Since its launch in 2004, the social networking site Facebook has been used by millions of people all over the globe, and its popularity continues to rise.

It was one of the first social networking sites to enter the market, and it continues to gain in popularity.

how to get birthday notifications on facebook

Aside from being a convenient means to stay in touch with friends and family who reside all over the globe, the internet has also grown into a valuable tool for discovering long-lost acquaintances and classmates from our school days.

As a result, most of us have many Facebook friends with whom we don’t speak daily but with whom we may wish them a happy birthday or other special occasions on the social networking platform.

Unfortunately for us, Facebook has the potential of sending out an alert in the event of anything like this happening. Unfortunately, it is conceivable that we do not have this notice enabled or that it has been disabled for an unexplained reason, which would be unfortunate for you.

To save time, Facebook automatically sends birthday wishes to everyone on your friend list, which is a valuable feature. To take advantage of this feature, many people, many of whom are not even your friends, flood your chat app and Facebook wall, making it impossible to thank everyone personally.

The problem is exacerbated when you get birthday notifications for persons on your list. In many cases, you do not want to welcome them on their special day personally, nor do you want to overload your notifications bar with such messages.

Users may quickly and easily find out the birthdays of people who are friends with one another on Facebook’s application by accessing a single page that has the birthdays of all of their Facebook friends. You may discover who of your friends is having a birthday today or who will be celebrating a birthday shortly due to your search.

It’s easy to get concerned about forgetting an important date or a friend’s birthday on Facebook, which has a feature that informs users of whose birthday it is on any given day. Nothing more complicated than setting up a Google Calendar event for your Facebook birthday.

How to Get Birthday Reminders on Facebook

Simple enough to turn on and off, even for a novice user

Although Facebook telling you of your friends’ birthdays is beneficial, the service also sends you notifications has caused some users to find the tool a little unpleasant. After all, many of our social media buddies aren’t the kind of people who are so vital that you need your phone to ring when someone’s birthday comes around.

The Birthday Reminder feature on the Facebook website may be activated or removed.

  • Using a web browser, log into your Facebook account to see what friends you have.
  • The drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the screen allows you to choose the Settings option.
facebook settings
  • Notifications may be found in the left-hand sidebar of the Settings window on the left.
birthday notifications
  • Then, from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, choose the option “On Facebook” to continue.
  • You should take note of the phrase Birthdays, which appears under the title Things You Get Alerted About. By choosing On/Off from the drop-down menu, you may turn on or turn off the light in your room.
receive notifications for birthday

Congratulations, you have successfully turned on or off Facebook birthday reminder notifications. On all devices that have access to this profile, this setting will be applied to the profile in its entirety. Consequently, there is no need to re-configure it, especially for the application.

Set up a Facebook birthday reminder notice on your iPhone or Android smartphone to remind you of your birthday.

Show the technique via photographs taken from the iOS application to explain the steps:

  • Begin by launching the Facebook application on your smartphone and choosing the Menu option (the hamburger sign) in the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Settings, followed by Account Options, to access the account options.
  • Make your selection from the drop-down option, Notifications.
facebook settings on phone
  • Birthdays may be selected from the drop-down menu under the What Notifications You Get heading.
  • The option next to “Get notifications” may be checked or unchecked.
receive notification for birthday

Said, that’s the whole story! You will now get notifications whenever someone on your Facebook friends list celebrates a birthday shortly!

It’s important to remember that you will only get the message if they haven’t hidden their birthday from you or your friends. It is concealed by users to maintain the secrecy of their Facebook profiles.

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