OneDrive lets you access your files from any internet-connected device. Automatic cloud-to-local file syncing is enabled by default when you install and set up OneDrive on a Windows PC. Your local files are synced with OneDrive whenever you create or save them, and your online files are mirrored whenever you make changes.

This function aims to make it easy and comfortable for users to access and edit their files from any device. If you save a file on your computer and then want to access it from your mobile device, you may use the OneDrive app.

On the other hand, individuals limited by their local storage or concerned about their privacy may not want their data automatically synchronized. In this scenario, you may stop automatic synchronization by following the instructions in the preceding answer.

You should disable OneDrive’s auto-sync feature on your Windows PC for a few reasons.

Reduce data use

Turn off automatic synchronization if you need more space on your local storage device. If your smartphone has little storage space, this is extremely helpful.

Discretion bolstered

If you’re concerned about data security, disable automatic synchronization. This is because your data will not be physically present on your computer.

Enhanced efficiency

An automatic sync may slow down your computer since it uses system resources. You may boost your computer’s efficiency by turning off automatic synchronization.

More command

Disable automatic synchronization to control local file storage. You have greater control over your information since you can choose which to download and when.

Follow these instructions to prevent OneDrive from storing files automatically on your Windows machine:

  • OneDrive’s system tray icon (bottom right corner) opens the menu.
  •  Select “Settings” by clicking the “More” button (the menu icon with three dots).
  •  Select the “Account” sub-menu in the “Settings” menu.
  •  Uncheck the option labeled “Save space and download files as you use them” in the “Files On-Demand” section.
  •  Select “OK” to commit the changes.

By disabling automatic downloads, you may save space on your hard drive and simplify the data stored locally by OneDrive.

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