How to Update Drivers on PC (100% Working)

Drivers are the communicator or actually a driver of you PC that communicates between software and hardware.

Today we are going to cover this tutorial to make your PC work as it works earlier. We have seen different issues regarding Drivers and we have made all possible ways to fix this issue.

We have seen some internal as well as external issues that cause drivers functioning in proper manner. So, check out the step by step instruction to update drivers on PC.

How to Update Drivers on PC

Windows has a feature that allows you to update drivers automatically whenever there is the latest update and you can also do them manually.

But sometimes, in rare cases, there might be some issues with driver updates (usually some bug issues) and driver stop functioning.

This time only manually approach works which we are going to follow them here properly.

Why drivers cause computer problems?

Most of us blame either Windows or software installed in our PC or sometime the hardware. But the truth is, the actual problem is due to drivers installed on your computer.

windows driver

And there is separate driver for every hardware in computer. Without it, nothing works.

Suppose, if Windows customize some of the layouts, patterns, visuals, some drivers does not read them properly and shows errors. So there is a requirement of updating a driver.

Outdated drivers even crashes your computer and stop working.

NOTE: most of the drivers are not built by Windows itself, so they might take time for updating to meet the requirements. It may even take a few months to have an updated version.

Let us take you ahead to fix driver issue on your PC. There are multiple ways to fix this issue, all of them require some careful steps or otherwise if you are looking for a quick fix, then we recommend you to go with Driver Easy, which is one of the best (free) drivers updater.

At the end, we drive you through some steps to know whether the driver you are looking to fix is successfully installed or not.

Steps to Update Drivers on PC

We recommend you to go one by one to fix the issue.

NOTE: Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator to make changes on your computer.

How to Update drivers using Windows Update?

Windows Update is in-built feature provided on every Windows PC. This check all the latest updates available. And you can manually update the drivers.

Follow some steps here

Go to Settings on your PC

Tap on Updates & Security

Look for Windows Update and click on it

On the right side, click Check for Updates button.

windows update

Once the process is over, it shows you all the updates available, hover your mouse to the drivers for update and it will update it automatically.

Still, if updates for the driver is not shown in the result, then you must use Device Manager to check for drivers update.

How to Update drivers using Device Manager?

Device Manager lets you to check all the drivers installed in your PC and you can manually update drivers from there.

Let us check how

Right click on This PC icon on the desktop.

Click on Manage from the option displayed and click on Device Manager from left menu list.

You can see the list of installed drivers on your PC. Right-click on it and choose Update Driver.

update driver using device manager

On the next page, you see the option for the method to search for the driver. Tap on Search Automatically option.

Now you PC automatically detects the latest updates of the driver available and update it.

How to Update Graphics Driver on Windows?

We have seen many users facing issues with Graphic Driver, and we have made a separate step for them.

If you are a game lover, you definitely know how important is Graphic driver and if you are facing the issue, we definitely help you to fix this issue here.

And ofcource for best gaming experience, either you have to update graphic card or to update to most recent version.

Follow some steps here

Press Win+R key to open Run command.

Now type “devmgmt.msc” (don’t use quotation) and click OK button.


Go to Display adapters and under this, right-click on graphic driver installed, in my case, it is NVIDIA and click Properties.

graphics drivers properties

Select on the Driver tab and click Update Driver.

update graphics driver

On the next pop up screen, choose automatic option to update driver software.

Once you have completed these steps, you have the latest Graphic driver on your PC.

How to Update Audio Driver on Windows?

We often see this issue after a Windows update. If you have done it in the past, most probably it is the reason why your audio is not working.

It requires an update.

Follow some steps here to update your Audio driver manually.

Again you have to go to Device Manager.

Look for the Audio driver installed in your PC. Right click on it and select Update Driver Software.

update audio driver

Choose automatically driver update and wait for a while.

Hoe this fix your issue of sound problem.

Restart your PC and check the audio now.

How it works, but if not, the only way to fix it is using a third-party tool which we have explained in next and the final step.

How to Update the driver using a third-party tool (Driver Easy)?

Driver Easy is a powerful tool and I must say one solution to all your problems.

So you must try it if none of the above steps work.

Why I am saying so?

Lite version of Driver Easy is completely free and for Pro version, if you don’t like it, you can get refund as per their terms.

So it’s profitable in both manners.

There may be chances that your driver may be missing or outdated and just because of this, you computer stuck on still screen. In that case, we must not ignore the importance of driver.

Follow some steps here

Download and install Driver Easy on your computer.

Launch it and simply click Scan Now button.

scan now

It automatically scans for any outdated or missing driver in your system.

Once the scanning complete, it shows you the drivers require updating. Click on Update All button to make changes.

update all drivers

Once done, all your drivers are up to date and functions properly.

driver automatically updated

NOTE: All the updates done with Driver Easy directly comes from manufacturers and are certified, safe and secure for use.

How to check your driver working properly or not?

The best way to find you driver is working fine or having any issues is by looking to the Device Manager.

Here you can see all your installed driver.

If there is Yellow alert mark on the driver, this mean the driver having problem.

The next way to check is by using third party tool Driver Easy, that scans all your installed drivers and provide you a detail of drivers having an issue.

With this you can easily update those drivers.

Final Comments

Still if you see Glitchy display, no sound, no internet, no WiFi, unrecognized hard drive, constant crashes, weird errors, slow computer, then the best solution is Driver Easy Pro. Yes! It is paid but definitely works well.

If you don’t like this, it has a refund policy to pay back your money. Check for this, you will definitely fix this issue.

So this is all about updating your Windows driver and to check its working. I hope you find this information useful.

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