How to Manage Documents in Word?

manage documents in word

You’ve been working on a manuscript for hours when your computer suddenly fails. Tons of words, long working hours: it was all gone in the blink of an eye.  Sadly, this situation may happen while composing or modifying a Word Document, mainly if you haven’t … Read more

How to Lock Notes on a MacBook?

how to lock notes on macbook

Making a top-secret present list for a birthday or Christmas, keeping a journal you wish to keep closed, or working on a top-secret document for work are all possibilities. You may lock a file in Notes so that it needs a password to open it.

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How to Mass Delete Emails on Gmail

how to mass delete emails on gmail

It’s critical to keep an eye on your Gmail inbox. You must be able to locate and reply to crucial communications immediately. However, you won’t be able to do so if your Gmail account is overflowing with messages.

To fix the issue, you’ll need to figure out how to remove emails from Gmail.

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How to Delete a Page in Word?

how to delete a page in word

If you’re utilizing Microsoft Word, you may not want empty pages amid your work or excess columns at the closing.

Tables, repeatedly pressing the ENTER key, superfluous section breaks, inadvertent page breaks, additional paragraph markers, and other factors may result in excess pages.

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How to Disable Siri on iPhone & iPad?

how to disable siri on iphone

Whether you have an Apple device, you’ve probably accidentally activated Siri at a certain point. Although Apple’s virtual assistant has several useful functions and can do a lot more today than before (especially with the addition of Siri Shortcuts), not everybody wants to converse with an inanimate object.

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