How to Change YouTube Channel Name and Add Custom URL?

Sometimes we are not aware of the future upcoming of our online business and we keep the name of our business name as usual and afterward when it runs successfully then we regret about the name we have given to it. Here we are going to talk about the YouTube channel name and its URL. If you follow proper steps then the procedure becomes really easy to change the YouTube channel name and URL. This option only works until your YouTube is not verified. Otherwise, the procedure is complex and sometimes impossible.

change youtube channel name

Many a time when we start a YouTube channel we keep a random name or favouring a particular year. For instance, you have named your channel something like besttips2017 which only hits 2017, but when channel become running and you wish some better name without creating a new channel then YouTube allows this service. As creating new channel again require lots of efforts and you lose all your Subscribers and audience.

Easy Ways to Change YouTube Channel Name & URL

How to change the YouTube Channel Name?

1: Open YouTube and login with the email you wish to change the Username.

2: On the top right corner, click on your logo and select Settings from the list.

youtube settings

3: Now click on Edit on Google under Your YouTube channel.

NOTE: Changing the YouTube channel name also changes the name from all Gmail linked accounts such as Google+ and others.

edit on google

4: You will redirected to About me page from Google. Enter the new name that you want and click OK.

change name

Refresh your YouTube homepage and check the name. Hope the new name appears. This way you change YouTube channel name without losing subscribers.

Now let us check how to change the URL and make the custom URL.

How to change YouTube URL?

Now YouTube allows to set custom URL, for example, and this makes the channel more attractive and appears as professional. Follow some simple steps to use a custom URL.

NOTE: You can not set the URL immediately but you can claim the custom URL and the YouTube team review it, after that you might get the URL you have requested. To claim custom URL you must fullfill following requirements:

  • At least 100 Subscribers
  • Channel must be minimum 30 days old
  • Channel having a logo
  • Have uploaded channel art

If you meet following requirements then follow the steps below otherwise complete them and then follow.

1: Open your YouTube page and tap on icon (your logo) and select Settings option from the list.

2: Click on Advanced Settings from the left menus.

youtube advanced settings

3: Here you see You’re eligible for a custom URL under Channel Settings. Click on the link next to it.

create custom url

NOTE: You will only see this link if you are eligible and meet all the above-mentioned requirements.

4: Now your current URL displays and you can not change the part of URL written in the grey box but add some letters/alphabet to make it unique. Click CONFIRM after checking Terms & Conditions.

NOTE: Makesure you are well decided the name and URL you have put as after submitting successfully you can not change it again.

I hope you find this tutorial on How to change your YouTube channel name and URL and found no difficulty in following all the above steps. If still, you faced any problem, let us know in the comment section and we are always ready to help you!

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