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easyHDR is one of the best HDR photography software, with many advanced features. You can purchase it for personal and commercial use at a very reasonable price. It is compatible with both macOS and Windows.

The Windows and Mac OS versions of EasyHDR are HDR picture processing programs. It takes a series of pictures taken with a digital camera, creates a High Dynamic Range image, and then adjusts the tones in that image.

EasyHDR is compatible with RAW files shot on various cameras and devices, including Cano, Nikon, Sony, and smartphones. Many picture formats may be imported, including JPEG, 8/16-bit JPEG2000, and RAW.

Additionally, easyHDR supports importing HDR photos in the formats OpenEXR (.exr), Radiance RGBE (.hdr), and 32-bit floating point TIFF. A series of photos with varied exposures may make a well-exposed and dramatic picture.

Sometimes, a single picture, mainly a RAW one, is all that’s needed. For this reason, easyHDR allows you to handle a single image with its LDR (Low Dynamic Range) improvement tool.

HDR pictures are what?

Combining many exposures into one cohesive image is the basis for creating a high dynamic range (HDR) image. High dynamic range images capture a greater variety of tonalities (the transition between light and dark) than their standard digital counterparts. Each successive shot must capture a portion of the scene’s dynamic range. Therefore, the final HDR picture will be complete with all of the data from the original photographs.

How to create a collection of HDR images?

You may take a bracketed series that can be blended to HDR and processed if you attempt photographing a picture and wind up with some undesired over- or underexposed sections.

The simplest method is to enable auto exposure bracketing (AEB) on your camcorder, choose the desired number of shots, then adjust the EV (Exposure Value) spacing between each image in the series.

The camera will determine the optimal exposure settings for the situation and use those settings to capture the 0EV shot. All the remaining photos will be either purposefully underexposed (negative EV) or directly exposed (positive EV), allowing you to recover information obscured by noise or overexposure in the default 0EV shot.

If the scene moves or illumination changes during the photo series, the composite HDR image will have ghosting.

However, easyHDR’s built-in manual and automated ghost eradication features make short work of the vast majority of ghosts. Although a tripod is preferable, easyHDR contains manual and automatic alignment procedures for hand-held sequence photos.

Benefits of EasyHDR

  • Create a high dynamic range (HDR) shot by combining numerous photos with varying exposures.
  • Obtain the desired tone map result. The tone-matching algorithms in easyHDR allow you to create either raw or striking HDR images.
  • Create HDR images and develop RAW files from any camera.
  • Adjustments for chromatic aberration and distortion in the lens.
  • Fix up a single RAW or JPEG image.
  • Open-source add-on for Adobe Lightroom.
  • EasyHDR edits HDR pictures for Windows and macOS.
  • The display can handle a high DPI.
  • Tone mapping, or in the case of RAWs, the import stage, is where white balance corrections should be made.
  • Real-time, high-resolution image previewing and editing.
  • Make use of masks and levels to set individual tone mapping settings for some areas of the image. That allows us any amount of freedom. Essential for any serious photographer.
  • Use any LUT file for color grading in 3D with easyHDR.
  • Fully automatic, with a special manual mode, Processing images without a tripod is now possible thanks to Image Alignment. Thus, not only are corrections made for translation and rotation, but also for perspective distortion.
  • The Ghost Removal tool electronically removes ghostly figures from the photo.
  • Optional awareness in a full 360 degrees.
  • Noise-canceling filters are one method of improving audio quality. Doing this before or after the picture has been tone mapped is possible.
  • Modern batch processing can process several photos fast. They are automatically locating HDR video clips.
  • The user may customize preview thumbnails or one of the many available.
  • Color mapping parameter history, including real-time, undo/redo functionality.
  • You may use the clone and healing brush to eliminate any specks of dust or other unsightly things in your images.
  • There is comprehensive support for color control.


  • Support all major image formats
  • Support RAW image format
  • Lens correction
  • Built-in presets
  • Ghost removal
  • True HDR, Smart Merge, Image Stacking
  • White Balancing
  • Batch Processing
  • Plugins for Adobe Lightroom & much more.

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