You might have had many Facebook friends, yet a few of them may irritate you. Perhaps you don’t agree with their views, or your real-life friendship has deteriorated. In any case, you should discontinue your Facebook relationship.

how to hide a friend on facebook

There are various alternatives available to you. You can either hide or unfollow someone’s postings, which means you’ll still be “friends” but won’t see their updates in your News Feed.

You may also snooze somebody’s posts for 30 days. Blocking someone so they can’t view your posts or contact with you, or unfriending somebody completely, which means the Facebook relationship is gone, are more severe measures.

You would no longer be able to read each other’s postings or interact until you settle and re-add each other.

If you want to take action against any of your Facebook pals, here’s how to unfriend, unfollow, or hide them.

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How to Make Friends List Private on Facebook

If You Hide Facebook Friends, What Happens?

If you choose to make your Friends list just visible to you (Only me), both buddies & non-friends will still be able to view any common friends you have in your profile’s Friends section. Only friends with whom you have a common friend are shown. The rest is concealed.

So, why do you want to keep your Facebook pals list secretive?

The primary reason a person could need to conceal his loved ones is for personal reasons. However, you may choose to hide your Facebook friend to prevent conflict among connections who may dislike one another.

Hide your Friends on FB from the rest of the world

If you don’t want anybody to know who your Facebook buddies are, follow this approach. You may easily adjust your privacy settings to ensure that only you have access to your friend’s list. Follow the appropriate steps to accomplish this:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account and tap on your name in the upper-left corner to get to your profile page.
  • By selecting the Friends option, you may access your friend’s list.
friends list
  • Click the pencil symbol in the upper-right corner of the Friends page, then Edit Privacy.
edit privacy facebook
  • Hit the down button sign on the top side of the pop-up screen. There are various options for “Who can access your friend’s list. If you choose Only me, no one else on your list of friends will be able to view you.
select fb audience
  • To save your changes, click Done.

As previously said, this will fully conceal your Facebook friends list from everyone. Mutual friends will be the only information that other individuals will be able to view.

However, keep in mind that you can manage your profile similarly that your friends manage theirs. That means that even if your friend’s list is set to Only Me and your friend’s list is set to Public, folks will continue to see that you and your buddy are friends on their profile.

Conceal One Facebook Friend From Others 

If the first option is too extreme for you and you don’t want to hide your Facebook friends from everyone, there is another alternative.

Currently, there is no way to restrict two individuals from viewing each other while still allowing them to view all of your other friends on Facebook. The only way to do this is to deny those two people access to your Friends on social media.

If you wish to keep one of your Facebook friends hidden from another for any reason, do the following:

  • Steps 1 through 3 of the procedure are to be followed.
  • Hit the downward arrow button in the Edit privacy window once again. Choose Custom just this time.
custom fb audience
  • Don’t share within the Custom privacy box and input the name of both of your acquaintances you wish to keep hidden from each other. If it’s only one individual you don’t want to see your Facebook friends, you can write their name in there.

How to Disguise People on Fb from a Smartphone

You can adjust the privacy controls for your friend’s list on Facebook from your smartphone, and it’s pretty similar to what you can do on the computer. This strategy may be a fast option if you wish to increase your privacy while on the road. The steps below will show you how to conceal friends on Facebook from a smartphone.

  • Locate the 3 distinct dots in the app and click them to reveal the options. Now, when on the Facebook main page, press the menu. Depending on your smartphone, you may locate this button in various places.
  • Select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the display.
settings & privacy
  • Choose the choice for Settings.
  • Look for the section under Privacy.
  • Select Privacy Settings from the menu.
  • Check the box next to Who can view your friend’s list?
  • Only me should be selected instead of the existing configuration.

There is no need to modify the smartphone edition of the application. When you pick the option, the program will do it automatically.

If you have an iPhone and wish to conceal Facebook friends, follow the instructions above.

Is it possible to hide Facebook mutual friends?

No, that is not the case. On Facebook, the label Mutual Friends is a feature that you cannot modify. While you have control over your Facebook friend list, you cannot conceal common friends from anybody.

If you’re a Facebook member, you may be interested in learning how to hide your friend list from others. We explained how to do so in the preceding paragraphs, whether you use a desktop or mobile app to log in to your Facebook account.

However, although there are several alternatives for keeping information private on social media, they are not without danger.

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