Facebook has already been focusing on various initiatives to enhance its users’ mental health for quite some time. First, Facebook released the Take a Break tool, which allows you to block individuals you don’t want to engage with.

The firm has made the option to conceal like numbers on Facebook available to all users worldwide.

how to hide your likes on facebook

You may block like counts for all other people’s posts on your Facebook newsfeed and conceal likes on your posts. According to experts, this may have a good impact on users.

Thus Facebook has given them that option. So, if you want to understand how to conceal likes on Facebook, pay attention to the instructions below.

When you’re not the type to create a massive impression and like to keep personal preferences to yourself, you’re in business.

Here are some pointers to assist you in avoiding exposing much more of your sentiments. This tutorial will demonstrate to readers how to hide the whole of your Likes on Facebook from everyone except yourself.

How Can I Hide Likes on Facebook

Why Conceal your Likes On FB?

Here are a few explanations why you should conceal your Facebook Likes.

Confidentiality – If you respect your security, you may wish to conceal your Likes since some people may pass judgment on your character based on which sites you frequent or what sort of material you often like. It’s easiest to hide your “Like” action merely.

Prevent Spam from Advertising agencies – Some folks out there are hunting for a possibility with zeal. And if you enjoy a specific issue relevant to your goods or services, they will put you in their goal by analyzing what you like.

Different Types of Facebook Likes

To begin, you need to be aware that there are various likes on Facebook. Alike might appear in a variety of locations. This implies you’ll have to choose whether to conceal or reveal all like in a specific category. On a classification approach, you may control who could see your preferences.

facbook like reaction

There seems to be currently no method to hide websites that a particular user has appreciated. If you like a football page, it will display that you wanted a sports page, but you may choose to hide the exact team you selected.

In contrast to the likes immediately, you’ll need to select who can view what on your timeline. And there are likes from friends and strangers that appear on your timeline. You may also conceal them, but, like the categories, you’ll need to take an all-or-nothing strategy to a particular set of individuals.

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Using an Android/iOS mobile app, you may hide your Facebook likes.

Check whether you have the most recent edition of the Facebook application from the Play Store or Mobile App. Follow the instructions below to conceal likes if you’re using the Facebook application on your iPhone or Android smartphone. I’m using the Android app for this lesson, but the instructions are similar for iOS users.

  • Go to the menu bar in the top-right corner of the Facebook app. 
  • By hovering the mouse over the “Settings & Privacy” option, you may choose it. Then select “Settings.”
fb settings
  • Select “Reaction Preferences” from the “Preferences” section.
  • Finally, under the “Hide number of responses” section, activate the option for “On your posts.” It will conceal the number of likes on all of your Facebook posts. Turn on the option for “On posts from others” if you wish to suppress like counts from other people’s posts.
hide number of reactions

That is all there is to it. You’ve successfully deactivated Facebook likes on your posts. Reaction counts will be visible on Reels & Fb Classifieds posts.

On the web, turn off Facebook Like Counts.

This guide will show you how to conceal likes on the Facebook platform if you’re using a desktop computer browser. Here are the actions that you must all take.

  • Go to Facebook’s website and click the arrow symbol in the top-right corner. Next, from the drop-down selection, tap “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Then end up choosing “FB News Feed Settings” from the scrolling down menu.
news feed
  • Switch the alter switches for “On personal post” & “On posts from the outsiders.” It will conceal likes on all of your and others’ Facebook posts.

Using a Facebook extension, you may hide your Facebook likes.

If the settings page for concealing like counts on your Facebook profile is not currently accessible, you may install an extension or add-on on your computer’s browser. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Download the Hide Likes plugin if you’re using Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Free). Also, if you are using Firefox, you need to install this addon (Free). The most excellent aspect about this addon is not only concealed Facebook likes, but it also hides likes on Twitter and YouTube.
  • Users are now totally free to do whatever they wish. Access the Facebook site, and all like counts for all posts on your newsfeed will vanish. Keep in mind, though, that the others will be allowed to see the number of likes on your postings. So, using Facebook’s built-in option to conceal preferences on the social networking site is preferable.

Why are Likes on FB Concealed?

Instagram said in 2019 that it would be removed to address the detrimental impact likes may have on people’s mental health.

Instagram feels that users might get too absorbed with the number of likes users receive on their postings and that this can detract from the app’s pleasure.

That’s all there is to it when hiding Facebook likes. You may now use the techniques described above to conceal like numbers from your Posts on Facebook on specified Facebook Page categories.

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