How to Hide Shared Posts on Facebook

how to hide shared posts on facebook

It is straightforward to hide or delete the pages you have shared on your Facebook, but you are not following proper steps, then it may take a longer time to get the solution.

The shared posts will be listed on your timeline when others see this. You might not feel good letting your post be seen by strangers or people who are not on your friend list.

In this tutorial, you can easily hide the Facebook page you have shared on your Facebook timeline.

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How to Change Outlook Password

how to change outlook password

In this tutorial, you will quickly learn to change Outlook passwords. Sometimes, you need to vary your password due to some security reasons, but if you don’t know how to change it, you are in the right place.

I recommend everyone to keep changing passwords regularly to have safe access to your data and prevent your emails from prying eyes.

Follow some below easy steps with screenshots by which you can easily change your password.

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How to Delete Profile Picture in Outlook

how to delete profile picture in outlook

Once you’ve customized your profile photo, it might be tough to go back to the default avatar.

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to delete your Outlook account profile image, including security concerns or anything else.
You will rapidly learn how to delete the outlook profile image in a few simple steps with pictures by following this article.

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How to Change Outlook Profile Picture

change outlook profile picture

Adding your profile picture in your account looks quite attractive and helps others to recognize you easily.

But if there is a problem to change your profile picture in your Outlook account then you are in right place. Here in this tutorial, you will easily learn to add/ change Outlook profile picture.

Just follow some below simple steps with screenshots.

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How to Add or Create Mail Signature on your iPhone

add signature to mail in iPhone

Adding your signature at the end of every email looks quite attractive, more professional.

When it comes out for iPhone you may notice that at the end it is written as Sent from my iPhone which is set by default for apple device users but you can change this boring tag.

You can customize according to your specification, your own details, company name and lot more.

Moreover by having a signature you need not write again and again after every email, once you set signature it automatically attaches at the end of every email.

Follow some of the simple steps to add or create mail signature on your iPhone.

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How To Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail

How To Transfer Emails From Yahoo to Gmail

Nowadays, Gmail is immensely more popular than all other emailing sites such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and much more.

The reason behind the popularity of Gmail is that you can access almost everything without having individual accounts for different websites.

You can easily register yourself using a Google account. For these reasons, you must need Gmail and have all your contacts in Gmail from all other emailing sites.

This tutorial will quickly learn to export yahoo mail contacts to your Gmail account.

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How To Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails

how to recover deleted yahoo emails

You can quickly recover your deleted emails from your Yahoo mail account. If, by mistake, you have deleted some of your essential emails, then you are troubling for getting them back in your inbox.

Here we have the solution; you need to follow some quick tips to get your emails back.

In this tutorial, you will see two different methods to retrieve deleted Yahoo emails. If you found no emails in the trash folder, skip the first method.

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How To Change iPhone Brightness

how to change iphone brightness

It is pretty easy to make any changes to your iPhone, but you need the proper guidance for this. You came to the right place if you are facing any problem to increase/decrease iPhone brightness.

In this tutorial, you will see complete step-by-step (with screenshots) to change your iPhone’s brightness.

It is essential to have an optimum screen brightness of your iPhone as it saves your iPhone’s battery, and more brightness causes eye problems.

Follow below simple steps below to increase/decrease your iPhone’s brightness.

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