How to Close Unresponsive Apps on Chromebook

close apps on chromebook

On a Chromebook, How do you force applications to close?

When things go wrong with Windows, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the Task Manager.

You may look into the cause and terminate any unresponsive programs; on a Mac, Command-Option-Escape brings up the Forcibly Quit Applications window when anything goes wrong.

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How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Chrome

how to clear cache and cookies on chrome

Getting rid of unnecessary cookies, caches, & records in Google Chrome is time-consuming and requires patience. When we are browsing the internet, a great deal of information is kept in caches and cookies by Google Chrome, one of the most popular internet browsers.

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How to Make Apps Start on Startup Windows 11

how to make apps start on startup windows 11

The laws of computers are straightforward: the more programs you install on your machine, the longer it will take for Windows to boot up. Why?

The majority of Windows programs automatically add them to the list of starting applications, which means that when you boot your system, startup applications will immediately start with it.

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