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Payment Options

There are many options for payment, and it uses FastSpring Checkout, one of the safest payout platforms.

You can pay with a Credit Card/ Debit Card, Amazon Pay, or PayPal, or with a Wire Transfer.

Software Overview

aurora hdr 2020 discount

If you want an HDR Photography tool, the top professional’s first name is Aurora HDR from Skylum. It comes with Quantum HDR Engine, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It is one of the most advanced HDR photography software offerings, with 20+ essential tools for HDR only. This software is recommended for every level of photographer, from beginner to expert.

Developed in collaboration with Skylum and Trey Ratcliff, Aurora HDR is the world’s most advanced, user-friendly, and swift HDR picture editing program for Mac and PC.

Skylum is a world-renowned retail and commercial shooting software innovator with products available for Macintosh, Windows, and business clients.

With over 16 million social media followers and over 150 billion visits, Trey Ratcliff is the world’s most famous HDR shooter in the world. He also operates the top travel photography website in the world, which sells exquisite art to buyers all over the globe.

Skylum enlisted Trey’s help at every level of the process as we set out to develop the greatest HDR technology ever. With Skylum’s cutting-edge technology and Trey’s extensive knowledge of the existing tools, we have developed advanced software to assist shooters of all skill levels in producing stunning high-dynamic-range images.

In addition to the Aurora HDR Styles and film instruction produced by Trey and other expert photographers, Aurora HDR includes every conceivable tool required to create high-quality “next-generation” dramatic photographs.

The definition of high dynamic range (HDR)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography has become more popular to counteract the limitations of digital photography’s picture sensors.

Bracketing is a technique that involves taking numerous pictures of the same scene at varying exposure times. These brackets are then dynamically combined into a single image covering a more comprehensive dynamic range of lighting conditions.


Easy-to-Use, Preconfigured Settings

The Aurora HDR program has hundreds of built-in presets that can be activated with a single click, allowing you to make photographs in any style, from surreal imagination to a silky realistic depiction of your most incredible experiences.

Amazing HDR pictures may be made in a matter of seconds with the help of presets; you can then add your personal touch with the most advanced settings available.

Frequently, you’ll obtain the outcome you want with no additional tweaking required. Not to mention. Presets may be imported from other photographers or used to build your own.

The coolest part is the settings.

Thrilled by a rich, complex picture and the thought of having total command over its sensory overload? Change the degree of detail & clarity in your vision and the HDR effect using the Structure panel.

In only a few seconds, you may make a picture as dramatic or lifelike as you wish with our simple slider controls.

Modes of Selective Illumination

Aurora HDR Pro’s ability to independently tweak the top and bottom exposure settings is one of its most appealing features. The digital analog of a high-end Graduated HD filter, this handy tool, aptly titled “Top & Bottom Lighting,” allows you fine-grained control.

It’s as if you had the world’s most advanced picture-processing machine at your disposal, and you can target any specific location you choose. Experiment with the Shift and Orientation sliders if you want a unique appearance. There is no prerequisite knowledge.

Greatness piles up

Are you looking for more editing freedom? Aurora HDR Pro is the only HDR program that allows you to build and edit numerous layers and get the actual appearance and feel you desire from your HDR process.

Selectively alter your photographs using luminosity masking, custom effect masks, texture overlaying, and paintbrush. You may change the transparency of each layer individually.

If you want to take charge, Aurora HDR Pro gives you the tools to do so, including the ability to Layer and Mask. You have complete creative control over the final product without using several programs. Now, this is the crux of the issue.

Magical Tone Curves

Users of Lightroom and Photoshop, exult! Aurora HDR incorporates the Tone Curve adjustment, one of both programs’ most potent and well-known features. T

his is easy if you’re a picture specialist who can manually modify tone and hue. Need some more variation? Easy! Is a picture that’s brighter and more colorful what you’re after? Similarly simple! In addition to the complete freedom of the individual RGB curves, manual tweaks let your creativity run wild.

Added Value Function

We realize we will break our promise of 5 killer features, but we can’t help it! To whet your taste for HDR, here are a couple more:

  • Personalized brush for precise image retouching
  • Compatibility with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple’s Aperture plugins
  • Adds the ability to use Apple Photos add-ons
  • HDR noise removal made simple
  • The ability to change the brightness and hue with a single click is fantastic.

Aurora HDR’s perks don’t end there. Get started generating the most stunning HDR photographs in a matter of seconds.


  • HDR Smart Structure, Denoise, Clarity
  • Layer and Masking
  • Ghost Removal
  • 80+ instant Looks
  • RAW Support
  • Batch Processing

There are many other advanced features available. This is also recommended for Real Estate photography.

Alternatives – Photomatix Pro, easyHDR

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