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About HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 7

HDRsoft is one of the best HDR Photography software, with many advanced features available at affordable pricing. There are multiple plans from HDRsoft, and you can save extra money with its bundle pack.

Photomatix is an excellent choice if you want to do stunning HDR adjustments and exposure mixes. Presets, multiple projection algorithms, and a collection of essential color correction tools make it possible for anybody, from amateur to expert, to improve their photographs using Photomatix easily.

The brush tool in Photomatix allows you to blend your photographs carefully, modify the tone and color of your images, or edit a group of pictures at once. Although this HDR software is missing several features in other photo editing programs, it is still a worthwhile investment due to its efficient operation and ability to get the job done.

Photomatix Pro is an excellent choice for HDR work, whether in independent or plugin form. HDRSoft provides a more affordable and stripped-down version of the application called Photomatix Essentials for people who edit as a hobby or do not need complex capabilities.


Multiples with a look forward

The new HDR preview dynamic feature lets you see each HDR picture before processing bracketed photographs in bulk. Each photo may be customized with its unique combination of HDR and preset settings. This is especially helpful for editing images of locations with a wide range of illumination.

Ghost Removal Mask

When using selective ghost eradication, you can preserve the deghosted regions you have selected. You won’t have to start from scratch to combine identical bracketed photographs. Batch processing supports ghost-erasing.

Make your watermark using this handy tool.

The new stamp tool allows you to customize the watermark you apply to photographs by choosing the watermark’s font, size, layout, and placement.

32-bit DNG files

With version 7, you may save your photos in DNG format, with support for 32-bit DNG for your blended HDR photo.


Start the batch jobs with a simple drag-and-drop or by exploring bracketed picture sets.


Photo editing is greatly facilitated with presets. You probably will use them differently than they are, but they may serve as inspiration for your next steps and the result. Also, they work well for mass changes.

No default settings are used when opening a picture for the first time. You may choose a solution from over 40 available on the right.

Correcting and Altering

Photomatix Pro’s editing tools sell the product, and the application performs superbly applying adjustments and alterations. The left-hand editing panel is divided into three sections, arranged vertically.

Each subheading may be scrolled inside its box to reveal more sliders.

Realistic Presentation

HDR rendering, introduced by HDRsoft in this edition, adjusts picture tonality. You may use it to make your landscape and property images appear more professional.

Elevated Capability to Modify Images and Colors

Improve the photo’s contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and individual color levels. Photomatix now has a dynamic brush tool that allows you to paint over a picture and alter its color.

This function corrects color casts and other changes. In addition, you may crop your photos to fix the composition or eliminate unwanted elements.

Blending and masking exposures

Photomatix now offers a brush or global mixing of created photos with originals. While there is always the possibility of going too far with HDR rendering, Photomatix’s new Tone Balancer function helps you escape this trap. You may utilize its built-in style presets to get the desired results quickly and easily.

To Correct Distortions

You may use this function to fix your photographs’ perspective and make them seem more level—landscape and architectural photography benefit significantly from this.

Ethereal Disappearance

Depending on your needs, you may choose global or local ghost reduction with this update. Professional users have generally agreed that this enhancement is functional. Please use it to lessen the appearance of ghosts in your photographs so that you may more easily combine them with darker images afterward.

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  • 40+ HDR presets by Professionals
  • 70+ HDR setting tools
  • Batch Processing
  • Ghost Removal
  • Presets for Real-Estate photography
  • Auto-alignment
  • Lightroom plugin

There are many other advanced features available on the latest Photomatix Pro 7. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest deals and offers.

Alternatives: Aurora HDR, easyHDR

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