How to Delete a Page in Word?

how to delete a page in word

If you’re utilizing Microsoft Word, you may not want empty pages amid your work or excess columns at the closing.

Tables, repeatedly pressing the ENTER key, superfluous section breaks, inadvertent page breaks, additional paragraph markers, and other factors may result in excess pages.

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How to Make an Electronic Signature in Word

how to make an electronic signature in word

Users may generate and append electronic signs to documents using Microsoft Word’s built-in capability. You can easily create a signature on any document.

Businesses frequently use remote workflows. Thanks to digital or electronic signatures, document validation is now more efficient and legally enforceable.

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How To Create Hotspot on Windows PC

how to create hotspot on pc

Your computer may be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that other devices can connect to it. It may share your Internet access with the connected devices via Internet Connection Sharing. The following is a diagram of how the system works.

You may even set up a Wi-Fi hotspot while tethered to another Wi-Fi connection or wireless device, pooling one Wi-Fi connectivity over another, owing to a hidden online Wi-Fi adaptor function in Windows.

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How To Backup Files on Windows 11

how to backup files windows

You can also backup and restore your crucial information using Windows 11’s built-in backup and restore utility.

Making a duplicate of your data and putting it someplace secure is all it takes to back up your information with Windows 11.

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Which Is the Best Photo Editor in 2023

which is the best photo editing software

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored content from any of the advertisers or software company. All details are written based on our personal experiences after testing for many years.

So far there are many so-called best photo editor online nowadays and all of them claims to be the best. So it becomes really tough to which product we trust as it is the concern of spending money.

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How to Make a Screenshot into a Link

Make a Screenshot into a Link

Providing a link or the whole article rather than simply a picture of the content when giving information to a broad audience is often preferable.

If you have a Mac or Windows PC, you may copy and paste your screenshot into a link. Upload a screenshot of your desktop or laptop screen.

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