is open your YouTube page and touch on the icon (your logo). Then pick Settings from the drop-down menu.

2: From the choices on the left, choose Advanced Settings.

advanced settings

3: What do you see here? Custom URLs are available in Channel Settings. You may go to it by clicking on the link right next to it.

create custom url

NOTE: Only those who are eligible and match the aforementioned criteria will be shown this link.

4: You can’t modify the URL in the grey area, but you can add some letters/alphabets to make it stand out. Once you’ve read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, click CONFIRM.

NOTE: Makesure you are well decided the name and URL you have put as after submitting successfully you can not change it again.


To be able to alter the URL, you must have 100 subscribers, a profile photo, and a banner image on your website.Before altering the URL of a newly created account, it must have been active for 30 days.

Once you’ve met the prerequisites, you’ll need to join into YouTube Studio to begin working on your project.In addition to seeing your URL, you’ll be able to remove the old one and pick a new one from the alternatives offered by your platform from the basic information page.

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