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Award-winning education, corporate, and organization and planning applications and programs are published and developed by Individual Software, a market leader in the software industry.

The company has given important computer education and advancement services to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and professional centers, empowering millions of personal computers at home, school, and workplace to achieve their full potential.

Individual Software is a personally owned firm with its headquarters in Livermore, California. The business was founded in 1981.

High-quality, reasonably priced Software is essential to the success of individuals, organizations, and society since it serves as a tool for learning, teaching, skill building, and career advancement.

Over a hundred programs, mobile applications, and online services attest to Individual Software’s dedication to cutting-edge, top-quality, and exceptional value. Industry groups, media outlets, resellers, and distributors have recognized Individual Software’s desktop software and web-based solutions.


Individual Software was founded in 1981, and since then, they have produced some of the best apps for use in schools, businesses, and private lives.

The creator, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Individual Software, Jo-L Hendrickson, saw that individuals were keen to learn and fully use the personal computer’s capability.

Hendrickson, seeing the need for fundamental computer knowledge and instruction, oversaw the creation of PC Instructor, the pioneering PC-based instructional program.

The next decade was a period of rapid expansion for the firm, largely thanks to succeeding products like the Professor Lectures series and Typing Tutor.

The New York Times called ResumeMaker, the cornerstone of Individual Software’s organization and planning line of products, a “blockbuster” in 1989, prompting the CompanyCompany to branch out into commercial productivity apps.

AnyTime Organizer, the best-selling desktop organizer, and Family Tree Heritage, a famous genealogy application, were released by Individual Software in 1992.


Business Planning & Tools

If you’re an entrepreneur or company owner looking to create a new venture or expand an existing one, Biz & Office Tools Pro has everything you need to succeed.

Get up to 5 employee licenses to Intuit QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office 365, and Windows 10 Pro with access to legal forms and contracts.

Take your CompanyCompany to new heights with the help of Ad Creator, Logo Creator, Office Ready, and High Impact Email’s professionally designed marketing and advertising templates.

Instruction in Using Computers

When it comes to learning how to use popular Software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, or Intuit QuickBooks, nobody does it better than Professor Teaches.

Professor Teaches provides a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum for more than sixty different titles, with appropriate external from introductory to expert levels and hundreds of hands-on activities to foster rapid skill development.

Users get hands-on experience right away, significantly boosting productivity compared to learning from a video or classroom.

Easy Language 

English, Spanish, French, and German are all available in the Easy Language line of Software. This is the only language-learning series that allows for as much customization and can better meet your demands.

When it comes to total immersion, the Easy Language books are unrivaled. With adaptive immersion training, you’ll be placed in authentic contexts where you may practice speaking with locals, speeding up your language acquisition.

Genealogy & Family Trees

To unearth the rich and intriguing family tales and protect their history for future generations, we give family historians all the tools to gather data about their relatives and create their trees.

The most incredible genealogical database in the world is now at your fingertips with Family Tree Heritage, and you can use it for FREE! The database may be searched with a single mouse click.

This modern application provides all the tools a genealogist might want to explore, document, and share their family tree.

Interior and Landscape Architecture

Homeowners may quickly and easily envision renovation and landscaping projects with the help of Total 3D Home and Landscape Design solutions.

The photo-realistic renderings of house renovations bring the user’s creative vision alive. It has everything they need to create their ideal home and yard, whether just updating a single room or a whole house.

Personal Organizer

Regarding personal organizers, AnyTime Organizer and Organizer Pro are the most user-friendly options for consumers and businesspeople.

Whether in the workplace, at the house, or on the move, these organizers provide everything busy workers and household office customers need to stay on top of their calendars, to-do lists, contacts, costs, and notes.

Resume & Career Development

ResumeMaker is the best-selling application for improving one’s professional profile and finding new employment on desktop computers running Windows or Mac OS, iPad, Android devices, or the Kindle Fire.

The ResumeMaker On-the-Go Application is only one of the many powerful tools available in the ResumeMaker and CV Creator suites that assist job-seekers in designing impressive resumes and cover letters that result in interviews and higher earnings.

Job-seekers have more faith in ResumeMaker than any other company, whether actively seeking employment, wanting to enhance their careers, or upgrading their CV.

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