How to Hard Reset Android Phone

how to hard reset android phone

You’re having trouble remembering the password to your Android phone since it’s operating sluggishly or even freezing. You’ve hit the jackpot! 

A hard reset, also known as an alternate reset, is a powerful tool that may be used to restore the device to its factory settings.

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How to Download Viki Videos with Subtitles

how to download viki videos with subtitles

Viki is a video-streaming service that provides access to television shows and movies from across the globe. Thanks to a committed community of users, many episodes and films from across the world are accessible, with subtitles in more than 200 different languages.

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How to Edit EPS File in Photoshop

how to edit eps file in photoshop

Several people have used the term “it’s photoshopped” to describe the image. If you’re in the creative sectors, such as designers, photographers, art directors, and the like, then you’re probably accustomed to hearing stuff like this regularly.

Although you may not anticipate working in the area of graphic arts in the foreseeable future, you should be acquainted with Photoshop nevertheless.

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How to Remove Watermark from Protected PDF

how to remove watermark from protected pdf

Personalizing or labeling the PDF with a watermark logo is a common feature usage.

Watermarking a document is a practical approach to guard against unauthorized access to the contents, but some readers may find it inconvenient since the watermark may fill the whole page.

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