Disclosure: This is fully my honest, unbiased experience while writing Virtual Shield VPN Review. As according to our test we disclose everything on the basis of what we experienced.
Testing period: 1 month

virtual shield review

VirtualShield VPN Quick Review

LOG FILES:No Logging
LOCATIONS:12 countries
SERVERS:19+ Servers
NETFLIX:Works Great
OFFICIAL WEBSITE:www.virtualshield.com

Nowadays VPN services are not restrained just to those who use public WiFi network. In fact, many users now use VPN for entertainment.

There are many streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and to use them, there are some restrictions in different countries.

So it is a matter of spending money on VPN service so we must be fully assure that is this VPN services really worth? Or Is there any other best alternative for this?

Looking for all these questions, we have made a conclusion after complete Virtual shield review.

It is always recommended to use VPN services if you travel much, or you use public WiFi in coffee shops, airports, or other public areas. Much open WiFi is available only for these means so you must be aware of all these.

Let us review VirtualShield VPN to let you everything about this VPN.

There is a lot of hunger for cybercriminals to grab all your information. Every possible method they try to collect the data you are accessing. So it becomes really important to stay proactive every time.

Recently it has been noticed various cybercrimes has taken places over public WiFi usage, online shopping. So this is really important to protect your data and privacy.

About VirtualShield

VirtualShield VPN is currently new in the market and still growing its market. There is not much information provided on the official website of VirtualShield VPN.

virtualshield features

Still, we collected some data from online chats, online forums to provide you with a more accurate picture.

While they are headquartered in Los Angeles, VirtualShield also develops and launches its own proprietary software to compliment it’s VPN service including “IdentiSafe”, the anti-spy application that blocks webcam and audio microphone from unwanted spying.

VirtualShield VPN services support all major platform

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android

Pros of Using VirtualShield VPN


Virtual shield offers the IdentiSafe feature that secures by blocking your webcam, microphones, prevent tracking, and lot more. Although these features are already present in top VPN service providers such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish.


Looking for a price, VirtualShield is not so expensive when we look to the features it offers. It comes with different plans and pricing, you can choose the plan as per you requirement.

VirtualShield pricing

The plus point for purchasing VirtualShield right now is, a special discount code offered by VirtualShield sales team.


For Personal & FamilyFor Business
Personal PlanBusiness Plan
Family PlanEnterprise Plan


Similar to all other VPN services, VirtualShield offers you advanced protection in terms of encryption. It encrypts all your personal data when you use the internet.

This let you to stay safe from any unwanted activity from the strangers. This mean, you are in safe hands if you use VirtualShield.

Speed Test

We have tested almost every top rated VPN services and we can better understand which is better in term of speed.

The results are amazing. We have tested it across different countries and we haven’t find any errors or connection delays. So you can definitely trust when it comes to the speed.

Free Trial

It is always a nice idea to start using any service with its free trial. We can better understand it by self testing. It comes with free 30 days trial period to test with all features enabled.

Definitely you must try if for free first before actual purchasing it.

Customer Support

VirtualShield has one of the best User Interface platform so far we have seen in any of the VPN service. It is easy to use and every features are easy to access.

Still, if there is any problem, you can directly contact the customer support. Just to make this review, we tried contacting customer support. They replied us within an hour with great support.

Cons of Using VirtualShield VPN

There is a bad side too for everything. When looking for a purchase we have to see both sides to make sure whether it meets our requirements or not.

Limited Countries & Servers

This could be one of the drawbacks of using VirtualShield VPN. Some of the widely used countries are still available such as (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, India, Japan & Serbia) and they have about 19 servers.

Since this VPN is new in the market, having less available countries and servers. Still, all major countries are available. Comparatively, ExpressVPN offers about 100 countries having many servers.

DNS, IPv4, and IPv6 Leaks

In our test, we found the major concern is DNS leak. As DNS is directly concerned with your privacy. Sending data to DNS queries over insecure links instead of using the VPN connection.

Do I recommend VirtualShield VPN?

Overall VirtualShield is one of the best VPN service offering multiple plans. When looking for pricing, they have different options. We are satisfied with most of the features it offers but the final decision is up to you.

Definitely, you must go with VirtualShield VPN and hopefully, it satisfies you completely.

I hope you like this information about Virtual Shield VPN review useful and made your final decision to go for this or not.

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